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PS3 Release Craziness

Has anyone been reading all of the craziness associated with the PS3 release? It’s unbelievable what has been happening, violence, selling for outrageous prices on eBay, pepper spray, the low number sent to the US has caused people to go crazy. Lots are buying them just to sell on eBay, so you get prices going up as the people who actually want them, can’t get them because the people who want to sell them for profit get them first. They only shipped about 400,000 PS3′s to the US to start with and if you search eBay there are almost 19,000 listings, and if you sort by highest to lowest price, the first three pages don’t dip below the $6,00 dollar line. The top auction lists a starting price of $45,000 and a buy it now price of $500,000! How many fools are there really and will some of these actually sell? That auction says it is donating 75% of the proceeds to the Red Cross, netting him a cool 11,000 or so thousand, if it sells. Oh, and it mentions they stood outside three days and nights in the pouring rain! The horror! That’s about $3,700 a day or $154 an hour all day long.

The Washing post has sort of a wrap up post, talking about some of the stupidity going on,

Armed thugs yesterday robbed a line of people waiting to buy the PlayStation 3 in Putnam, Conn., and a man who refused to hand over his money was shot in the chest.

In Palmdale, Calif., police shut down a Super Wal-Mart Stores outlet after a line of people waiting for the new game console got out of control. In Tyson?s Corner, police fired pepper spray toward a crowd of about 200 people who rushed the locked doors of a Circuit City Stores outlet before it opened.

The game console’s launch even managed to embarrass former Sen. John Edwards after Wal-Mart issued a press release saying an Edwards staffer had asked his local Wal-Mart for help in acquiring the highly sought-after device. An outspoken critic of Wal-Mart, Edwards released a statement yesterday characterizing the action as a mistake by an intern. Source: Washington Post

The NYtimes had a piece called Sony Playstation 3 Debuts to Long Lines,

In Putnam, Conn., two gunmen tried to rob people lined up for the console, and shot one who refused to surrender his money. Michael Penkala, 21, of Webster, Mass., was wounded in the chest and shoulder. He was in stable condition Friday with injuries not believed to be life threatening, according to Connecticut State Police.

In Fresno, Calif., police arrested two people and threatened to use Tasers to break up a crowd that rushed a store and trampled people in the parking lot.

To get the attention of an unruly crowd of about 350 people, police fired a paint ball at the ground outside a Target store in Henrico, Va. Source: NYTimes

The Dayton Daily News had an article called Store Robber of five Playstation 3′s,

Two armed men wearing black ski masks and sunglasses robbed the EB Games store at 7724 Hoke Road of five Sony PlayStation 3 video game systems about 9 p.m. Thursday, police said. Source: Dayton Daily News

Some people have more money than they have brains, others have more brains than they have money but have the same IQ. Think about it. ;) This console will be sitting in big numbers on retailers shelves soon, there is no reason for anyone to pay that kind of money for it, it might be different if the PS3 was always going to be in short supply and hard to get, but it won’t be. The more of these things Sony sells, the more game titles it will sell, the more money they will make. If people want to waste their money so bad, send it to me, I can use it to upgrade my server.

“I would never, ever do that again,” he said. “You’re under a tarp, sitting there with the rain pelting down on you — you’re asking yourself ‘why?’ and you’re not coming up with any good answers.”

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The $9,000 Supercomputer

Okay, so it’s not really a supercomputer, I saw a post the other day that called the PS3 a supercomputer, so I couldn’t help it. But, apparently, someone has won an auction on for a PS3 on eBay for $9,000!

Link is here.

This auction was still up the last time I looked, but many, many auctions going for much more than that are gone, so you have to assume eBay pulled them because they were fake, or the bidder was not a real bidder in the sense that someone actually wanted it.

Via Gizmodo.

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Xbox 360 will be out for Christmas

I know my boy will be excited about this little news nugget, Microsoft, hoping to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season, will release the Xbox 360 on November 22 2005 in the United States, in Europe it will be available December 2 2005 and in Japan December 10 2005.

Last month, Microsoft said the Xbox 360 would come in two flavors: a base model for $299 and a souped-up version with a 20GB hard drive and wireless controllers for $399.

For months, Microsoft has said it would have the Xbox 360 out in time for the holidays, and Wednesday’s announcement confirms the company will get several months of first-mover advantage over Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Revolution, both of which are expected to be released next spring.

Okay, I’m looking forward to it as well, just hope they have some good games out in time as well. I also hope, they have some games quickly that will take advantage of all of it’s resources, video game developers are having a hard time keeping up nowadays.

“Still, Microsoft said that by combining its new machine with its Xbox Live online gaming initiative, it has every hope of taking over the top spot in console gaming now firmly held by Sony.”

I hope so, can only help they boy and I out. ;) Read more at

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