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How to Change the Windows Vista Fonts

It’s really a peace of cake. Dowload this registry patch, and BAM instant consistent fonts. And don’t forget to thank Chris Pirillo.

I’m not happy that Microsoft has added yet another shell font to the mix with Windows Vista: Segoe UI. On its own, Segoe UI is an awesome font – but when it’s slapped up against Tahoma, MS Sans Serif, Microsoft Sans Serif, and/or Arial – it’s no longer a clean user experience. In fact, Vista is downright messy when it comes to shell fonts – with some aliased faces reaching back to the days of Windows 3.11! Source: Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo says he did it because people have complained he’s a whiner, so he said he would complain and fix it at the same time. He had a couple friends test it, Robert McLaws and Brandon LeBlanc, and says he will have other Microsofties check it out as well.

He has some before and after pictures here, check em out and read his blog entry while you are there.

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