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Welcome to Windows Vista news and tips, I've just created this section as Microsoft just announced the name for the previously named Windows Longhorn. Here I will be adding tips and news articles for the newest Windows operating system, which they should start beta testing soon. Be sure to check back as we will be updating this page almost daily I am sure.

New Windows file system enters testing

Aug 30 2005-Microsoft surprised developers on Monday by releasing a test version of a new Windows file system.
The company made the test version of the system, called WinFS, available to Microsoft Developer Network subscribers. The software giant had originally planned to release WinFS--which it said would make for better desktop file searching--as part of the next version of Windows, once called Longhorn but now known as Vista. However, roughly a year ago, Microsoft announced it was pulling WinFS out of Longhorn in order to let the OS ship in 2006. Of WinFS, the company said only that it would be in beta form by the time Longhorn shipped.
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Microsoft's leaner approach to Vista security

Aug 29 2005-Microsoft is talking up support for hardware-based security in Windows Vista, though only a sliver of the company's original plan will make it into the operating system.
Three years ago Microsoft unveiled Palladium, renamed Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) after the original name became tainted with controversy over privacy and fair-use issues and because another company claimed rights to the Palladium name. The technology was to be part of the next Windows release.
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Vista's answer to PC power woes

Aug 29 2005-When it comes to power management on most electronic devices, things are pretty simple. There's "off," and then there's "on."
But computers, particularly those running Windows, have always been more complicated. On is on, of course. For off, though, Windows XP machines offer several options--including hibernate, stand by and shut down.
"Users don't always understand the difference," said Pat Stemen, a program manager in Microsoft's core operating-system division.
What's worse is that even when people do know enough to choose hibernate or stand by, which turn off most parts of the system but don't clear files away, the computer often ends up staying on. That's because today's Windows lets an application or hardware device veto a PC user's decision.
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Longhorn's new name: Windows Vista

July 22 2005-The next version of Windows finally has an official name: Windows Vista.
The advertising tagline for Vista is "Clear, Confident, Connected: Bringing clarity to your world," according to a video of the announcement posted by Microsoft.
The company also said Friday that the first beta, or test release, of Vista is slated for release on Aug. 3. That release will be targeted at developers and IT professionals, said Brad Goldberg, general manager of Windows product development.
A second, broader test release aimed at consumers will likely debut ahead of Vista's final release in the second half of next year, the company said.
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FAQ: Getting a handle on Windows Vista

July 22 2005-Longhorn--now Windows Vista--may be arriving more slowly than expected and it might not have everything that was once planned, but Windows chief Jim Allchin maintains "It's a big deal."
Among the features in the OS are security improvements, some snazzy new graphics, and a new means of searching and organizing information. Rather than having to remember the single folder where something is stored, users will be able to put documents in any number of virtual folders. They can also establish folders that will automatically update, such as "files edited in the last week" or "documents from Jane."
In addition, Microsoft is trying to simplify an array of other tasks, such as adding a PC to a home network or connecting a laptop to a projector.
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Microsoft Unveils Official Name for Longhorn and Sets Date for First Beta Targeted at Developers and IT Professionals

July 22 2005-Company announces official name of its next-generation Windows client operating system.
Today Microsoft Corp. announced the official name of its next-generation Windows client operating system, formerly code-named Longhorn. Video of the name announcement can be seen via the link below.
Windows Vista Beta
Beta 1, targeted at developers and IT professionals, will be available by August 3, 2005.

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Microsoft Makes Longhorn Performance Promises

July 18 2005-Just weeks before the Beta 1 bits are expected to hit, Microsoft has committed to some specific metrics around the kind of fundamental improvements Longhorn will deliver.
For the past several years, Microsoft has been promising that Longhorn would deliver some substantial security, reliability and performance improvements.
But until the worldwide partner conference in Minneapolis in mid-July, company officials had not quantified the benefits that Longhorn the version of the Windows client operating system, due in 2006 would deliver.
Amy Stephan, a senior product manager with the Windows client unit, outlined some of the various Longhorn "fundamentals," including systems management and deployment features, which Microsoft is readying.
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Summer test of Longhorn Server planned

June 16 2005-Though the next version of Windows Server is not expected until 2007, Microsoft said Thursday that it's on track to deliver a beta version of the operating system this summer.
A company representative would not give a specific date for the release of the beta version, but a moderator on a Microsoft Web chat on Wednesday said the company plans another chat in August to talk about Beta 1. Microsoft is also planning a summer beta of the desktop version of Longhorn, which is scheduled to arrive in final form in the second half of next year.
In March, a Microsoft representative said the company was planning a beta of Longhorn Server for later this year but did not provide specifics.
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