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If you are like most visitors to this site, you are either looking for help operating your operating system or software, looking for help to keep from reinstalling your operating system, looking for help installing your operating system, or are just looking for general pc troubleshooting help and tips. Well, I like this website, ;), and another, it's, an awesome website with loads of help.
They have some great stuff there, but the best stuff is in the members only area, where he has all kinds of hardware troubleshooting tips, if your bored he's got some great little games you can play online, like Battleship, Arkanoid and others.
He has reinstallation guides, installation guides, upgrade guides, parallel install help, setup switches, multiple ways of installing windows operating systems, setup switch guides, guides to help you install your windows operating systems with CD rom support, for MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows .net, or what is now known as Windows 2003. And all are highly skilled creations, walking you step by step through each process, with screenshots of what is on the screen and the exact instruction to install or reinstall your windows operating systems. has tons and tons of features in the members only areas, it is well worth the price of $35.00 dollars, especially considering the fact it will only cost you $5.00 dollars a year thereafter. So much info, you'll need a couple to try it all, so signup for the members area and start learning today!

You can't boot into windows, your system is crashing, error messages, what do you do ? phone a relative, a friend, it's not who wants to be a millionaire, they more than likely can't be bothered helping you ( again ). Change things and become that friend who can't be bothered or who is always too busy, learn how to fix it yourself, with the sexiest range of Ebook's on the web, also with lifetime membership you will be supporting this website and getting the easiest how-to guides available on the Internet.