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AOL Launches New Video Portal

AOL announced today that they were selling movies and television shows from Paramount Pictures on their new online portal. Pricing will be similar to other online video sites such as CinemaNow, MovieLink and Guba as well as sites operated by MySpace -owner News Corp, from $9.99 to $19.99. Consumers will own the movies and will be able to transfer them to as many as three other computes or devices that support Windows Media Player technology. They try to make that sound good don’t they, why download them when I can buy them in the store and get the actual DVD?

Although AOL has recently made those services free as well to better compete for online advertising dollars, analysts believe the company may have a better chance in emerging fields like online video.

In early August, the company launched a video portal that tries to aggregate clips and full-length programs from around the Internet – some free, some for sale. The company wants to be a one-stop site for video, although it faces intense competition from veterans like Yahoo Inc. and startups like YouTube Inc., which Google Inc. is buying for $1.65 billion (euro1.31 billion).
Source: AOL Money and Finance.

Looks like this got released early or something, the title still says not to release it yet.

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Trying AOL’s OpenRide

AOL is in the process of trying to reinvent themselves, they have stopped charging broadband users for access to their system, and now they have released OpenRide, a web browser with all your tools right there.

Introducing AOL OpenRide, the newest AOL software. So much more than just a Web browser, its breakthrough four-pane design will revolutionize the way you use the Internet. No more jumping from one window to the next everything you need is right there the moment you need it. And it’s absolutely free. Simply put: You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Why not, I’ll give it a shot.

First complaint, when it was getting ready to install, up popped the license agreement, it said it was going to index my files with AOL desktop search, and I could turn it off later, why not now? I already have indexing software from Microsoft, why do I need one from AOL? Then it said a shortcut and tray icon will be added for quick access, okay, I can understand the shortcut, but I don’t want another tray icon, give me the options to say no, I don’t want this stuff. Typical AOL software, here is how we do it.

Installation took a few minutes, not a surprise, and once it was done showing me all the great features while it was installing, it gave me the launch button or close, so I launched it. And I sat there and sat there waiting for anything to happen, I had already closed all of my programs like it asked, so nothing was hogging the system. Finally, the browser popped up with its four panes, or pains if you will, but I still couldn’t do anything because it was busy doing something, and after another minute or so, it said I should install their spyware protection. So, I guess that was what was holding up things. No thanks. I also noticed a link at the top that said Security, so I clicked it, and it said I could install AOL’s firewall, AOL’s spyware and AOL’s virus protection.

Let me know when you are done laughing.

Okay, no thanks, again, AOL, every program I have ever used of yours was a memory hog and bogged down my system, and I think AOL triton instant messaging software is some of the worst, so there is no way I’m installing even more AOL software. So, after the software was loaded, I browsed around a little bit, it was okay, I don’t really like the four pain, er pane approach, I like having both IM and my browser open on the screen at the same time, so I can see them both, not just whichever one I am using at the time.

Final judgment: Keep it. Just more memory bloat from AOL. I didn’t see anywhere that said what browser it is based on, but I assume it is Internet Explorer. I’ll stick with IE and Firefox thank you, AOL can keep this wonderful tool.

I was looking for the webpage to download AOL OpenRide, I forgot where it was, and tried searching for it at AOL, and they didn’t know where it was either, hehe. Just joking, their search is based on Google, which hasn’t indexed it yet I guess, so I went to the AOL homepage and clicked the link from there.

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Aol Launches Digg Like Beta Site

In a move to take advantage of the large numbers of visitors they get every month, Aol is coverting the Netscape portal into a digg like portal, where users vote on stories and the more votes a story gets the higher it appears in the results. They are using editors who make notations or pin stories higher, as well as delete comments and bogus articles from some of the haters out there. It’s interesting only because as a webmaster, we are always looking for more visitors and another site that can send them your way is always good, especially if it already has millions of viewers each month, at last count, 811 million page views a month. The other thing the are doing different is adding many categories that digg does not cover, yes I know their new version will, but it’s not out yet. Interesting take, I really, really do not like how they frame the site instead of sending visitors straight there, but they may change this if everyone makes sure their websites busts out of frames. Also, whoever does their servers and DNS should make sure that works just like, right now it doesn’t work without the www. Check it out.

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AOL Adds Voice Over IP Product

Looks like AOL is jumping into the Voice over IP market, with the release of AIM Phoneline, that will allow instant messaging users to make calls to and receive from regular phones. This will particularly useful to people who want to be able to talk to their online buddies, but don’t want to give out their home phone number. I also smell another way for pedophiles to contact your children without you knowing, but that’s another blog post altogether.

AOL is pushing farther into the Internet Protocol telephony market with its latest product that allows instant-messaging users to make calls to and receive calls from regular phones.

AOL has already had a “talk” button integrated into its instant-messaging client, but previously it only allowed users to talk to other AIM users online from computer to computer. Beginning May 16, AOL users will be able to use AIM Phoneline, which allows them, from their IM client, to talk to people who are using regular phones.

The basic version of AIM Phoneline is free and allows AOL’s instant-messaging users to get a local telephone number where they can receive phone calls. If the AIM user isn’t online, the call goes directly to voice mail, which can be retrieved from an e-mail account. Users can also make free unlimited local and long-distance calls in the U.S. Canada, and 30 other countries.

AOL users can also subscribe to an unlimited service for a monthly fee of $14.95 (a limited number of subscribers will get a special rate of $9.95 per month). The unlimited service allows users to call landline or cell phones from their IM client using the AIM phone number. Source:

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AOL for Sale?

Lots of stuff going on in the internet portal, search engine, isp area’s as Microsoft has been reported to be in talks with AOL about a variety of possible combinations of the former’s MSN Internet portal with the latter’s America Online operations, including a merger of the two into a new company that would be jointly owned. This would make it the biggest internet portal, they would have 23% of the total internet searches, and a much better case to put in front of advertisers. It would be win-win for both companies as they compliment each other in many different area’s, Microsoft is strong in many countries while AOL has mainly concentrated on the United States and it would help raise Time Warner’s stock prices. This would also help Microsoft with it’s battle with Google, who it fears could one day maybe compete with it on the OS level.

Now, has reported that Google could make a bid for AOL to protect it’s $380 million in advertising revenue it’s gets AOL.

“We believe it is entirely possible that Google could consider making a bid for AOL as well,” Lauren Rich Fine, an analyst at Merrill Lynch, wrote in a Friday report on the implications of an AOL-Microsoft Network deal. “This would certainly protect Google’s revenues from AOL as well as enable Google to keep 100 percent of the search advertising revenues as well as gain a significant amount of content.”

The Wall Street Journal has reported that AOL may be considering switching its search engine from Google to MSN, which could cut Google’s earnings per share by between 5 percent and 10 percent, the report said. AOL generated about 12 percent of Google’s revenues in 2004, or $382 million.

We are going to see more and more purchases, consolidations, mergers, etc, everyone wants more content nowadays to pull in the advertising eyeballs, whichever site gets the most visitors gets the most money, today, it’s all about the benjamins.

Just noticed this article from, Google invites 400 to ‘off the record’ event.
Google is planning a partner forum for about 400 people, including bloggers and journalists from major media outlets, and is prohibiting participants from writing about it, according to a search engine industry expert.

Probably going to be hard to keep everything out of the press, wonder who’ll spill the beans first?

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