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Talisman Desktop
Talisman Desktop 2.5 is a desktop themes alternative and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP, capable of transforming your desktop into an interface organized as you like. The program's basic purpose: Launch other applications in a new interface, instead of the standard Windows desktop themes. But the opportunities presented by Talisman are much broader. The program does not limit your computer fantasies - draw anything you like and arrange it as your imagination tells you to. When you get tired of looking at the same screen - change it all over again. If you are in a good mood - throw flowers and favorite photos on the screen. If you're not feeling so bright - leave the black screen with lonely Norton Commander or winking Bill Gates. Create invisible buttons - they will open those places and the pictures, known only to you. Construct galleries of the best pictures and photos. Simply create your own little world, created by and for you, instead of staring at the same lines of icons on your desktop, year after year. You can get free Talisman desktop themes at their website or you can even buy a cd-rom of over 200 themes for only $15.00. Get your copy of Talisman Desktop today!

Living Coral Screensaver and Theme Living Coral beautifully displays an animated undersea ecosystem, with beautiful tropical fish, turtles, starfish, urchins, manta rays and even a few divers in the background. Combine that with the most tranquil music you could imagine and you will find yourself transported into an undersea sanctuary. The full version includes a beautiful theme pak with wallpaper, icons , cursors and screens that will transform your desktop into an enchanting underwater world.

Xdyne 3D Car Theme is a collection that contains 19 specific cars which were noticeable landmarks in automobile history and each has it's own point of interest. You will see the first automobile ever made in the world,"The Benz" built in 1886. There is a range of cars representing technical innovation, such as "The Austin Mini" Representing a whole new family of cars, is the forerunner of the utility vehicle, "The Willis Jeep". There are so called long livers, which were in production for many years represented by the "Model T Ford". Many of the automobiles in our collection are technical masterpieces of their own time like the "Mercedes Benz 300 SL" and the "Lamborghini Countach". And of course no collection is complete without an exotic or curious model that becomes a dead end production line such as, "The Bugatti Royal". Our set of 3D models covers all automotive compositional concepts that are known in the automobile design world. All cars 3D models, were recreated from examples found in museums, periodicals, and special literature, which were carefully examined to assure absolute authentic replication inside and out.
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WindowBlinds 6 is a program that makes Windows into a fully skinnable operating system. It allows users to apply visual styles that skin virtually every aspect of the Windows GUI (title bars, radio buttons, check boxes, scrollbars, explorer backgrounds, and so on). It is the Microsoft certified way of adding more visual styles to Windows XP. WB visual styles can be used on Windows 98, ME, and 2000. Version 3.3 is a major redesign that provides global bitmap caching, which dramatically improves performance while decreasing resource usage on all versions of Windows. If you haven't tried out WindowBlinds before, here's your chance to make Windows look the way *you* want - be it as simple as having the XP look on 98, or a futuristic interface by some of the best graphic designers on the web. It's worth your time looking at, and at this price I think it's worth buying, too. After all, $20 hardly breaks the bank. Check out WindowBlinds 6 today!

Windows Blackcomb Skin Fully supports user colourisation and XP features - click the squares to reveal rollup and ontop. Includes "Blackcomb Dark" subskin. WB 3.2 or later recommended on XP for large panel support, 3.4 for all features.
Requires WindowBlinds
Sunday Mac Skin For WindowsXP, and best viewed in 32 bit modes. New icons, and 90% renderized Little update (10-7-02): changed the Internet Explore icon (now more fine) Update 7-16-02: Added the missing icon My Videos.
Requires WindowBlinds
Ambient 1 Skin This is my favorite skin. It has an interesting transparency in the start menu. I hope you will like it as I do.
Requires WindowBlinds
Subterfuge Skin This skin contains two sub-designs, Subterfuge and Subterfuge Plus. The Plus sub-design includes on-top, transparency, and minimize to tray buttons, in addition to a roll- button and standard window controls.
Requires WindowBlinds
Sputnik Skin This theme features 2 styles, Full and Lite. Styles are selected via the popup with a single click. Resolution independent with auto wallpaper install. Super easy install but please follow the readme. Directory placement is especially important. Matching Windowblinds skin and ICQ3 skin plus many many other apps available.
Requires WindowBlinds
S:OS Skin Clean, usable skin designed with speed in mind. Inspired by WebOS and KDE2. Includes full custom color support. For best results, use with a double height horizontal taskbar.
Requires WindowBlinds
Jewel0rnX Skin This is Version 4 of JewelOrn-Logon recreated from my wallpaper, works in all resolutions!
Requires WindowBlinds
NovaTechnic Skin My 5th DesktopX Skin. Features semi-transparent menus, info bar and meters, common shorts bar, and a fantabulous wall by matrix.masters.
Requires WindowBlinds
Fight the System Skin I thought that this needed something. The end result I think is good.
Requires WindowBlinds

XP Skins or XP Visual tools is another product from CronoSoft! As the new operating system from Microsoft is here, Windows XP, and not all the older programs can take advantage of the new features of skinable option, we thought that a program who can change with one click this problem will be very useful for you. So, here it is: XP Skins !!!

DesktopX is a revolutionary new program that makes it possible for users to build their own desktops. Use it to create more productive, more useful, more secure or just plain cooler looking desktops.
Rather than replacing the Windows shell (Explorer), it extends Windows giving it new object-oriented abilities. Users can easily create their own DesktopX objects or download the thousands available on the Internet. DesktopX allows users to secure their desktop and access COM objects installed on their system as if they were natively part of the desktop. It brings next generation object technology to your desktop today.
DesktopX can replace the Start bar, system tray, and task bar should the user wish to as well as everything on the desktop. DesktopX objects can be used in place of Windows icons or used side by side with them. Unlike Windows icons, each DesktopX object can be any size and any shape and more importantly react to messages from the system (such as mouse over, program launching, and custom user events).
Because DesktopX objects are true objects, unlike Windows icons, they can be easily animated to react to different messages as well as display visual information on what they are meant to represent without the need to have what it represents opened. A typical example would be a DesktopX object representing ones email program that could change its appearance or make a sound if there is email waiting to be downloaded without having the email program loaded. The object simply responds to an OS message that there is email waiting and changes itself accordingly.
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