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Todays Tech

Lots of news as always.

This one is more so I don’t forget where it is at, as I plan on covering this in the future. Compete CEO: ISPs Sell Clickstreams For $5 A Month David Cancel, the CEO of Compete Inc. reveals that ISPs happily sell your clickstream data — and that it’s a big business. They don’t sell your name — just your clicks — but the clicks are tied to you as a specific user (User 1, User 2, etc.). How much you ask? About 40 cents a month per user (per customer)… and the Compete CEO estimates that there are 10-12 big buyers of this data. In other words, your ISP is probably making about $5 a month ($60 a year) off your clickstreams. And they aren’t the only ones, ever wonder how some of these sites are making money…

DOD blocking YouTube, others As many organizations are doing nowadays, this social stuff should be taken care of from home, not from a school or work computer, the DOD is blocking Youtube, Myspace and others.

Microsoft Claims Open-Source Technology Violates 235 of Its Patents Microsoft is using the threat of patent violations by the free and open-source software community to try to drive enterprise customers to SUSE Enterprise Linux and to further muddy the waters around the next version of the upcoming GNU General Public License.

Microsoft’s (Beta!) VoIP Device Blitz You can?t buy them yet, but if you are an enterprise IT exec who is kicking the tires on VOIP telephony offerings you might at least want to take a gander at the wide range of Microsoft-centric IP voice devices ? phones, headsets, videocam monitors ? being informally unveiled Monday at the Windows Hardware Engineering conference in Los Angeles.

Second Life Key Metrics – April 2007 Another batch of Second Life key metrics were released by Linden Labs this week; I’m struck by how different this Second Life report is from a recent ComScore report about Second Life population.

Battle of the botnets Criminal gangs are fighting over your computers, no longer do they just want a small slice of the money to be made online, they want it all, and they want their botnets to rule.

Help Key: The Essential Guide to Piracy Piracy is an action sport. The ability to infringe copyright and steal valuable work induces a rush like no other. Whether you steal music, movies, books, applications, or whatever, it feels like breaking the law and it saves our wallets and purses from becoming empty.

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MySpace & Youtube Unblockers

Lots of people searching around for anonymous proxies to use, either for work or school, to allow them to get past their network settings that block certain sites, such as MySpace or Youtube. Schools have to block out certain types of sites by law, such as porn and hate sites, and they usually add sites that occupy children’s time, like MySpace, to keep them doing their school work and not horsing around on the Internet. Now, this is usually a good policy, but if you are down with your work, or actually need to visit a MySpace to find something, your hosed, and that is where proxies, often called MySpace unblockers or YouTube unblockers, come in.

It is very simple, in your Internet Explorer browser, click on Tools at the top in the menu, the on Internet Options, then click the Connections tab, then, at the bottom click Lan settings. On that page you will see at the bottom the proxy server section, copy the ip address from the list below that you want to use, paste it into the Address: box, then get the port number that is listed after the ip address you selected below, and type it into the Port: box, these numbers are usually 8080, 80 or 3128. Click ok and you are good to go.

A little warning: Always be careful what you click on when you go looking for free proxy sites, or MySpace Unblockers, most sites are just trying to make a quick buck and some may load you up with malware, some will automatically forward you to an advertiser, they probably get paid per click, and some will bombard you with popups. This is not a safe field to be searching in, so bookmark this page, as we are malware and popup free and we want return traffic, so nothing malicious will happen here, guaranteed.

I scraped this list off of this site, Proxy 4 Free, so, if a MySpace unblocker or Youtube unblocker quits working, visit that site, as they check and test the proxies very often, looks like daily, and this site appears to be okay, can’t guarantee any of the links though.

IP Address | Port | Type in what Country | 8080 | transparent in China | 3128 | transparent in Australia | 8080 | high anonymity South Korea | 3128 | transparent in Greece | 80 | transparent in Australia | 8080 | transparent in India | 3128 | transparent in Slovak Republic | 3128 | transparent in Australia | 3128 | transparent in Brazil | 80 | anonymous in China | 8080 | transparent in Thailand | 8080 | transparent in Germany | 80 | transparent in China | 8080 | transparent in India | 80 | transparent in China | 80 | transparent in Denmark | 3128 | transparent in Australia | 80 | high anonymity China | 8080 | anonymous in China | 3128 | transparent in Brazil | 8080 | transparent in Pakistan | 80 | transparent in China | 8080 | transparent in Turkey | 80 | transparent in Turkey | 3128 | transparent in Brazil | 80 | anonymous in South Africa | 3128 | transparent in Australia | 80 | anonymous in Russian Federation | 8080 | anonymous in China | 3128 | transparent in Australia | 8080 | anonymous in United States | 80 | transparent in Spain | 8080 | transparent in Turkey | 8080 | transparent in Singapore | 3128 | transparent in Australia | 3128 | transparent in United States | 8080 | transparent in Turkey | 80 | transparent in Kuwait | 3128 | transparent in Lebanon | 8080 | transparent in China | 3128 | transparent in Philippines | 3128 | transparent in Brazil | 80 | high anonymity in Vietnam | 8080 | transparent in Germany | 8080 | high anonymity China | 80 | anonymous in China | 80 | transparent in Denmark | 80 | high anonymity in Vietnam | 3128 | transparent in Brazil | 80 | anonymous in South Korea | 3128 | transparent in Malaysia | 80 | transparent in Australia | 80 | transparent in Australia | 3128 | transparent in Malaysia | 3128 | transparent in Czech Republic

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Todays Popular Tech News

Google has purchased some video conferencing software, no, not just copies of the software, the software from a company called Marratech. I foresee free video conferencing from with lots of Google video ads and adwords ads to increase the bottom line a little. Add it to some software you already have, and herd users there.

As a company, we thrive on casual interactions and spontaneous collaboration. So we’re excited about acquiring Marratech’s video conferencing software, which will enable from-the-desktop participation for Googlers in videoconference meetings wherever there’s an Internet connection. Source: Collaborating with Marratech

Interesting. Om Malik suggests it could be added to Google Talk and that video conferencing is starting to take off as manufacturers add cameras to laptops.

If they are making a deal to buy the software for internal use only, then you need to wonder why this company, and why acquire a piece of software? It doesn?t exactly seem to be a good way of spending their cash. I think they might have bigger ambitions though, as it also tries to capture the small-and-medium enterprises with its office-suite. Perhaps some of the Marratech functionality ends up in the Google Talk client.

Conferencing – video, voice and white board – is now part of work life, whether you are a small company, a web worker or a large corporation. Source: Video reasons for Google-Marratech deal

Mashable says MySpace News sucks. I had trouble finding it as it wanted me to login, I don’t have a MySpace account, so I guess I will never see it, so it sounds like I am not missing anything. I guess lots of users are in the same boat, as they say it’s impossible to find on the MySpace site.

MySpace News has the advantage over Digg because of its huge audience, but they?ll need to do some substantial tweaking if they want to make this work. I feel the same way about MySpace Video: if they could make that service 80% as good as YouTube, it would win. So far, MySpace has failed to push that huge audience to its own services (think: MySpace IM, MySpace Video, fact that photo hosting is mainly done by Photobucket etc). Source: MySpace News?Kinda Sucks

Business 2.0 Beta agrees and says no wonder MySpace users are still using Youtube and Photobucket, and are not using MySpace IM, they can’t find the MySpace versions of either.

What is it about the Web that made Rupert Murdoch lose his taste for synergy? Offline, his News Corp. (NWS) empire is as self-promoting as always. But MySpace, Murdoch’s Internet jewel, can’t even seem to promote its own services. Source: Rupert, the Cowardly Internet Lion

The Google Earth ban in the Sudan is not because of the Sudan, it is because of US export restrictions which say,

SELLING TO SUDAN – Except for information or informational materials and donated articles intended to relieve human suffering, such as food, clothing and medicine, and the licensed export of agricultural commodities, medicine and medical devices, no goods, technology, or services may be exported from the United States to Sudan, either directly or through third countries, without a license. Source: Oh the irony: Google Earth ban in Sudan is due to US export restrictions

This in effect helps the current regime, and makes it hard for its citizens and aid workers to find information about what is going on in the country.

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Tech, Google, XP, and Microsoft in China

Here are a bunch of tech stories for today.

Dell brings back XP on home systems Amid significant customer demand, the computer maker said on Thursday that it has returned to offering the older Windows version as an option on some of its consumer PCs.

How Security Companies Sucker Us With Lemons More than a year ago, I wrote about the increasing risks of data loss because more and more data fits in smaller and smaller packages. Today I use a 4-GB USB memory stick for backup while I am traveling. I like the convenience, but if I lose the tiny thing I risk all my data.

Vista, IE7 help Microsoft boost search market share In a rare bit of good news for Microsoft on the search front, web metrics firm comScore reported that for the month of March, Microsoft’s search engines saw their first market share increase in nearly a year. Microsoft’s search market share jumped 0.4 percentage points from February to March, giving it 10.9 percent of the total market.

April ’07 Back Compat Update April showers have yielded us a Back Compat update The latest backwards compatibility update is now available over Xbox Live (or will be very soon.) This free update brings the complete list of original Xbox games that you can play on your Xbox 360 to over 300.

Back to basics So we’re renaming Froogle as Google Product Search. We’re taking the opportunity to refocus the user experience on providing the most comprehensive, relevant results in a clean, simple, easy-to-use UI. Who cares.

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Latest Ubuntu released, I may as well download this one and try it.

Google Video powering some pirate sites Google, already being sued for copyright infringement on its YouTube service, may have another copyright tempest brewing on its older Google Video site. The site hosts numerous full-length movies which are now being exploited by “guerilla” video sites; in essence, Google is one part of the engine that powers video piracy.

MySpace News Launches Thursday On Thursday morning MySpace will launch its much rumored news property at Expect the site to go live and a press release to be issued around 7 am EST.

Microsoft aims to reach next billion PC users Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is using a speech in Beijing to unveil a new low-cost bundle of Office and Windows, one of several new initiatives aimed at getting PCs into the hands of more people in emerging markets. Especially considering they have only sold 244 copies of Vista in China.

Widgetsphere: New Playground For Marketers If you’re in the online marketing game and are not yet hip to widgets, listen up. Two emerging Web 2.0 technology firms focused in this space have a message for you. Those companies are Widgetbox and ClearSpring, both of which presented in a session on Tuesday afternoon at Web 2.0 Expo that was billed as “Using Widget Syndication for Online Marketing and Measurement”.

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Myspace Pumping Up Security

In an article from Techweb on titled MySpace Beefs Up Security; More To Come, CSO Says, it talks about how they are using technology Sentinel Tech Holding to build a database and search technology to allow employees to monitor and remove profiles of registered sex offenders. They will use name, age, height, and eye color weed them out and cut them from the pack. Does anyone else think, what registered sex offender is going to use their real description, age, etc, on their Myspace account, won’t they be trying to trick young people into thinking they are talking to another young person?

Chief security officer Hemanshu Nigam, who joined MySpace last spring from Microsoft, hopes the database can be used by the rest of the social networking industry. “We saw this really gaping hole here,” Nigam said last week in an interview.

The concept, however, is unproven. It’s not clear how well technology for matching physical characteristics of sex offenders with photos works. And the database won’t include unlisted child predators. “Most of the people who are molesting children online are not registered sex offenders,” says online child safety advocate Parry Aftab of

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal applauds the effort but says any safety program without some form of age verification for new members would be ineffective. MySpace uses algorithms to analyze profiles and determine if members are lying about their age, and it deletes 30,000 underage profiles a week. The company continues to assess other age verification technologies, Nigam said. Source: Yahoo

This reminds of the Attorney General from Virginia who is pushing for creation of an email and instant messenger name database of registered sex offenders. Umm, does anyone who works with these guys ever tell them how this stuff works? Sure, they will submit their email addresses and user name, but do you think they will actually be using them when they are targeting kids? No, hello, is anyone out there in federal government thinking about anything? Ridiculous, if the government really wants to make a difference in the lives of children, then they need to create education programs to teach them what to look for, and programs to teach parents how to monitor and make sure their kids don’t get taken advantage of or worse.

This is another one of those feel good programs where they can point and say hey we are doing something, even though it may not be very good at what it is supposed to be doing. If anyone from the government wants some real ideas on protecting children online, feel free to leave me a voice mail at 304-521-2582.

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Free Voicemail for Myspace, Free Local Phone Number

I just found the coolest thing yet for your Myspace account, now you can Add voicemail to your MySpace page, and it’s free! You get your own phone number for your voicemail, so you can give the number out on forms you have to fill out, or surveys, etc, so telemarketers will end up calling your free voicemail and they won’t be bothering you on your home or cell phone.

This free voicemail can be used to setup an outgoing message that invites users to leave a voicemail for them, and you can add it to your Myspace or Friendster page. Here, test it out by calling 304-521-2582 and leave me a message. I will post the funniest ones, so leave your name or website address if you want credit for it. Then try it for free, what have you got to lose?

If you are a Second Life fan, then get free voicemail and phone number for your avatar, get free voicemail for your website, it should work with any of them, free voicemail for your blog, for your mom, for your kids, etc, etc. There are many ways you could use this to your advantage, heck, give it out as your business number and you only have to talk to clients when you call them back. Try it now for free.

  • PrivatePhone can store up to 10,000 voicemails.
  • PrivatePhone allows users to post a voicemail message via HTML to any users web page or web profile page.
  • PrivatePhone allows users to post a “Glitter telephone” number on their web page, via HTML, as a way of showing people how to contact you.

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MySpace Sued by UMG for Copyright Infringement

Universal Music Group has filed a lawsuit against for allowing rampant unauthorized copying, as opposed to just unauthorized copying, and distribution of the songs and video of their artists. They are seeking damages of $150,000 per violation and MySpace must not allow any more copying or distribution of its copyrighted material. $150,000 per violation sounds pretty high, I mean, you can buy the songs on iTunes for 99 cents each and movies starting at $9.99, and so I wonder how they came up with $150,000?

Popular social-networking Web site MySpace was slapped with its first copyright-infringement lawsuit yesterday, by Universal Music Group, alleging that the site enables “rampant” unauthorized copying and distribution of its artists’ songs and videos.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, said “[n]o intellectual property is safe in the MySpace world of infringement — not plaintiffs’ videos, not plaintiffs’ songs, not even songs from the unreleased album ‘Kingdom Come’ by superstar artist Jay-Z,” scheduled to go on sale next week.

MySpace denied wrongdoing and said it would fight the lawsuit. Source: Washington Post

Universal and MySpace already have some content-sharing deals in place, but Universal says that MySpace does not take the material down fast enough, while MySpace says they are in compliance with the law.

“We have been keeping [Universal] closely apprised of our industry-leading efforts to protect creators’ rights, and it’s unfortunate they decided to file this unnecessary and merit less litigation,” a spokeswoman for MySpace said in an e-mailed statement. “We provide users with tools to share their own work — we do not induce, encourage, or condone copyright violation in any way.”

On the 17th of November, MySpace announced that they are releasing a new tool that will allow content providers like Universal to mark any video or music they allege is theirs, and MySpace will remove it, promptly, they say., the world?s leading lifestyle portal, announced today plans to launch a new tool for copyright holders that makes it even easier and faster to remove content they allege is unauthorized. The tool is being tested with FOX and MLB Advanced Media and will be expanded to include other verified copyright holders.

The new tool will allow copyright holders to digitally flag any user-posted video containing content that they own and allege is unauthorized. MySpace will promptly remove all videos flagged by a copyright holder. In addition, MySpace has implemented a proprietary system to block videos that are removed at the request of a copyright owner from being re-uploaded to the site by other users. Source: Business Wire

And as Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 noted, most user generated content is really user-appropriated content, like TV shows, movies, etc. There are some good things users are actually creating, and then there are some things they are creating that really suck, all kinds of tech content being created, how to’s, tips, instructions, if you can talk about it and show someone on your monitor how to do it, it’s being created. Many, many Second Life videos being created, check out Second Life Videos for some great examples. I’m working on creating a windows tech support video site, and have been trying to gather up funny clips and videos here at, check em out and post your favorites or even your own.

So, where are we headed? I have no idea, but I would say they can’t hold sites like MySpace entirely responsible, if you compare it to web hosting and how they can’t really be held responsible for what their users do, as long as they take it down when notified, which MySpace, Youtube and Google have been doing already.

In the article posted by the BBC, Universal claims that MySpace encourages the posting of the content, the owners of MySpace have benefited greatly from it and they would like what is due to them and their artists.

In a statement it added: “Our music and videos play a key role in building the communities that have created hundreds of millions of dollars of value for the owners of MySpace.

“Our goal is not to inhibit the creation of these communities, but to ensure that our rights and those of our artists are recognised.” Source: BBC

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AOL Launches New Video Portal

AOL announced today that they were selling movies and television shows from Paramount Pictures on their new online portal. Pricing will be similar to other online video sites such as CinemaNow, MovieLink and Guba as well as sites operated by MySpace -owner News Corp, from $9.99 to $19.99. Consumers will own the movies and will be able to transfer them to as many as three other computes or devices that support Windows Media Player technology. They try to make that sound good don’t they, why download them when I can buy them in the store and get the actual DVD?

Although AOL has recently made those services free as well to better compete for online advertising dollars, analysts believe the company may have a better chance in emerging fields like online video.

In early August, the company launched a video portal that tries to aggregate clips and full-length programs from around the Internet – some free, some for sale. The company wants to be a one-stop site for video, although it faces intense competition from veterans like Yahoo Inc. and startups like YouTube Inc., which Google Inc. is buying for $1.65 billion (euro1.31 billion).
Source: AOL Money and Finance.

Looks like this got released early or something, the title still says not to release it yet.

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Pentagon Watching Youtube Closely

The Pentagon is keeping a close eye on what its troops post online, with special attention being paid to videos that show the aftermath of combat.

One soldier who served in Iraq in 2005 told the BBC there was “a tight watch” being kept on video and pictures posted to MySpace, with civilian contractors monitoring the internet on behalf of the Pentagon.

The BBC has not been able to confirm that contractors are scouring the internet for inappropriate material from the military.

But US Central Command – which is responsible for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan – does have a team reading blogs and responding to what they consider inaccuracies about the so-called war on terror.

Some troops just want people to know what they have been through

And a longstanding military public affairs officer in Iraq said the Pentagon is also worried about some of the images that are appearing online.

“There’s continuing concern about the use of these videos and stills being used by our enemies to propagate the false notion that our military members are barbaric, warmongers – which is unequivocally not the case.

The balancing act is hard, I can understand why the government wouldn’t want these videos to be used by enemies but I can also see why troops would want a record of what they have been through, and how rough it is. Regardless, I hope everyone who is or is going over there comes back ok.

read more | digg story

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