Windows XP Tweaks

Windows XP Tweaks Manager

With the WinGuides Tweak Manager you can take complete control of your Windows system with access to hundreds of powerful windows tweaks and hidden registry settings. The simple and intuitive user interface enables rapid access to settings that affect the speed, security, efficiency and convenience of your computer.
The Tweak Manager is one of those cutting edge utilities that change with every new version of windows, this is an outstanding utility, one that blows away TweakUI, and others. Access hundreds of powerful windows tweaks and hidden registry settings to take complete control of your Windows system. Break free from default settings that are locked in for Windows and other software! Now, with just a few mouse clicks, you can individually tailor virtually every aspect of your computer, from your Desktop to Internet browser. Windows XP Tweak Manager includes tweaks for many popular software applications including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.
WinGuides Tweak Manager enables casual computer users, experienced users and network administrators alike to make their computer systems faster, more efficient and more user-friendly. Some of the unique features and benefits that help make Tweak Manager the ultimate Windows utility include:
WinGuides Tweak Manager Features and Benefits:
  • Customize your computer with over 1000 powerful tweaks
  • Easily download new and updated tweaks using Live Update
  • Works with Windows XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000
  • Unlimited free upgrades and live updates for one year
  • Manage networked computers with remote registry changes
  • Export your changes to standard registry files (.REG)
Stay optimized with the latest tweaks and updates! Software is being released and updated everyday, and everyday new tweaks and settings are being discovered. Tweak Manager includes a unique Live Update feature which allows you to easily download the latest tweaks for your Windows system. This ensures that Tweak Manager never becomes obsolete and that you keep control of your computer and software.

Some of the most popular Windows XP Tweaks:
  • Allow more downloads by increasing the number of simultaneous file transfers in Internet Explorer
  • Speed up the performance of your broadband Cable & DSL Internet connection
  • Ensure privacy and clear the Internet Explorer typed address history and recent document history
  • Secure your system and restrict the applications that can be run by users
  • Make your system faster by improving core system performance, optimize your cache and clear the swap file
  • Plus over 1000 other tweaks to boost performance of your PC, increase privacy, improve security, remove annoyances, perform PC maintenance and simplify usability of your computer!
Purchase WinGuides Tweak Manager now for only $39.95 and also receive one year of unlimited free upgrades and live updates!
This wonderful utility comes from Winguides and you can also purchase a year membership to The Subscription for 29.95 which allows you to become a supporting subscriber of the network of web sites and gain access to premium content such as frequent updates to the help file downloads.
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- Mike
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