Windows XP for Newbies

Windows XP for Newbies - PC training courses for Everyone

Hey, You're A Newbie - NOT A Dummy. So Stop Running Yourself Down And Discover The Real Secret To Taming Your Computer, Then Start Using Its Enormous Powers To Totally Transform Your Life. This Universally Praised Best Selling Beginners Course Will Catapult Your PC Skills To A Level You Never Ever Thought Possible - And It's FUN! It's called Windows XP for Newbies and it's an extraordinary product!

This unique and universally acclaimed course has literally transformed the lives of thousands of PC users. People of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Frustrated PC Newbies from all walks of life regardless of educational ability or technical expertise. Its laid back Newbie-Friendly system of translating mystifying Techie-Jargon into Newbie-Speak, has made it one of the most talked about and block busting Windows training courses on the Net. Bar none!
Are you struggling to get to grips with that metal beast on your desk? Have you tried other books and courses and given up in frustration? Have you almost convinced yourself that computers are just for 'intelligent' nerds? And are you constantly muttering to yourself "Is it ME"?
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