Windows XP Wallpaper

Windows XP Wallpapers

On this page we have collected some of the best links to Windows XP Wallpapers, from Microsoft's XP Themes, to user created XP wallpapers, Windows XP styles and skins. We have listings of sites offering free desktop wallpapers, from star wars wallpapers, to spider man wallpapers, computer wallpaper, and much more. Windows XP wallpapers are some of the hottest downloads on the net, if you know of a good XP wallpaper site, or have created a Windows XP wallpaper yourself, please submit it too
, and we will give you credit and a link to your site if you have one, some of the best windows xp desktop backgrounds sites are the ones where a single person created everything.

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Search for some Themes at targetwords.
Search for some Windows Wallpapers at targetwords. wallpaper collection # 1 - An awesome group of 800 X 600 3D desktop wallpapers in jpg image format. Self installing file contains 50 images. wallpaper collection # 2 - An awesome group of 800 X 600 3D desktop wallpapers in jpg image format. Self installing file contains 50 images. wallpaper collection # 3 - An awesome group of 800 X 600 3D desktop wallpapers in jpg image format. Self installing file contains 50 images. wallpaper collection # 4 - An awesome group of 800 X 600 3D desktop wallpapers in jpg image format. Self installing file contains 50 images. wallpaper collection # 5 - An awesome group of 800 X 600 3D desktop wallpapers in jpg image format. Self installing file contains 50 images.
Active Desktop Wallpaper Transform your desktop to an exciting picture gallery. Three wallpaper change modes available: manual, cycling or around-the-clock list. Create list of wallpapers easily, add pictures and text to any wallpaper with instant outcome, export wallpapers.
3D Cursors & Wallpapers 640x480 A collection of over 600 amazing 3D animated cursors and 50 original fantasy Wallpaper Images in an easy, self-installing program.
3D Cursors & Wallpapers 800x600 A collection of over 600 amazing 3D animated cursors and 50 original fantasy Wallpaper Images in an easy, self-installing program.
3D Cursors & Wallpapers 1024x768 A collection of over 600 amazing 3D animated cursors and 50 original fantasy Wallpaper Images in an easy, self-installing program.
100 SuperCharced 640x480 Wallpaper Collection This is a collection of 640 x 480 JPG images for your desktop. Also included are instructions to help you set any image as your wallpaper.
100 SuperCharged 800x600 Wallpapers Collection There are 100 wild pictures that can be used as the wallpaper on your desktop. An html browsing program is included so you can easily place any picture on your desktop. There are many different types of pictures included in this set including astronauts, boats, trains and planes.
100 SuperCharged 1024 x 768 Wallpaper Collection This is a collection of 1024 x 768 JPG images for your desktop. Also included are instructions to help you set any image as your wallpaper.
Living Coral Screensaver and Theme Living Coral beautifully displays an animated undersea ecosystem, with beautiful tropical fish, turtles, starfish, urchins, manta rays and even a few divers in the background. Combine that with the most tranquil music you could imagine and you will find yourself transported into an undersea sanctuary. The full version includes a beautiful theme pak with wallpaper, icons , cursors and screens that will transform your desktop into an enchanting underwater world.
Over 200 Pages of Trippy Psychedelic Animations, Wallpapers, Screensavers & More! Trippy Wallpapers, Animations, Streaming Videos and Loads more Psychedelic Stuff!

XP Skins or XP Visual tools is another product from CronoSoft! As the new operating system from Microsoft is here, Windows XP, and not all the older programs can take advantage of the new features of skinable option, we thought that a program who can change with one click this problem will be very useful for you. So, here it is: XP Skins !!!

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Flash ScreenSaver Builder This screen saver maker allows you to combine Flash SWF files, images, text and multimedia in a standard screensaver. The program has a wizard and/or simple yet effective command language. It offers three user interfaces with different complexity: one-step screen saver solution, wizard interface and simple yet effective command language. There are 73 image transition effects to play with, command for moving images and text across the screen, random coordinates, letter-by-letter effect for showing text. You can place all visual components, including Flash, on the same screen if necessary. The screensaver becomes Web enabled when you use the option to assign a hot key that automatically opens a Web browser with a designated URL when the user presses it to exit the screensaver. The program can also produce installer EXE files for installing and uninstalling a screensaver. Supported media file formats are: WAV, AVI, MP3 and SWF.

Hilarious Interactive Screensavers

Check out the screensavers from Gibbleguts. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? That's what your friends and co-workers will say when they walk past your computer, as it displays the Hilarious Interactive Screensavers from Gibbleguts screensaver. Gibbleguts screensavers are fully interactive with movement and sound! NEW SCREENSAVERS ADDED EVERY MONTH! Available for both Windows and Mac. Visit Gibbleguts today!

Free Screen Savers

This is your one stop shop for screen savers.
They have hundreds and hundreds of free screen savers, from celebrity, christmas, sci-fi, celebrity wallpapers, desktop themes and much much more.
Click here Free Screen Savers to visit the site.

Chameleon Desktop Chameleon Desktop is an advanced graphical utility that will allow you to apply different artistic effects to your desktop wallpaper. Creating incredible professional looking desktop wallpapers has never been easier!
Here's a great way for you to apply your creativity to your desktop wallpaper!
WindowBlinds 6 is a program that makes Windows into a fully skinnable operating system. It allows users to apply visual styles that skin virtually every aspect of the Windows GUI (title bars, radio buttons, check boxes, scrollbars, explorer backgrounds, and so on). It is the Microsoft certified way of adding more visual styles to Windows XP. WB visual styles can be used on Windows 98, ME, and 2000.
Version 3.3 is a major redesign that provides global bitmap caching, which dramatically improves performance while decreasing resource usage on all versions of Windows.

AllSaver Do you have several favorite screensaver programs? With AllSaver! you no longer need to switch screensavers manually! Use AllSaver! to create a slideshow display of multiple screensavers. Set a duration time for each screensaver, or display upto 4 at once! Plus, augment the capabilities of your favorite screensavers with new AllSaver! features: add a scrolling text caption, play background music, monitor GetRight status, and more!

Web Cam Screensaver Connect to any of the countless webcams on the Internet, and view the images as your screen saver - complete with image captions, transitions and background MP3 music. Save your favorite images as desktop wallpaper! Webcam applications are limitless: monitor highway traffic or weather forecasts, enjoy live nature views, take sneak peeks into someone else's livingroom, or setup your own home security webcam and view the images from the office!

Auto Web View Screensaver Cycle through a list of your favorite informational websites - and display them as your screensaver. View the latest news, sports, stocks, weather, entertainment and more! Update the web page views as often as you like. Includes a scrolling text caption to display the current date and time, a personal message, or status of your GetRight downloads. Link directly to the current web page being displayed by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.

Create and distribute screen savers with your favorite images. Send them to your friends & family or promote your web site! It's fun and easy to use.
Absolutely FREE Screen Savers/Wallpaper Lots of Wallpapers and screen savers from 1stoppictures.
Star Wars ScreenSaver
Tropical Aquarium ScreenSaver
Screen Saver Search

Tasmanian Devil (TAZ) ScreenSaver
Marvin The Martian ScreenSaver
Sports Bag ScreenSaver
Hemp ScreenSaver
Hell's Gate ScreenSaver
Grateful Dead ScreenSaver


Check out for some awesome original screensavers and wallpapers from art-tlc, they have nature screensavers, art screensavers, celebrity and movie screensavers, holiday, car and patriotic screensavers, active wallpaper and much more.

This is your one stop shop for Windows XP user logos.
You can use any size image for your XP user logo, but we've collected together lots of desirable images, resized, retouched and edited them so they're perfect when viewed at 48X48 Pixels - just the size you need them!
Click here to visit the site.

Windows eXPerience Wallpapers, lots of nice wallpapers with various veriosn of the Windows XP logo.
Babylon 5 wallpapers here and here, very nice, especially if your a fan of the show like I am.
Star Trek wallpapers here, and here, and here.
Over 1100 awesome wallpapers on this site.
Lots of really nive Windows Xp wallpapers on pcdesktops, even some macos wallpapers.
A lot of wallpapers on, a free wallpapers download site.
Top 10 themes at themedoctor, includes many great wallpapers.
A nice collection of windows xp wallpers are here.

Cursor FX Cursor FX integrates tightly into Windows, providing you with additional tabs on your Mouse control panel in order to access additional features. You have many options available to you via the 3 tabs provided by Cursor FX.
The first is to improve the look of your cursor. Through use of alpha blending, transparency and other effects CursorXP allows amazing graphical cursors, both static and animated.
You can also add special effects, which can be activated on a variety of actions such as clicking. Different effects can be attached to different actions.
You can also add trial effects that follow your cursor as you move it. With windows you could only add a cursor ghost, but Cursor FX provides much more flexibility.
Cursor FX comes with several themes built in, changing your theme is easy. All you need to do is to select your choice of theme from the dropdown list, and click ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’.
Before Cursor FX there was little visual excitement to be achieved through moving your cursor or clicking buttons. Cursor FX brings a range of special effects that can be associated with button clicks, and much more than the standard Windows cursor ghost.
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Then goto wincustomize and grab some of the Cursor FX skins already availible, over 100 at last count. Check them out here.

DesktopX is a revolutionary new program that makes it possible for users to build their own desktops. Use it to create more productive, more useful, more secure or just plain cooler looking desktops.
Rather than replacing the Windows shell (Explorer), it extends Windows giving it new object-oriented abilities. Users can easily create their own DesktopX objects or download the thousands available on the Internet. DesktopX allows users to secure their desktop and access COM objects installed on their system as if they were natively part of the desktop. It brings next generation object technology to your desktop today.
DesktopX can replace the Start bar, system tray, and task bar should the user wish to as well as everything on the desktop. DesktopX objects can be used in place of Windows icons or used side by side with them. Unlike Windows icons, each DesktopX object can be any size and any shape and more importantly react to messages from the system (such as mouse over, program launching, and custom user events).
Because DesktopX objects are true objects, unlike Windows icons, they can be easily animated to react to different messages as well as display visual information on what they are meant to represent without the need to have what it represents opened. A typical example would be a DesktopX object representing ones email program that could change its appearance or make a sound if there is email waiting to be downloaded without having the email program loaded. The object simply responds to an OS message that there is email waiting and changes itself accordingly.
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