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Internet Explorer 8 is on the Horizon

The focus at Mix’07 has mainly been Microsoft Silverlight, the only other thing I can remember off of the top of my head is the mention of a Vista Gadget from Disney, but I am behind in my RSS reader. Ars Technica has posted an article about a post from Chris Wilson on the Internet Explorer blog, but, the site won’t come up for me, so I am just referencing the Ars Technica site.

While details may be lacking, the structure of the conferences planned for Mix’07 gives a few hints. Improvements in RSS, CSS, and AJAX support are all being given high priority. It is also widely speculated that IE 8 will include support for microformats, small tags embedded in HTML code that can be interpreted in various ways by software, such as calendar events or contact information. Microformat support is scheduled for Firefox 3, so IE 8 will have to include them in order to keep up. The new version may also include more options for user interface customization, as that was one of the biggest criticisms of IE 7, and one which the developers often blamed on lack of time.

The fact that there will be an IE 8 at all is a testament to the fact that the web browser market has become competitive again. When IE 6 finally vanquished Netscape, the team that created Microsoft’s browser was largely thrown to the winds, and development slowed to a crawl. It took Firefox gaining a ten percent market share to cause Microsoft to respond with IE 7. Source: Microsoft drops hints about Internet Explorer 8

At least we know Microsoft is working on the next version of IE, that is a good thing…

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Todays Tech

Some newsworthy tech stories making the rounds.

Introducing Robots-Nocontent for Page Sections Yahoo introduces a tag for robots.txt, robots-nocontent tag will allow you to mark parts of your page as non indexable, such as your navigation menu, to give you more control over stuff that may not really be related to a certain page. Not supported by the other search engines, at least not yet.

Yahoo Supports New Robots-Nocontent Tag To Block Indexing Within A Page For over a decade, search engines have supported standards allowing you to prevent pages from being spidered or included within a search index. Today, Yahoo now supports a new twist — a way to flag that part of your page shouldn’t be included in an index. It’s called the robots-nocontent tag.

Yahoo! Messenger, hold the download Yahoo introduces the no download version of Yahoo! Messenger, it is web based, try it here.

Yahoo Launches Browser Version of Messenger Michael Arrington says it is built on flash 9, at launch, tonight, it will only have basic functionality and VOIP may be added later.

Disney’s Vista Gadget Points To Future Of Marketing Widgets Disney is introducing a neat little Vista Gadget, “The Disney gadget is aimed at an emerging Chinese middle class that does not have the history with the Disney brand that Americans do, said Edward Kummer, a Disney executive in charge of online promotions of the company’s parks and resorts. The gadget is constantly being updated via RSS feeds with news about the theme park and also includes long-format video, itinerary planning tools and other interactive content. “This is effectively having a Disney application on the PC,” Bach said.

There are people who don’t use feed readers? Google adds the ability to Google Reader to allow you to share great content from your feeds with anyone.

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