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Oracle Buys HotSip, is Rebuffed by MySQL

A couple of interesting articles on about Oracle today, here and here, the first, the have bought another software company that caters to big businesses.

Oracle has agreed to buy communications software maker HotSip, marking the database giant’s second acquisition in as many days.

The messaging technology from Stockholm, Sweden-based HotSip could potentially make it easier for Oracle business software customers to take advantage of telephone or computer instant-messaging features from within Oracle’s existing applications. Oracle announced the acquisition Wednesday.

In the past two years, Oracle has spent some $19 billion buying up rivals to grab a bigger share of the market for software aimed at big businesses that helps automate everything from human resources to accounting to inventory management.

The second, they offered to purchase MySQL, but were turned down by their CEO.

Oracle tried to acquire open-source database maker MySQL, an indication of the profound changes the software giant is willing to make as it adapts to the increasingly significant collaborative programming philosophy.

MySQL Chief Executive Marten Mickos confirmed the acquisition attempt in an interview at the Open Source Business Conference here but wouldn’t provide details such as when the approach was made or how much money Oracle offered.

He did, however, say why he turned down Oracle’s offer: the desire to keep his company’s independence. “We will be part of a larger company, but it will be called MySQL,” Mickos said.

Makes my hart feel good to see some of these “big shots” turned down, can you imagine if they sold to Oracle, soon everyone whould have to buy MySQL I’m sure.

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