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Windows System History and Cache Cleaner

If you are looking for some software that will make it harder for someone to see what you do on your computer, or even your work computer, then you should check out the free trial of WinVac, which will remove all of the stuff you don’t want seen while keeping some stuff to make it look like you’re not cleaning your system. We all know how obvious it is when you click the address bar and there are no addresses listed, WinVac will erase your history and then re-populate it with some good url’s for you, to make it look like you are just using some business related, or search engines, etc, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, or That’s the key, cleaning your system, without making it look like you are cleaning your system and protecting your privacy. Here are some of the better features of WinVac:

  • Keep sites that should not be removed from Internet Explorer’s History and Drop Down URL List
  • Keep cookies that store important login information
  • Select which files should populate the “Recent Documents” list, even if you haven’t opened them recently!
  • Populate history lists in Windows Media Player with fake files
  • Deletes Cookies
  • Deletes Typed URLs
  • Deletes Temporary Internet Files
  • Deletes Recent Document List
  • Deletes Media Player History
  • Deletes Temp Files
  • Deletes Internet Explorer History
  • Empties the recycle bin
  • Deletes Run/Search History
  • Over 150 compatible Plugins, all free, that can clear out the history lists of just about any program you own!
  • Provides a comprehensive log each time the software is run, so that you can see exactly what the program is doing!
  • Password Protection to keep your information safe
  • Saved settings can be encrypted for extra security!

It also allows you to keep certain cookies, because if you have ever deleted all your cookies, history, etc, you know you have to remember every password you told your system to remember, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites like Myspace, YouTube, Facebook and others. WinVac helps you with all of that and more download the 7 day free trial and see for yourself, or buy it now for only $19.95! It is well worth it.

Now, don’t get the idea that it will all go away and you won’t be able to find it, the way the file systems work on most machines is it will still have all of the deleted stuff on the drive, it just removes the pointers to it, so if you clean your machine, I could still come in and find everything, and I mean everything, maybe some stuff you forgot about, and it will remain there until other files overwrite the sectors those files were in and even then, some of it may still be recoverable. So, don’t do anything on your work machine that will get you fired, because they could bring someone like me in and I could tell them exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve typed.

Clean your tracks and system
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