Windows XP Service Pack 1

Windows XP Service Pack 1

If you've had some trouble installing or reinstalling windows xp or other operating systems, then you should visit the Reinstall section at, tons of info and even more in the members area.
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Microsoft Windows XP sp 1

For a big package of bug fixes, the first Windows XP Service Pack (SP1) has certainly drummed up a lot of interest in the media--and rightly so. Not only does Service Pack 1, released on September 9, make changes demanded by Microsoft's settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, it also crams in more than 300 bug fixes, security patches, and OS updates. On the other hand, we didn't notice improved speed or stability in informal tests, and SP1's highly touted ability to change Windows' default apps for services such as Web browsing and instant messaging don't amount to a hill of beans at this point. Plus, the service pack weighs in at a whopping 133MB (though you can get a scaled-down 20MB to 30MB version if you've been regularly downloading Windows updates), and it demands more than 500MB of free disk space. Get it for the security patches if you have a fast connection and a roomy drive, but don't pay the $10 shipping cost for the CD; you can get crucial security fixes from Windows Update.
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Windows XP Service Pack 1

It's official, Microsoft has updated their windows xp service pack 1 webpage here, get the express install here and the network install, if you are going to beinstalling on multiple computers, here.
Microsoft continually works to improve its software. As part of this effort, we develop updates and fixes to recognized issues and release them for customers. On a regular basis, we combine many of these fixes into a single package and make the package available for you to install on your computers. These packages are called Service Packs.
Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) provides the latest security and reliability updates to the Windows XP family of operating systems. Windows XP SP1 is designed to ensure Windows XP platform compatibility with newly released software and hardware, and includes updates that resolve issues discovered by customers or by Microsoft's internal testing team. To determine whether to install Windows XP SP1, we recommend reviewing the Windows XP documentation and information below.
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Installing Windows XP Service Pack 1 by Using Systems Management Server

This article describes how to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) from a shared distribution folder on a network by using Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). You can use this update installation method to install SP1 on SMS client computers that are already running Windows XP.
IMPORTANT: To perform this type of installation, you must have SMS 2.0 with Service Pack 4 (SP4) installed.
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Hard Disk Space Requirements for Windows XP Service Pack 1

This article describes the hard disk space that is required for installing Service Pack 1 (SP1) on computers that are already running Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.
Note that the working space that is described in the following table is required for files that are used only during the installation process. This requirement is temporary and does not contribute to the total space requirements.
The space that is required for the files that remove SP1 is used for storing the files and settings that are changed during the service pack installation. These system files, which can be automatically backed up during installation, are required if you want to remove the service pack later.
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Release Notes for Windows XP Service Pack 1

This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base article numbers for release notes and known issues with Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). To view any of these articles, click the article number.
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Setup Prompts You for the Windows XP SP1 CD or I386 Folder When You Try to Add a Windows Component

When you try to add a Windows component (for example, Fax Services) to your Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)-based computer, Setup may prompt you for the Windows XP Service Pack 1 CD-ROM or for the I386 folder on the network that contains the Windows XP SP1 source files. For example, you may receive a message similar to the following:
Please insert the Compact Disc labeled "Windows XP Service Pack 1 CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive and then click OK.
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List of Bugs That Are Fixed in Windows XP Service Packs

This article provides a list of the bugs that were fixed in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs that are fixed in a service pack are also fixed in later service packs.
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ACC2002: Data Access Pages Empty After Installing Windows XP Service Pack 1

After you install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), some data access pages do not display data when the page is opened in Page view in Microsoft Access.
When you open a data access page in Design view, you receive the following error message:
Cannot find the database or some database objects that this page refers to. Update the connection information of the page, or fix the references to the missing database objects.
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"The Update.inf File Is Not Correct" Error Message When You Try to Install Windows XP Service Pack 1

When you install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), you may receive the following error message:
Setup Error
The path\Update.inf file is not correct.
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Error Message: Windows Service Pack 1 Has Detected That One or More Protected Core System Files on Your Computer Have Been Modified

When you install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) on your computer, you may receive the following error message:
Windows Service Pack 1 has detected that one or more protected files on your computer have been modified. The Service Pack contains updated versions of those files, which work to provide a stable environment for your programs.
If you click Yes, the updated versions will overwrite the current files and you might lose certain customizations created by third-party programs, especially those that affect the graphic displayed when your computer starts up.
If you click No, the computer might fail or stop responding.
For more information, see Knowledge Base article at
Do you want to overwrite the files?
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Windows XP SP1, finally?

August 28 2002-Originally expected today, and then delayed until the end of this week, Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) will now ship within ten days, according to Microsoft. The software giant announced the delivery schedule late Tuesday in an effort to comply with part of its proposed settlement with the US Department of Justice (DOJ), which specifies a time table for delivering compliance changes. These changes are part of SP1, Microsoft says.
XP SP1 includes Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1), support for USB 2.0, a number of security and bug fixes, along with the new Set Program Access and Defaults UI component, which was required by Microsoft's DOJ settlement proposal. Set Program Access and Defaults lets users choose whether to hide certain XP middleware applications, including Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, Windows Messenger, and Microsoft's Virtual Machine for Java. Third party applications can register with the UI and have their icons appear in a list of available middleware applications. This will let users choose which applications appear in the XP UI, Microsoft says.
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Welcome to the Windows XP Service Pack 1 page, where we will be collecting news and info pertaining to the first windows xp service pack, we will also be providing links and info on how to obtain it, and what it can do for you and Windows XP. We will be posting updates and more news and info as it becomes availible, I haven't tested it yet myself, I'm waiting until they release the final version of service pack 1.
Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) consists of three main areas:
  • Enhanced security, reliability and Compatibility - Post-RTM Security fixes and hot-fixes, compatibility updates, and a new Messenger version.
  • New capabilities - USB 2.0 support, optional .NET Framework, enabling technologies for new devices such as Tablet PCs, "Freestyle" PCs, and "Mira" display hardware.
  • Consent decree compliance - New UI components, including Configure Program Defaults.
XP1 SP1 will include a roll-up of all of the security patches that have been released for Windows XP since that product RTM'd last year, Sullivan said. This includes critical updates that were created during the extensive Trustworthy Computing code review that occurred in February/March 2002. "The Windows Division underwent a rigorous code review," he told me, "We've changed our entire software development process because of the Trustworthy Computing initiative."
XP SP1 will also include Windows Messenger 4.7, a new version that includes updated security features and the Add/Remove capabilities required by the consent decree compliance. Windows Messenger 4.7 will become available as a free download as well, shortly before SP1 ships this fall.
Microsoft's controversial Windows Product Activation (WPA) technology is also seeing two minor modifications in XP SP1, neither of which will affect any legitimate users. First, the company discovered that the majority of pirated XP copies out there are tied to single volume license product key. So Microsoft has alerted the company about the problem, changed their key, and disabled it for use after SP1. So anyone using this pirated key will be unable to upgrade to SP1 or any future updates via Windows Update, Sullivan said.
Also, Microsoft is adding a three-day grace period for people that use the same product key to install XP on two different systems; in the past, there was no grace period and the user had to immediately activation via phone in order to use XP on the second system. This will give users some breathing room if disaster strikes and you have to install XP on a new system.
XP SP1 will enter beta in a couple of weeks, with a release candidate (RC) phase expected this summer and RTM (Release To Manufacturing) due between July and September. SP1 will be available for free download or via CD for the cost of shipping and handling. Additionally, the Windows XP retail packaging will be updated to include SP1. That is, beginning in October, all retail copies of XP will include the SP1 code, slipstreamed into the Gold version of XP. Sullivan told me that Microsoft hadn't decided yet how the SP1 version would be differentiated from the Gold version, other than that the included CD-ROM would mention SP1 in some way. The retail box may include a sticker, but the company is concerned that customers might think they need to purchase another Windows version if a "new version" sticker is used.
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UPDATE: Windows XP SP1 build 1081 leaked

UPDATE has reported that 1081 has been released to testers, and it looks like they are on pace to release the service pack in late August.
Posted on
Move over 1079, 1081 is in town!
Yep we can confirm with the help of Arnaudt & Bunnios that build 1081 of Service Pack 1 has been released to oems and employees today. This build has not been released to testers.
The file size is 130,601,560 and as of posting there is no additional installation details, we can assume however that IE and MSN follow the trend bumping up their respective build numbers up from 1079 release.
No word on final build numbers and release date yet, the build is also too new for public downloads... we'll keep you posted.
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Windows XP Service Pack 1 released internally

The website Bink Windows XP, has been reporting on the releases of the service pack, 1060, 1063, 1065, ect, and actually has links where you can download it to try it yourself. Apparently Microsoft had added code which could tell from which employee the code came from, but there are already ways around that, so no worries there. They listed this link here that contains the readme for service pack 1. They also give you tips on how to install it on the corporate version and get it too work.

Microsoft Upgrades XP With Service Pack

SP1 expected to ship this summer, adding bug fixes and support for upcoming Mira, Freestyle, and Tablet PCs.
Beta-testing for the first service pack update to Microsoft Windows XP will begin within weeks, with release expected this summer. The free update will include a selection of bug, security, and compatibility fixes--many of which are already available as separate downloads.
Release of this service pack could prompt a surge in adoption of Windows XP by some companies that traditionally wait for this milestone before upgrading to a new operating system. Desktop PCs running Windows XP will outnumber those running Windows 98 by late 2003, says Dan Kusnetzky, vice president with the market-research firm IDC. The ambitious update had a slow start compared with that of its predecessor.
"The release of SP 1 for Windows XP is likely to cause companies in the pilot-project phase of software adoption to feel comfortable enough to move forward with their adoption plans," Kusnetzky says. However, there's little in this service pack for current Windows XP users to get excited about, especially if they've religiously (or automatically) downloaded updates through Microsoft's Windows Update Web site. Aside from the fixes, the service pack update looks forward; it adds support for several upcoming PC designs--such as the Tablet PC--as well as Microsoft's forthcoming .Net Web services.
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Windows XP Pre-SP1 Hotfixes

This document is a cumulative list of the articles, as of June 14 2002, that have been written to discuss hotfixes that have been released since the release of Windows XP, 204 total.
Q297760 Error Message: The Recycle Bin on C:\ Is Corrupt or Invalid. Do You Want to Empty the Recycle Bin for this...
Q304140 File Security (Inherited) Permissions May Be Removed When You Remotely Edit the Permissions
Q305601 MS01-060: FIX: CRT String Format Functions May Underwrite Buffer
Q306414 FIX: ODBC Connection from COM+ Component May Connect to Wrong Database
Q306458 AMD PowerNow! Functionality May Require a Driver for AMD Mobile Athlon 4 and Duron Processors with Windows XP
Q306580 System May Become Unresponsive When Using a Modem
Q306676 The Computer Cannot Enter Standby or Hibernate If a Direct3D-Based Screen Saver Is Running
Q306681 Replmon.exe Features Appear to Be Enabled But Do Not Function
Q307271 Patch Available for USB Isochronous Data Transfers Issues
Q307274 Windows XP Stops Responding (Hangs) During Windows Shutdown
Q307316 Volume License Product ID Is Revealed During the Sysprep.exe Mini-Setup Wizard
Q307401 Handle Leak May Prevent Profiles From Unloading on Windows XP
Q307753 Micrografx Graphics Suite 2 Starts Minimized or Off Screen
Q307754 Cannot Print from a Window XP-Based Computer to a Shared Printer on a Windows 95-Based Computer
Q307869 Files and Settings Are Not Transferred When You Use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
Q307934 Locking Down WebDAV Through ACL Still Allows PUT and DELETE Requests
Q307969 Error Message After Installing a Hewlett-Packard 4400-Series Scanner on the Parallel Port
Q308035 Computer Stops Responding When Shim Code Has a Buffer Overrun
Q308131 You May Not Be Able to Sign Up for the Internet by Using a Modem
Q308210 Remote Assistance May Not Connect to a Multiple-Homed Windows XP Computer with the Personal Firewall Feature Enabled
Q308219 Hard Disk Performance Is Slower Than You Expect
Q308246 Disabling NetBT on a Remote Access Connection Causes Communication Problems
Q308276 You Cannot Stop a Counter Log in Performance Monitor
Q308285 Alps Pointing-Device Is Listed as Alps Touchpad in Device Manager
Q308306 Contact Information for Epson Stylus Photo Is Incorrect on Windows XP
Q308361 Quake Quits Abnormally in Windows XP
Q308362 Error Message Appears When You Start Laplink PCsync Version 2.0 on Windows XP
Q308374 Richo 1394 Controller May Not Work with Windows XP
Q308381 Windows XP Application Compatibility Update (October 25, 2001)
Q308387 Autolfn.exe May Build Sound Files with Damaged File Names
Q308402 Cannot Log On to Recovery Console After Running Sysprep in Windows XP
Q308414 MS01-051: Patch Available for HTTP Request Encoding Vulnerability
Q308567 Windows Media Player .ASF Processor Contains Unchecked Buffer
Q308676 Screen Stays Black for Several Minutes Before "Please Wait" Message Appears After You Run Factory.exe
Q308677 Error Message Appears When a Limited User Tries to Stream Media in Windows Media Player
Q308678 Changing International Settings May Cause Unpredictable Behavior
Q308928 The MCI_PLAY Command Returns No Response for Five or More Seconds
Q309073 Invalid Universal Plug and Play Request can Disrupt System Operation
Q309126 An Error Message Appears with an Asus Video Adapter in Windows XP
Q309127 List of Fixes That Are Included in the Windows XP Dynamic Update 1.0 Package
Q309376 A Long Time Is Needed to Open a File By Using SMB
Q309440 A 3Dlabs Wildcat 5110 AGP Video Adapter Is Not Detected in the AGP Slot on Itanium-Based Computers
Q309447 Content Search Does Not Search All File Types for the Specified String
Q309448 User Authentication Is Not Performed After You Turn On Computer Authentication
Q309495 Problems with Windows Installer Over Wireless Connection
Q309521 Windows XP Update Package, October 25, 2001
Q310311 Text Is Stretched When You Print to a Lexmark Z52 Printer
Q310387 Windows Protection Error When You Attempt to Install Flash 5.0
Q310407 Access Violation When You Run ASP Page or VBScript Program
Q310436 Cannot Play a DVD in Windows XP
Q310437 Cannot Start the UPS Service
Q310507 Enabling Acoustic Echo Cancellation and DV Camera/TV Tuner Support in Windows Messenger
Q310510 Playback and Copy-Protection Issues When You Try to Play the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD Movie
Q310527 Stop Error When You Upgrade from Windows 2000: Bad_Pool_Caller 0xC2
Q310601 Computer Does Not Enter Standby Mode If Power Options Profile Is Set to Standby After 45 or More Minutes
Q310664 Your Computer May Stop Responding After You Remove Either a CD-ROM Drive or a DVD Drive from the Drive Bay
Q310718 Performance Counter Problems with VIA 686B and Intel 815x Chipsets in Windows XP
Q310737 Nested MSI Package Does Not Work and Generates an "Invalid File Name" Error Message
Q310772 PCMCIA Device May Not Work in Windows XP
Q310869 STOP Error When You Start Windows After You Connect a Scanner
Q311345 Long Delay with No Prompt Between the Time When You Click Finish and When the Desktop Loads
Q311356 The Properties for a Disk Are Displayed Incorrectly in Danish and Finnish Windows XP
Q311361 An Error Occurs in Joy.cpl If a Fujitsu USB Infrared Remote Control Is Connected
Q311455 You Cannot View the Files on a Disc After You Replace a CD-R or CD-RW Drive with a DVD or CD-ROM Drive
Q311542 Devices May Not Power Up Properly When Resuming From Standby
Q311804 Your Computer Hangs When You Log On to a Terminal Services Session
Q311822 Your Computer May Hang If You Unexpectedly Remove a PC Card Storage Device While the Computer Is in Standby
Q311838 An OpenGL Program May Cause an Access Violation in Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
Q311842 Help and Support May Stop Responding When You Use the Network Diagnostic Tool
Q311885 TAPI Error 0x8000022 Occurs with an English (Canada) or French (Canada) System Locale
Q311887 Program in the RUN Key Does Not Run at Logon
Q311889 Cannot Establish a Remote Assistance Connection
Q311967 MS02-017: Unchecked Buffer in the Multiple UNC Provider
Q312368 Data Loss May Occur After Reinstalling, Repairing, or Upgrading Windows XP
Q312369 You May Lose Data or Program Settings After Reinstalling, Repairing, or Upgrading Windows XP
Q312370 Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Support in Windows XP
Q312372 The Computer Does Not Return from Hibernation Correctly in Korean Windows XP
Q312401 List of Fixes That Are Included in the Windows XP Dynamic Update 1.1 Package
Q312505 OpenGL-Based Program Causes Access Violation in Windows XP
Q312590 OLEXP: An Access Violation Occurs in Outlook Express If You Click Cancel When You Are Choosing a Message Store
Q312927 Hardware that Requires the Non-Maskable Interrupt May Stop Working
Q313147 GetNtmsObjectAttribute Does Not Return Correct Size When the Buffer Is Too Small
Q313194 No Password Expiration Notice Is Presented During the Logon Process
Q313208 Driver Signing Does Not Work When the Out-Of-Box Experience Process Initiates a Factory Mode Process
Q313317 A GPO "Register PTR Records" Setting of "Disabled" Is Ignored
Q313322 A User Logon Request Is Rejected Without Any Messages
Q313450 MS02-012: A Malformed Data Transfer Request May Cause the Windows SMTP Service to Stop Working
Q313484 Windows XP Application Compatibility Update (December 17, 2001)
Q313532 A Logon Error Occurs After an Unattended Installation Is Completed
Q313596 Cannot Select a .jpg Image as Your Desktop Background Image
Q313644 Non-Administrators Cannot Remap an LPT Port to a Network Printer
Q313695 Authentication Is Not Successful When You Try to Connect to a RAS Server That Uses EAP-TLS
Q313696 Setup Is Not Successful When You Try to Connect to Microsoft Message Queuing Server
Q313896 DHCP Clients Cannot Obtain an IP Address from the DHCP Server
Q313910 Backup Now and Defragment Now Buttons Start the Wrong Tools
Q314042 Access Violation Error Message in User32.dll When BM_CLICK Message Is Sent from an OCX Control
Q314147 MS02-006: An Unchecked Buffer in the SNMP Service May Allow Code to Run
Q314293 Computer Does Not Resume When You Press a Key on Your USB Keyboard
Q314330 "Network Connections" Link in Windows XP Help and Support Displays a "Cannot Display the Page" Error Message
Q314339 MS02-018: Patch Available for Access Violation in URL Error Handling Vulnerability
Q314412 The Built-in Administrator Account May Appear in the User Accounts Tool
Q314445 Mobile Information Server Administration Tools Do Not Work with Windows XP
Q314448 Msconfig.exe Stops Responding if User Is Not an Administrator
Q314582 List of Fixes That Are Included in the Windows XP Dynamic Update 1.2 Package
Q314612 Windows XP Cannot Enter Standby Mode When Window Media Player Is Paused
Q314634 Windows XP Does Not Detect Your New USB Device
Q314748 A Pentium III Tualatin Processor and 440MX Chipset Combination with a Legacy Interface Is Not Initialized
Q314801 Wireless Modem May Not Start
Q314862 Update Available for the Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Q314864 SSL Connection Does Not Work on Windows XP
Q314918 Subfolders Are Always Available Offline
Q314993 A Disc in a DVD Drive May Not Be Played Automatically with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.1 and Norton Anti-Virus 2002
Q314994 You Cannot Receive DHCP Configuration After Successful Authentication
Q315000 Unchecked Buffer in Universal Plug and Play Can Lead to System Compromise for Windows XP
Q315056 Preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks that Use the Universal Plug-and-Play Service
Q315094 Windows Explorer May Stop Responding When You Close a Window
Q315399 Debug Is Not Initialized on Some Devices with 1394 PC Cards
Q315403 Stop 0x000000ED Error Message When Volume on IDE Drive with Caching Enabled Is Mounted
Q315502 The USB Keyboard Does Not Work After Your Resume Your Computer from Standby or Suspend
Q315621 Cannot Add FQDN Web Folders that Require Basic Authentication to "My Network Places"
Q315870 Current Client Mappings Are Lost After You Attach a File System Filter to Rdpdr.sys
Q316075 Animated Search Companion Character Renamed in Slovak Interface Pack
Q316134 You Cannot Log On to Windows XP After Running the Out-of-Box Experience
Q316253 "Tour of Windows XP" and "Windows Newsgroups" Links in Windows XP Help and Support Do Not Work
Q316309 Windows Installer Error 1619 When You Install from NTFS Protected Directories
Q316397 Windows XP Real-Time Communication Client Support for Network Address Translation
Q316625 You Cannot Start a Program That Uses a Manifest File That Is Stored on a Windows NT 4.0 Server
Q316676 "STOP 0x0000000A" Error Message When You Change from AC Power to DC Power
Q316696 The Flags in a Typelib Element of an Assembly Manifest Can Be Only Restricted or Null
Q316698 The Print Job Status Is Different with the AddJob() and ScheduleJob() Functions
Q316982 Default French (Canada) Locale Settings for Long Date and Currency Do Not Match the Quebec Standard
Q317035 MS02-018: Patch Available for Cross-Site Scripting in Redirect Response Message Vulnerability
Q317087 Computer Hangs When You Resume from Hibernation or Standby if Your Ultra Bay Has a UDMA Device
Q317181 Cannot Transfer Images From Your Nikon Digital Camera
Q317196 MS02-018: Patch Available for Denial of Service Through FTP Status Request Vulnerability
Q317244 MS02-008: XMLHTTP Control in MSXML 4.0 Can Allow Access to Local Files
Q317255 Help Center May Display Invalid Dates for Device Drivers
Q317277 You Receive a "System Has Recovered from a Serious Error" Message After Every Restart
Q317279 Serial.sys Does Not Power Devices On If "EnablePowerManagement" Is Set
Q317288 A DHCP Client May Send an Incorrect FQDN in a DHCP-Request Packet
Q317326 Stop 0x000000D1 Error Message When You Turn Your Computer Off
Q317437 NetBIOS Listen May Return a Damaged NCB Structure
Q317483 The SyncDomainWithMembership Option Does Not Work in an Unattended Installation of Windows XP
Q317673 Computer Hangs if USB Selective Suspend Option of USB Mouse Is On
Q317751 Explorer.exe Process Uses Many CPU Cycles When Windows Is Idle
Q317895 MS02-018: Patch Available for Cross-Site Scripting in IIS Help File Search Facility Vulnerability
Q317932 OLE32 Unmarshal Fails for BizTalk Server Schedule Client
Q317935 COM+ Loosely Coupled Event (LCE) May Not Be Fired Correctly
Q317936 GetHostbyaddr Function Is Not Thread Safe Without DNS and/or WINS
Q317949 Socket Sharing Creates Data Loss When Listen and Accept Occur on Different Processes
Q318043 File Copy to a Novell NetWare Server May Be Slow
Q318138 MS02-029: Unchecked Buffer in Remote Access Service Phonebook Allows Code to Run
Q318159 Damaged Registry Repair and Recovery in Windows XP
Q318213 Issues in the Installation of Multifunction PCMCIA Cards
Q318358 Computer May Hang When You Swap a CardBus Card After Resuming from Suspend
Q318388 The Original Keyboard Layout Is Used After You Configure a New Default Input Method Editor
Q318449 PowerPoint Slide Show Turns Off Screen Saver and Ignores System Group Policy
Q318507 DirectX: AmCap Does Not Start When You Install It As a Service
Q318517 Search Tool Does Not Search for Some Words or Phrases in Text Files
Q318573 Erratic Behavior Occurs If You Create a "Desktop" Folder on the Desktop
Q318666 Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies May Cause an Access Violation in Winlogon
Q318773 You Receive a "USB Device Not Recognized" Error Message When You Resume Your Computer from Suspend or Hibernation
Q318872 Incorrect Sort Order in Windows Explorer in Windows XP
Q318891 AMD PowerNow! Technology Support for Windows XP
Q318966 Problems Viewing, Editing, or Printing Some Images in Windows XP
Q319074 Polish Help and Support Search Does Not Accept an "N Acute" Character
Q319111 Windows XP RIS Client Loses Video or Stops Responding While "Starting Windows" Is Displayed
Q319261 Graphics That Are Rendered by GDI+ Cannot Be Magnified by Screen Magnifiers
Q319322 Windows Management Instrumentation Cannot Register Permanent Event Consumer with Dynamic Classes
Q319458 Software Restriction Policies Do Not Recognize 16-Bit Programs
Q319555 Terminal Services CALs Are Not Issued for Windows XP Embedded and Windows XP Home Edition
Q319580 Windows XP Application Compatibility Update (April 10, 2002)
Q319590 Event ID 4354 May Appear in Event Viewer
Q319598 You Cannot Install the Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack from a Long Path
Q319613 The SSL Session Cache Is Purged a Few Minutes After You Start Your Computer
Q319632 Device Manager Hangs After You Remove a USB Camera
Q319733 MS02-018: April 2002 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Services
Q319739 Problems with Two Digital Video Camcorders That Are Connected to Two Different IEEE 1394 Adapters
Q319740 MFC Applications Leak GDI Objects on Windows XP
Q319777 You Cannot Run a Program File with Only Execute Access
Q319778 Dead Gateway Detection Does Not Fail Over UDP Traffic to Alternate Gateway
Q319781 Double-Click Setting Is Changed to Single-Click After a Migration
Q319810 A Computer May Hang During a Heavy Load with an Ericsson HIS Modem
Q319825 Shared Documents Folders Are Missing From My Computer
Q319928 Microsoft Links Do Not Appear in the MFU List After You Run Sysprep on a Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack Build
Q319949 Error Message: "A File That Is Required to Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found"
Q320008 You May Not Be Able to Shut Down Your Windows XP Computer
Q320174 Compact Disc Recorded in Windows XP Is Missing Files or Folders or Is Unreadable
Q320258 Windows XP Does Not Synchronize the Time Outside a Client's Site
Q320368 The Richedit Text Control May Replace CRLF in the Output
Q320374 MS02-018: Patch Available for Cross-site Scripting in Custom 404 Error Page Vulnerability
Q320552 Problems with the InterActual DVD Playback Program
Q320678 WMI AccessCheck Receives Local Administrator's SID
Q320694 16-Bit Programs May Not Update the Screen on Processors Faster Than 2.0 GHz
Q320822 Defrag.exe Displays Incorrect Usage or Help Messages in Swedish Windows XP
Q321017 You Cannot Gain Access to "My Computer" Information in Help and Support Center
Q321047 The Format() Function Gives Different Results in Windows XP Than in Windows 2000
Q321120 Tasks That Are Scheduled from 00:00 to 00:59 Appear as "Never"
Q321121 The "Y" and "N" Responses for Schtasks.exe Are Not Localized
Q321123 MS02-018: Patch Available for Buffer Overrun in ASP Server-Side Include() Function Vulnerability
Q321130 MS02-018: Patch Available for Buffer Overrun in HTTP Header Handling Vulnerability
Q322097 Slow Browsing to Windows 98 or Windows Me Clients from Windows XP
Q323299 The StgCreateDocFile() Function Causes an "STG_E_FILEALREADYEXISTS" Error in Windows XP
Q323681 Problems After You Create a Folder That Is Named "Desktop" on the Desktop in Windows XP

XP makeover highlights antitrust tweaks

Microsoft is finalizing a major makeover for Windows XP that's intended to make it easier for consumers to choose third-party software over Microsoft's own products.
Within the next few weeks, the software giant plans to begin testing Service Pack 1 for Windows XP, the first major update to the operating system, which was launched in October.
Some of the more significant changes, such as those allowing consumers and PC makers to override Microsoft's default products, are a direct response to the continuing antitrust case against the Redmond, Wash.-based company.
The service pack will ship this summer to PC makers and will be available as a free download from the company's Web site. As previously reported, the service pack will contain bug fixes, tweaks and compatibility updates, as have similar releases for previous versions of Windows.
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Gartner's Windows XP SP1 advice

Microsoft recently issued a beta test version of SP1 for Windows XP.
Enterprises shouldn't let the many issues swirling around SP1 confuse them--SP1 should be straightforward for them. SP1 offers modest improvements that will not affect most enterprises significantly. Some security-conscious enterprises may have delayed XP deployments. Although SP1 does not include any security features not released through Windows Update or as hot fixes, it may signal these firms to proceed with their deployments. In any case, Gartner never recommended that most enterprises wait for this reason.
Three other issues will have minimal impact on enterprises. First, SP1 will let PC makers swap out some Microsoft applications--the Internet browser, media player, instant messaging and e-mail clients, and Java virtual machine. PC vendors will thus get more flexibility in how they configure their machines, which they can use to strike deals with other software vendors and generate extra revenue. But Gartner doesn't think users will ultimately see much lower prices.
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