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HD, Blueray Processing Key Found

Looks like someone has found the master key to unlock ALL HD DVD and Blueray titles, this will allow you to unlock, decrypt and backup every title that is out, and one assumes the ones coming out for a bit, at least until they change the key or come up with some other way to encrypt them using this or another DRM.

There were just two major problems left: how do you detect the Processing Key and if it?s not in memory how do you find it at all? Well since I now knew how things worked I knew the Processing Key had to be combined with a C-value to produce the Media Key. The problem was there are 513 C-values in the MKB! Searching the memory (several megabytes) for a Processing Key and assuming just one C-value would take minutes (if not hours depending on the size of the dump). So doing them all would take very long. And that while I didn’t even know for sure there was a Processing Key in memory to begin with. I made a proggy that did this but using my favorite “corrupt” memdump I didn’t find any Processing Key in the first megabyte (not for any C-value). It didn’t look good.

There was a trickle of titles hitting the torrents, now you can expect a huge flood, and cries of foul from the movie companies.

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Backup Your Blu-ray DVDs with BackupBluray

Well, maybe not just yet, as the BackupBluray utility is just in Alpha stage, it will only decrypt Blu-ray discs whose CPS unit key known, but one user, at least, has confirmed he has successfully ripped an entire movie, or has posted that he has, I didn’t see any proof, but I haven’t finished reading the whole thread yet. Muslix64, the same guy who created BackupHDDVD to allow people to backup their HD DVD’s, has once again developed a program to copy the supposedly unbreakable DRM, this time on Blu-ray DVD’s, BackupBluray is it’s name, and while it can only copy discs whose key’s are known, he said full decryption will be added soon.

A new utility has just been released in a very early Alpha stage, aptly dubbed “BackupBluray”. This BackupBluray tool is designed to help backup Blu-ray (BD-ROM) movies. The early version of this utility only supports the decryption of Blu-ray discs whose CPS unit key is known. Support for decryption via a Volume Unique key will most likely be added in the near future as development continues. At this point, a stable version of the tool is not yet available for mass distribution. The initial tool has already proven successful though, as there has already been one confirmed report of a successful Blu-ray Disc backup. If the BackupHDDVD tool history is any indication as to where BackupBluray will end up, we can expect to see the source code released to the public along with a project opened. Source: BackupBluray rip utility released

So, the supposedly unbreakable DRM’s used on both of the new standards have been bypassed by the same guy, they are not technically being cracked, what he is doing is grabbing the encryption keys from a disc and decrypting the movies. He has been using a “powerful crypto attack” to analyze a memory dump from a Blu-ray disc. The movie companies spent a lot of money on these DRM’s, well, I should probably say, consumers are going to spend a lot of money on these discs because of the money it cost them to develop these standards.

After spending a bunch of money on my current collection of DVD’s, I’ll be dammed if I will upgrade to either of these standards and replace my entire collection again. Devices are already available that will show your current DVD’s in high definition, and I am sure there will be more solutions available, I will buy one of those players and keep purchasing the regular DVD’s, if none of us buy these players and discs, then the movie companies will be stuck with them, and I can tell them where they can stick them.

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