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Todays Security News

Lots and lots of security news today, I will be detailing the SiteAdvisor report in more detail later.

Group rips Microsoft over Internet user profiling research Microsoft Corp. research on Internet user profiling could lead to tools that help repressive regimes identify anonymous dissidents, the Reporters Without Borders advocacy group warned last Friday. In a paper presented at the International World Wide Web Conference last month in Calgary, Canada, four researchers at Microsoft’s Beijing-based lab laid out work that predicted the age and gender ( PDF format) of unknown Web users based on the sites they visited. Their new algorithms correctly guessed the gender of a Web surfer 80% of the time, and his or her age 60% of the time.

The State of Search Engine Safety We find that AOL returns the safest search results, while Yahoo! returns the greatest percentage of risky results. Since May 2006, search engine results have become safer, primarily due to improved safety of sponsored results on Google, AOL, and Ask. Despite this improvement, dangerous sites are found in search results of all of the top five search engines, and sponsored results continue to be significantly less safe than search engines? organic results.

Online tunes are more risky than Web porn More data from the SiteAdvisor article. About 9% of adult sites produce spyware, adware or spam, compared with 19% of digital music sites found in a study by McAfee.

McAfee Reports Drop in Malicious Search Results Article from PCMag that talks about the drop in malware when compared to the previous years SiteAdvisor article.

Google As Terror Tool? Terrorists use Google Earth instead of their own video.

Microsoft unveils integrated security Microsoft shared details of its long-term security product strategy as part of its ongoing TechEd 2007 training conference on June 4, lifting the lid on plans to deliver an integrated suite of its software by mid-2009.

Gaping holes exposed in fully-patched IE 7, Firefox Polish hacker Michal Zalewski has ratcheted up his ongoing assault on Web browser security models, releasing details on serious flaws in fully patched versions of IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 2.0.

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Kids, Cartoons and Adware

Are screensavers really a problem? Asks a siteadvisor blog entry, and according to their results, they are, big time.

We counted 318 children?s television programs currently airing on English language networks in the United States. We decided to search for screensavers for each of these shows to see how risky it is to put a Rugrat, a Powerpuff Girl or a Flintstone on a desktop.

Each of the three aforementioned programs all returned 50% or more risky sites on Google’s first page of search results. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A staggering 85% of all kids TV show screensavers searches returned at least one dangerous site on the first page. 20% of all shows returned search results where half or more of the sites were risky. A child or parent who searches for a Gilmore Girl or Kenny the Shark screensaver and clicks randomly on the results has a 60% chance of landing at a risky site.

The Power Rangers were number one with 81.8% of sites in the results leading to sites with red links and yellow links.

Some adults may take the time to learn about these programs. But children are especially vulnerable to blindly clicking yes at each prompt & then the family PC is infected with adware and worse.

And thats how lots of adware gets on pcs at home, kids don;t know any better and blindly click yes to prompts that pop up, just because they want whatever they were searching for.

This article references an article that I wrote at called Warner Bros Partners with 180Solutions, that I followed up at called More on WarnerBros and 180Solutions. One of these years, we may be able to get rid of adware and spyware, if more merchants, like WarnerBros, will end their relationship with them.

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Viewer Discretion is Advised

SiteAdvisor’s latest blog entry is about movies and actresses and just exactly which searches are the most dangerous.

Steven Spielberg accidentally invented the “summer blockbuster” in 1975 when Jaws unexpectedly grossed over $100 million within the first month of its release. Since then, the major movie studios have increasingly relied on the summer season to release their biggest, and they hope, their most profitable films.

As consumers flock to the Web to learn more about this summer’s “event” movies, we decided to see if the scammers and spammers had followed. So, do any of this summer’s biggest names contain any hidden computer dangers? We searched Google for the titles of 37 summer ’06 blockbusters plus the word “screensaver” and calculated the percentage of risky site links returned on the first page of search results. We also performed similar screensaver searches for 48 of these films’ leading actors.

And the Winner is: Miami Vice is number one with a bullet to your head. I assume it is because of the top searches, most are for wallpapers and screensavers. Number one for actors and actresses? Uma Thurman, probably for the same reasons, screensavers, pictures, etc. Check out the whole blog, here.

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