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Why You Need WinTasks

Most computers users are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive hardware to get a system capable of running the latest games as well as playing DVD movies or MP3 music. What is not that well known though, is that with the right tools you can make your system run both faster and more smoothly within minutes. Efficient Resource and Task Management is absolutely critical if you want to get the most of out your hardware. WinTasks 4 Professional will not only help you boost overall system performance, but will give you complete control over resources and processes, allowing you to improve everything from security to startup times with only a few clicks.

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Free Up Valuable Computer Resources
Increase overall system performance by freeing up and assigning all available resources to the tasks that are actually important. WinTasks 4 Professional makes it easier than ever before to find and remove unnecessary background processes as well as assigning more resources to demanding processes like games, realtime multimedia applications and cd writing softwares.

Increase System Security
WinTasks 4 Professional helps you to increase system security and prevent viruses and other unwanted processes from running unnoticed on your computer. WinTasks can also remove spywares, adwares and other security threats and gives you the power to terminate any program even it is invisible in the normal taskmanager. By logging cpu and memory usage you can also track down and remove scheduled processes that might pose a threat to your computer.

Improve Multimedia Playback and Processing
Improve audio quality, prevent visual artifacts and increase framerates by tuning your system for advanced media processing and decoding tasks. By removing interferring processes and freeing up system resources you can make media applications run smoother and faster. By assigning a higher priority to realtime tasks like decoding or cd writing you can ensure that the process is not interrupted by other processes resulting in error free media playback and recodring without gaps and artifacts.

Optimize Software Development and Debugging
Find resource leaks, optimize CPU usage and shorten development times by keeping an eye on processes, threads and resources. WinTasks 4 Professional can be used to track the resource usage of your processes making it easier to find memory leaks and other resource problems problems. By logging cpu usage for up to 24 hours you can also optimize your applications and minimize CPU usage.

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