Windows XP Drivers

Windows XP Drivers

We are trying to link to and list any and all windows xp drivers we can find, to make it easy for us and everyone else to find and download. If you have information on any windows xp drivers not listed here, please let us know by emailing
, thanks.
But first, here are some cool driver utilities.

Need info on the Format command?
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NEW nVidia drivers out now!!!

Dec 30 2002-As promised, new nvidia drivers have hit the web. We have two sets available: Detonator 42.01 for Win2k/XP only and Detonator 32.20 for Win2k/XP and Win9x/ME
1. Detonator 42.01 for Win2k/XP dated 12/11/2002 (11th of December 2002). generic, full multilanguage release supporting all released nVidia cards to date. DirectX9 compatible driver.
2. Detonator 32.20 for Win9x/ME and Win2k/XP dated 11/08/2002 (8th of November 2002). generic, non-multilanguage release. supports all nvidia cards released to date.
Go here for more.

Lexmark Printer Drivers

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Goto the webpage here enter your printer model number, the next page will have a drop down box where you pick your operating systems, such as windows xp, and it should then take you to the correct driver page.

Soundblaster Live! Audigy driver 5.12

Gateway has released a new Soundblaster Live! Audigy driver version 5.12 for Windows XP.
Download here.

MSI Detonator 28.90

MSI has released 28.90 detonator drivers for their nVidia based cards.
Download for Windows NT here
Download for Windows 2000 and XP here

Lack of XP drivers a big problem

March 28 2002-Consumers using Pinnacle devices are being asked to fork out €29 to pay for Windows 2000/XP drivers, causing rage on the firm's forum.
One user told the INQ that not only did they want him to pay the €29 to get a Studio 7SE CD to install DC+10 drivers – still in early beta, but the firm has also said the PC TV Pro drivers won't be free of charge either.
He said he wasn't sure whether he had to pay up for driver CD for this or just "trash his old Pinnacle PC TV Pro card" and buy a brand new one for what it may offer in the future.
Click here for more.

Your WindowsXP Modem Driver Problem Resource

Check out this site for some great information on modems and Windows XP. It discusses some general issues with Windows XP when it comes to modem drivers, chipset specific articles, and a few ways around some of those problems.

New Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Drivers Win2K/XP!

Turtle Beach have released a new v.4159 Windows 2000/XP beta driver for your Santa Cruz sound card. No word on what's new though. Click here to Download Santa Cruz WDM v.4159 Beta Driver for Windows 2000/XP.

Leadtek Driver Updates!

Leadtek have released some new drivers for their WinFast TV2000 and @ last some 27.50 GeForce3 Titanium 200, Titanium 500 drivers. Click here for the full article at

Sparkle Nvidia GeForce4 BIOSes & NvFlash V4.14!

Sparkle have released a new set of Nvidia GeForce4 MX and TI BIOS files and also a new version of NvFlash v 4.14. Click here for the full article at and links to download the drivers.

Windows XP/2000 Detonator XP Driver Downloads

The drivers available here are NVIDIA reference drivers and are provided "as is" with NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT. They do not contain OEM/manufacturer specific customizations that shipped with your NVIDIA video card. Please consult your board manufacturer or OEM for supported drivers. Get it here.

SIS Drivers

Got this message from Mitchy K, "Hi there, Here is the URL for SIS drivers for windows XP. had problems with my laptop and the default XP drivers. Every time i ran a D3D app, it crashed, as soon as i updated the drivers with the ones from the SIS site, it all ran fine. They have drivers for graphics, audio, network etc. Keep up the good work.
Thanks Mitchy, and thanks for the link

OSR Driver Loader (V2.2)

New and Improved V2.2! Installing and starting NT kernel mode drivers can be a hassle. This is especially true during the development stage of a project, before you've built an attractive gui-based custom installation program. Now, OSRLOADER eliminates your trouble. This GUI-based tool will make all the appropriate registry entries for your driver, and even allow you to start your driver without rebooting. It's even got a help file, for goodness sakes! If you write drivers, this is another one of those utilities that's a must have for your tool chest. x86 architecture. Get it here.

OSR's DeviceTree Utility V1.0 (For NT)

Okay, this is for NT, not XP, but, you've never seen a utility like this. It's so cool, it's hard to describe. This utility lists every driver installed in the system, and for each driver, lists each device object created by the driver. It lists all the information about the driver, including the I/O function codes supported, the Fast I/O entry points supported, and the like. For each device, it lists all the information from the Device Object. For media devices, the VPB is shown, and the associated file system and file system instance device object are shown. If any device is attached, it shows the attaching device and its driver. As I said, it's so cool, it's hard to describe. If you're a file system or driver writer, you have to get this utility. Distributed as a .ZIP archive containing the executable image and its associated DLL. Get it here.

OSR's DeviceTree Utility V2.6 (New Rev!)

The greatest utility ever written by OSR master toolsmith and driver expert Mark Cariddi (and that's saying something)! This utility has two views: (a) one view that will show you the entire PnP enumeration tree of device objects, including the relationships among objects and all of the device's reported PnP characteristics, and (b) a second view that shows you the device objects created, sorted by driver name. There is nothing like this utility available anywhere else. It demystifies the Win2K PnP stack, and is an invaluable asset to driver debugging. Get it here.

Driver Protection List for Windows XP

The Driver Protection feature in the Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition operating systems protects operating system stability by preventing the operating system from loading drivers that are known to cause stability problems. Driver Protection is built upon application compatibility technology present in Windows XP. Driver Protection is active at all times—during operating system upgrades from prior versions of Windows and at runtime after the operating system is installed. Driver Protection is not intended to be disabled by end users.
Drivers known to cause stability problems are listed in a database included with Windows XP. Driver Protection checks this database, the Driver Protection List, to determine whether to load a driver under Windows XP.
Decisions to add drivers to this list are made in consultation with the vendors who produce and distribute these drivers. We engage and inform these vendors before adding a driver to the Driver Protection List. For more info on the list, how to update the list, etc go here.

nVidia Windows XP Drivers

This page has nVidia Detonator XP drivers, WDM driver and 3Dstereo drivers(for 3D glasses).

Sound Blaster Windows XP Drivers

This page contains links to all of Creavtive Labs latest soundblaster drivers for Windows XP. Sound Blaster Audigy series drivers, Sound Blaster Live! / Value / 5.1 drivers, Sound Blaster PCI 512 drivers, Sound Blaster PCI 16, Vibra128 and AudioPCI drivers, Sound Blaster PCI 128 drivers, Sound Blaster PCI Compact (CT5808) drivers, and these others, Other Ensoniq Audio Processors, Sound Blaster AWE series, Sound Blaster 16, and Sound Blaster Pro, are all supported by native Windows XP drivers.

Matrox Windows XP Drivers

For a page listing all of Matrox's latest drivers, go here. Millennium G550 drivers or try the beta, Marvel G450 eTV drivers, Millennium G450 drivers or try the beta, Millennium G400 / Millennium G400 MAX drivers or try the beta, all other graphic boards are either availible with the native Windows XP drivers or are coming soon, check back for updates.

ViaHardware Windows Xp driver

Latest Official 4-in-1 Driver - Fixes many of the problems associated with the previous 4-1 driver.

Driver Detective

Drivers HeadQuarters has written Driver Detective to make updating your drivers', dlls' and vxds' simple and easy. You can view all the current information from one screen and determine file, name, and version, etc. which when updating is the key to finding new and up to date information to download to your system. Go here to download it.
They also have a driver backup program, Drivers HeadQuarters has written this back up program to help you may sure that if mistakes are made during update that you will always have your old driver available to restore. Go here to get it.

ATI Windows XP drivers

This page has a form where you can enter your operating systems and the name of the video card to get the latest windows xp driver.

Hewlett Packard Windows XP drivers

Go to this page and enter your product name and number for all availible windows xp drivers.

Sohoware Windows Xp drivers and installations

For Netblaster and cablefree wireless adapters and sohoware pcmcia adapter windows xp drivers go to this

Zoom modem Windows XP drivers

Here are the windows xp drivers for Zoom/Modem V.92 PC Card Model 3005 and the Zoom/Modem V.92 PC Card Plus Model 3075.

Hayes Windows XP drivers and INF files

This self-extracting file contains version 8.10 of the Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP universal driver for the Hayes ACCURA V.92 PCI modem, this file is for Hayes ACCURA V.92 external modem, this file is for Hayes ACCURA V.92 internal PCI modem, this file if for Hayes ACCURA PC card modem and is the same driver that windows 2000 uses.

Eicon networks Windows XP drivers

The USB driver and instructions are available below. The instructions include the simple procedures for upgrading the driver, and installing a Diva 2400 Series product onto Windows XP. The driver may be used on any Diva 2400 platform. Also supports Windows 98 (including second edition), Windows ME and Windows 2000.
Download the USB Driver for Windows XP here and the instructions here.