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Surface Computing from Microsoft

Big announcement from Microsoft today, well, actually yesterday, surface computing is here and hopefully, it will be coming my way soon, can’t wait to check it out, but there are plenty of videos and information out already to wet your whistle. Microsoft says it will first appear in hotels, restaurants, etc, where touch screens already exist, but not in the same way or amount of screens, I am sure.

Picture a surface that can recognize physical objects from a paintbrush to a cell phone and allows hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. Today at the Wall Street Journal?s D: All Things Digital conference, Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil Microsoft Surface?, the first in a new category of surface computing products from Microsoft that breaks down traditional barriers between people and technology. Surface turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, dynamic surface that provides effortless interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Beginning at the end of this year, consumers will be able to interact with Surface in hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues.

Microsoft Surface puts people in control of their experiences with technology, making everyday tasks entertaining, enjoyable and efficient. Imagine ordering a beverage during a meal with just the tap of a finger. Imagine quickly browsing through music and dragging favorite songs onto a personal playlist by moving a finger across the screen. Imagine creating and sending a personal postcard of vacation pictures instantly to friends and family, while still wearing flip-flops.

Consumers now have an entirely new way to get the information they need, turning their everyday tasks into enjoyable and engaging experiences,? said Pete Thompson, general manager of Microsoft Surface Computing. There are hundreds of thousands of restaurants, hotels and retail locations that are looking to give their customers the unique and memorable experiences that Surface will provide. In turn, companies have a new opportunity for generating additional revenue streams and increasing retail traffic. Source: Microsoft Launches New Product Category: Surface Computing Comes to Life in Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Locations and Casino Resorts

I can see this being handy in a busy bar, where each user selects their drink or refill and it goes into a queue for the bartender to make, taking the decision on who gets served next out of his hands and placing it into the correct order. But, never mind restaurants, bars and hotels, where else will surface computing be useful? Scoble saw a demo for it two years ago and this is how it worked then.

Anyway, surface computing is real and is wild. I want one of these in my house, but it is too expensive. Anyway, here?s how it works:

1) It has a piece of holographic glass that can display images that a projector shoots at it.
2) It has a projector underneath.
3) It has two cameras, aimed at the glass which can triangulate on objects on it.
4) It has software, written in Windows Presentation Foundation, that take advantage of the new hardware. Source: Ahh, the PlayTable, er Surface Computing, how it works?

Popular Mechanics got to see a demo of surface computing from Microsoft, listen to a couple of the cool things they showed them, and then visit their site and check out the video.

Gattis took out a digital camera and placed it on the Surface. Instantly, digital pictures spilled out onto the tabletop. As Gattis touched and dragged each picture, it followed his fingers around the screen. Using two fingers, he pulled the corners of a photo and stretched it to a new size. Then, Gattis put a cell phone on the surface and dragged several photos to it ? just like that, the pictures uploaded to the phone. It was like a magic trick. He was dragging and dropping virtual content to physical objects. I’m not often surprised by new technology, but I can honestly say I’d never seen anything like it. Source: Microsoft Surface: Behind-the-Scenes First Look (with Video)

They also have some great shots and text on how it works exactly. Channel 10 has a great video here. They also answer the question of when will we see these in homes, they said that the first adopters, Harrah?s Entertainment, Starwood Hotels and T-Mobile, will have it first and as it gets bigger and used by more companies, prices will come down and our coffee tables will be surface computers before we know it. Wonder if they will be easier on our kids heads than the coffee tables were?

Techcrunch wonders when it will recognize that our beer is empty and replenishment is automatic. Robert McLaws has a GREAT wrap-up of the history of Microsoft Surface, and says that it started as TouchLight. Lots of great videos and images available at the official site for Microsoft surface here.

Check out this video demo, and the complete list of Microsoft Surface videos we have available.

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More Reviews and How To’s Posted

We have been posting some great videos to the new video section here are some links to the play lists that have been created, Sandisk Reviews, Apple iPhone Videos, Zune MP3 Player Videos, Prevent Scratches with the Invisible Shield, iPod Accessory Reviews, Video Game Reviews, Google Earth Videos, Excel Training Videos, Windows XP Videos, Engadget Videos and Windows Vista Videos. You can search the videos by tag here, technology tags, search the old fashioned way from our search box here, video search, by play list here, video play lists, or you can add your own videos here, upload videos, or link to great videos you’ve seen on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Revver,, create your own play lists, comment and review the listed videos and more.

Please let us know if you see a video that shouldn’t be listed here, or one that is no longer working, etc at webmaster at

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MySpace Sued by UMG for Copyright Infringement

Universal Music Group has filed a lawsuit against for allowing rampant unauthorized copying, as opposed to just unauthorized copying, and distribution of the songs and video of their artists. They are seeking damages of $150,000 per violation and MySpace must not allow any more copying or distribution of its copyrighted material. $150,000 per violation sounds pretty high, I mean, you can buy the songs on iTunes for 99 cents each and movies starting at $9.99, and so I wonder how they came up with $150,000?

Popular social-networking Web site MySpace was slapped with its first copyright-infringement lawsuit yesterday, by Universal Music Group, alleging that the site enables “rampant” unauthorized copying and distribution of its artists’ songs and videos.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, said “[n]o intellectual property is safe in the MySpace world of infringement — not plaintiffs’ videos, not plaintiffs’ songs, not even songs from the unreleased album ‘Kingdom Come’ by superstar artist Jay-Z,” scheduled to go on sale next week.

MySpace denied wrongdoing and said it would fight the lawsuit. Source: Washington Post

Universal and MySpace already have some content-sharing deals in place, but Universal says that MySpace does not take the material down fast enough, while MySpace says they are in compliance with the law.

“We have been keeping [Universal] closely apprised of our industry-leading efforts to protect creators’ rights, and it’s unfortunate they decided to file this unnecessary and merit less litigation,” a spokeswoman for MySpace said in an e-mailed statement. “We provide users with tools to share their own work — we do not induce, encourage, or condone copyright violation in any way.”

On the 17th of November, MySpace announced that they are releasing a new tool that will allow content providers like Universal to mark any video or music they allege is theirs, and MySpace will remove it, promptly, they say., the world?s leading lifestyle portal, announced today plans to launch a new tool for copyright holders that makes it even easier and faster to remove content they allege is unauthorized. The tool is being tested with FOX and MLB Advanced Media and will be expanded to include other verified copyright holders.

The new tool will allow copyright holders to digitally flag any user-posted video containing content that they own and allege is unauthorized. MySpace will promptly remove all videos flagged by a copyright holder. In addition, MySpace has implemented a proprietary system to block videos that are removed at the request of a copyright owner from being re-uploaded to the site by other users. Source: Business Wire

And as Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 noted, most user generated content is really user-appropriated content, like TV shows, movies, etc. There are some good things users are actually creating, and then there are some things they are creating that really suck, all kinds of tech content being created, how to’s, tips, instructions, if you can talk about it and show someone on your monitor how to do it, it’s being created. Many, many Second Life videos being created, check out Second Life Videos for some great examples. I’m working on creating a windows tech support video site, and have been trying to gather up funny clips and videos here at, check em out and post your favorites or even your own.

So, where are we headed? I have no idea, but I would say they can’t hold sites like MySpace entirely responsible, if you compare it to web hosting and how they can’t really be held responsible for what their users do, as long as they take it down when notified, which MySpace, Youtube and Google have been doing already.

In the article posted by the BBC, Universal claims that MySpace encourages the posting of the content, the owners of MySpace have benefited greatly from it and they would like what is due to them and their artists.

In a statement it added: “Our music and videos play a key role in building the communities that have created hundreds of millions of dollars of value for the owners of MySpace.

“Our goal is not to inhibit the creation of these communities, but to ensure that our rights and those of our artists are recognised.” Source: BBC

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Islamic Violence Video Banned from YouTube

I just read a post by Michelle Malkin titled Banned on Youtube, about how her video, that was a simple slideshow highlighting the victims of Islamic violence over the years, has been rejected by YouTube as being inappropriate in nature. Of course she asked YouTube why it was deemed inappropriate, as there are still many videos about al-Qaeda propaganda, Nazi videos, etc. She has received no response from YouTube, but has been finding other people in the same situation.

It has come to my attention that Jihadis organized a campaign against us to have our videos removed by You Tube. Some people’s accounts have even been terminated. I don’t know exactly how the You Tube suspension system works, but it looks like a video will be removed if it gets a certain number of complaints (which may be accepted without investigation), and an account gets closed when the third video is removed. One of my videos was recently removed for inappropriate content. The video, It’s In The Koran, could be viewed at, second screen (alternative video source). This video contains no sexually explicit content and could only be offensive to Muslims who reject any notion of criticism.

She has posted a video on her site to appeal to YouTube.

This reminds me of the articles by Wayne Porter on Steve Rosenbaum and how Google Adwords blocked any war videos he tried to send traffic to, yet many other ads on the same subject without the videos get approved no problem.

The Story in a Nutshell: As the conflict in the middle East heated up Steve Rosenbaum began to search the web for videos shot by real people in and around the conflict. He found plenty of video citizen journalism and to get the word out he created a channel to aggregate the videos and organize them in a central area. Nice- Great idea! Something Google might of thought of doing since their mission is to, and I quote, “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The Catch: What he didn’t bank on was not just having certain ads rejected, but his entire Adwords campaign deleted!

I realize these big websites don’t want anyone offended by content on their sites, but this is real life, and real life isn’t always pretty. Steve was just trying to make a website that listed and referenced all of the conversations on the war, and Michelle is just criticizing jihadis, a group on YouTube they believe targeted their videos.

The starbulletin posted an article called Web videos mock U.S. war deaths in which they say YouTube is listing dozens of videos showing individual American soldiers being killed in Iraq, saying they are pretty much snuff films, and that the videos include music and insurgent slogans.

Some of the videos, including ones of American soldiers purportedly being picked off by snipers or being blown up by improvised explosive devices, have been viewed tens of thousands of times each in the past few months. Some are posted in YouTube’s “news and blogs” category, but others are listed under “entertainment” and even “comedy.”

Their presence on YouTube shows that insurgent propaganda — including genuine footage — already available on more obscure Web sites has seeped in the mainstream of American popular culture, said Eben Kaplan, assistant editor of, the Web site of the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan think tank headquartered in New York.

So, watching Americans soldiers die is okay, even with a disclaimer, but criticism of jihadis is not? So, I think I have it now, jihadis propaganda okay, jihadis criticism is not. Pretty sad YouTube, pretty sad.

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