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Updated Google Earth Layers and NASA

Google has added a NASA Google earth layers group to Google Earth, and they have updated the European roads in Google Earth, adding 15 new countries in Europe, as well as adding more content for the Netherlands, like business listings layers and country names in Dutch. Get Google Earth as part of the Google Pack here,

A few months back, Google Earth team and NASA began a collaborative effort to bring awareness and promote knowledge of NASA’s “earth” programs. After months of production, the “NASA” layer group is now live in Google earth.

Personally, I find it quite eye-catching. People are usually familiar with NASA’s space missions, but not everyone knows that NASA also devotes a considerable amount of effort to Earth explorations. This new NASA layer group showcases some of their most interesting content.

The new “NASA” layer has three components:

Astronaut Photography of Earth
Satellite Imagery
Earth City Lights

Source: NASA in Google Earth

The Satellite Imagery layer highlights some of the most interesting Earth imagery taken by NASA satellites over the years. Some place marks also offer the option of downloading additional imagery from different years or seasons and overlaying them on the earth’s surface.

“Earth City Lights” offers a new perspective on this popular image. One can identify some interesting urbanization patterns around the globe. I find it even more interesting to have roads and place name layers on at the same time as I fly over this layer. The United States interstate highway system appears as a lattice connecting the brighter dots of city centers.

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Google Launches Earth and Maps Blog, Talk Geoweb

Google has created another blog, this time for Google Earth and Google Maps, called Google Lat Long Blog, and they are talking about the Geoweb.

So… what is the “geoweb”? Some people will scratch their heads and call it buzzword proliferation. Others, including Mike Liebhold, who has a long history of thinking and writing about this area, have a very well defined notion of what they believe it is (or should be). I don’t think that there is agreement on what the geoweb is, but I think there is a lot of enthusiasm and energy across many fronts to make it happen. I expect the “it” will evolve substantially over the next few months and years as we (the geo ecosystem on the web) collectively figure out how “earth browsers,” embedded maps, local search, geo-tagged photos, blogs, the traditional GIS world, wikis, and other user-generated geo content all interrelate. Those of us who work on geo products and services at Google believe we have an opportunity to make the web more useful — and ultimately, to improve people’s lives through better information and understanding. Source: A new world unfolding

One searcher at a time…

A new feature called geo search, gives users the ability to search all kinds of geographical information and makes it possible for people to discover these maps through normal “local” searches simply by clicking on the “see user-created content” link. Looks pretty cool.

A company from California has created software that will allow creators, etc, to layer sounds in Google Earth. The firm is already in talks with Google, smart, but no official agreement has been made.

As well as homing in on visual feasts around the globe, users of Google Earth may soon be able to listen to the sounds that accompany them.
A Californian company has created software that can layer relevant recorded sounds over locations in Google Earth, New Scientist reports. Source: Sounds bring Google Earth to life

An example of a use they mentioned was people are talking about selective logging and how is was a good way of not harming the environment, but, even though the images are the same, the sounds coming from the natural world is completely different.

Be sure to check out the Google Earth Layers, Google Pack from which you can download Google Earth, click this link, Google Earth Search to search for everything relating to Google Earth and click this link to download Google Earth here

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New 3d Layers in Google Earth

Google has teamed with the American Institute of Architects, AIA, to launch two new Google Earth Layers which you can use to explore some of architecture’s most popular structures in 3D! The first layer, America?s Favorite Architecture has 150 structures to explore, including, ballparks, bridges, memorials in one layer, the other layer, Blueprint for America, in which AIA members donate their time and expertise are collaborating with community leaders and local citizens to enhance the quality of life in their community, and you can track the progress in Google Earth.

Fly to America’s Favorite Architecture, a layer featuring the American public’s favorite architecture (as selected though a national poll announced earlier this year). View all 150 structures, including many with just created 3-D models of the buildings, ballparks, bridges, and memorials that characterize architecture in the eyes of Americans. And then explore the second layer, Blueprint for America. Blueprint is a community service effort funded by the AIA, in which AIA members donating their time and expertise are collaborating with community leaders and local citizens to enhance the quality of life in their community. You?ll be able to track the progress of these projects on Google Earth as they unfold over the next year and, we hope, become inspired to take action where you live. Source: New 3-D layers from AIA on Google Earth

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Wi-Fi Mesh and Google Earth

It must be Google Earth day around here, lots of interesting stuff I have found so far today. Download Google Earth by clicking this link,

Skypilot has integrated SkyControl with Google Earth mapping service, and using the GPS positioning capabilities they can provide automatic and dynamic mesh network visualization, which means they can actually see which nodes are functioning, etc, so they can see power outages, and much more. This will also allow them to visualize all of the networks before they actually install them, so they can be sure of complete coverage. Here is the press release.

Here is what they had to say at GigaOm has to say,

Indian network operator LifeStyle Networks relied on Google Earth to plot and rollout a 20 square kilometer network for 500,000 residents in Mumbai using Strix hardware, according to Light Reading (LifeStyle plans to cover the rest of the city in 6 months). The company used Google Earth to decide where the radios should be placed so that the whole city could be covered with a signal, and then used GPS-based location data of the hardware to create an online network map over Google Earth.

The article says the company can feed info from Strix?s network management software into Google Earth to see the details of the connections of the nodes ? if they?re live and if any radios are not operating correctly. Source: Google Earth Meet Wi-Fi Mesh

Meraki, who use Google Maps for it’s dashboard management tools, says you can just enter it into Google Maps to see your network, and they are going to allow you to see your network in real time by exporting that data into Google Earth in the next release. That would be some pretty cool Google Earth Layers.

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Google Earth Tutorials and Help

If you haven’t looked around there is all kinds of stuff available for Google Earth, Google has some great tutorials, help, support, forums and more. I’m going to list as many as I can here, if you know of a good resource for Google Earth, drop it in a comment and I will add it to this post. Download Google Earth by clicking this link, to get the latest version of Google Earth.

Google Earth Tutorials from Google:
Navigating on the Earth

Searching for Locations and Businesses

Marking Locations

Making Movies in Google Earth Pro and EC

Here is the Google Earth User Guide, which lists everything you can do while using Google Earth.

The Google Earth FAQ This is the list of frequently asked questions.

The Google Earth Help Center.

Having trouble with Google Earth? Google Earth troubleshooting.

Check out the huge Google Earth Community from keyhole.

You can check out the Using Google Earth Blog.

And you can check out everything we have posted about Google Earth and all of the Google Earth Layers we have listed.

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Updated Google Earth Layers

Google has some new and some updated layers for Google Earth, and they are already in Google Earth, top that. If you really haven’t explored Google Earth, you can find some great content that is already there waiting for you by browsing through some of the available layers and other cool stuff they have listed there. Download Google Earth by clicking this link,

A new folder called “Global Awareness” under “Featured Content”:
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Conservation Projects
Appalachian Mountaintop Removal

New Zealand Roads
National Geographic expanded content: now includes Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Poles

Updated content in:
Geographic Web: Wikipedia
Geographic Web: Best of Google Earth Community
Featured Content: Yelp Reviews
Featured Content: Tracks4Africa
Populated Places, Islands and Borders
Google Earth Community
Worldwide Panoramas
Digital Globe Source: New and Updated Layers – 10th March 2007

Here are all of our articles tagged Google Earth and Google Earth Layers.

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Google Earth Version 4 Released

The latest version of Google Earth has come out of beta, version 4 has added higher-quality terrain data for many mountainous regions, they have added support for textured 3D buildings, which just means that bricks look like bricks and glass looks like glass, giving it a more real world look. This is just the latest step in bringing you a true 3D world model of planet Earth. Download the latest version of Google Earth by clicking this link

Google Earth is much more than just a mapping software. It’s a tool for viewing, creating and sharing location-specific information which can be explored in an interactive and visually intuitive interface. Below are examples KML (Google Earth file format) files created by users and organizations around the world, viewable in Google Earth.

Featured Content:
United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) includes successive time-stamped images illustrating 100 areas of extreme environmental degradation around the world.

Discovery Networks World Tour enables you to take a virtual tour of major world landmarks, cities, and natural wonders through Google Earth.

Jane Goodall Institute you can visit Flirt and the other Gombe preserve chimpanzees and follow their daily exploits with the Institute’s “geo-blog” in Google Earth.

National Geographic this features articles, pictures, live webcams and more around the world from National Geographic.

Tracks 4 Africa – Community generated map data across part of Africa along with photographs and interesting snippets about various places.

Spotlight on Africa – Flags and snippets of information about the 53 sovereign nations of Africa

Rumsey Historical Maps – Historical maps around the world spanning from year 1680 to 1892, including a Map of Africa from 1787.

European Space Agency More satellite imagery of beautiful places and phenomena around the world .

Here are some of the KMZ files you can click on to open special content in Google Earth.
Panormino A huge collection of shared photos from around the world.

Earth Booker Global discounts on hotels.

CBS Seismic Monitor Display of real-time, worldwide earthquakes.

Placeopedia Collection of Wikipedia articles with their places. European hotel reservation service.

Google 3D Warehouse 3D buildings and other 3D content created and shared by Google Sketchup users.

NASA Blue Marble Animation showing complete view of the Earth for every month of the year.

London Growth 3D models showing a timeline of the 60 tallest structures built since 1950s in London.

Geography Awareness Quiz How much do you know about Africa? Test yourself with an interactive Google Earth quiz from My Wonderful World.

Wirefly X PRIZE Cup 2006 See the Wirefly X PRIZE Cup site in 3D on Google Earth, as well as landmarks of space-exploration.

Da Vinci Code Tour Real-life locations of note described in a little-known, obscure book/movie called “the Da Vinci Code”.

Discovery Discovery Channel video tours of landmarks, cities, national parks, and scenic wonders.

Turn Here Free city video guides for travel, restaurants, hotels, local events and music.

Gombe Chimpanzee Follow the life of chimpanzees and conservation efforts in Gombe National Park, Tanzania.

And many more Google Earth Layers available from around the web. Download Google Earth by clicking this banner

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GPS Data and Google Earth

All kinds of great stuff is available for Google Earth, case in point, how about some do it yourself mapping. GPS Visualizer allows you to input GPS data, street addresses or simple coordinates and it will output a picture of the trip. So, for example, you could input your drive to the beach next summer and print it out, or say you are going on a big trip, you can plot each point and see where you have been. This is pretty cool. First, as always, you need Google Earth, click this link, , to download it, it is part of the Google Pack containing all kinds of great and free software, download it all, or just Google Earth if you’d like. Then, click this link to the Google Earth KML file, and you are ready to start. This would be great for geocachers, they could plot all of the spots they have visited and print out a map of it, might be a good idea for a little surprise if you know someone who is.

GPS Visualizer is a free, easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data (tracks and waypoints), street addresses, or simple coordinates. Use it to see where you’ve been, plan where you’re going, or visualize geographic data (business locations, scientific observations, events, customers, real estate, geotagging, etc.).

GPS Visualizer can read data files from many different sources, including but not limited to: GPX, OziExplorer, (.loc), IGC sailplane logs, Garmin Forerunner (.xml/.hst), Timex Trainer (v1.3+), Cetus GPS, PathAway, cotoGPS, CompeGPS, TomTom (.pgl), IGN Rando (.rdn), Emtac Trine, Suunto X9/X9i (.sdf), NetStumbler/WiFiFoFum, and of course tab-delimited or comma-separated text.

GPS Visualizer can draw maps in SVG, JPEG/PNG, and Google Maps format, and can also create map overlays and KML files for Google Earth. For non-Google maps, JPEGs are easier to deal with, but SVGs are interactive — to view them, make sure you’ve installed Adobe’s free SVG Viewer plug-in. Source: GPS Visualizer

Here is the link to some more Google Earth Layers.

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Weather Layers for Google Earth

Here are some more great layers for Google Earth. Weatherbonk has posted four layers that allow you to see temperatures around the world. First, you need to download Google Earth by clicking this link , it is part of the Google Pack and if full of great free software, download it all, or just Google Earth, it’s up to you. Then, click the links below to download the Google Earth Layers, they will open in the program automatically. Piece of cake!

Fahrenheit (no wind barbs)

Fahrenheit (wind barbs)

Celcius(no wind barbs)

Celcius(wind barbs)

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More Google Earth Layers

I was going to post on a couple more Google Earth Layers but that just keeps leading to more and more layers, so I thought I would just do one big post on all of the great Google layers I ran into today. Oh, and here is a link to the last post, Wikipedia and Panoramio Layers for Google Earth I posted earlier.

Click this link here to download Google Earth, it’s part of the Google Pack, you get to pick what you want, so if you just want Google Earth, you can download just Google Earth!

Here is a Real Estate guide for Google Earth. So, now you can use Google Earth to make your real estate search in 3D! Plus, you can receive daily updates of the homes that match your search right in Google Earth.

How does it work? First, you need you have Google Earth installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, download it here. Now you can just go to the RSS pull down menu on the top right of any Trulia search results screen and select “Google Earth” to view your search results. When your results load to Google Earth, you’ll find it in the “Places” section; click on the results to zoom on in. Google Earth will automatically update (much like an RSS feed) with the newest listings that match your search criteria once a day. Truliablog

Google has added some new overlays that allow you to view very detailed historical maps, to view them go to the layers section and look for Featured Content > Rumsey Historical Maps. Note: You will need the latest version of Google Earth.

See the world as history’s cartographers once saw it. A new batch of Google Earth overlays covers the globe with richly detailed historical maps.

The Rumsey collection includes 16 maps. Among them you’ll find a 1790 world globe, a 1680 map of Tokyo, and an 1814 map spanning the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi–courtesy of Lewis and Clark. Source: Lifehacker

While it’s not a layer, at least I don’t think it is, you can spell out messages using, check out the Tipsdr Rules message and create your own Google Greeting.

Google has added a couple elections related layers, a U.S. Election Guide and Congressional Districts layer, access them by going to the layers section and enabling them.

Go to and you can Track commercial and general aviation flights, you can track by airline, track by departure/arrival airport, airport activity display, and it has a zoom function.

London: A Life in Maps has been made into a Google Earth layer, it is available here, where you can view London as you have never seen it before, including maps from the 1600′s, 1700′s and 1800′s.

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