Stop Spam

Stop Spam - Spam killer and filter software that catches 98% of Spam

Best Buy: IHateSpam Tops for Outlook Users
Hate spam? Want to stop all spam so you never even see it? iHateSpam is what you are looking for, stop spam in it's tracks, it's one of the best spam killers on the internet. It's inexpensive and easy-to-use package offers accurate filtering, catching up to 98% of spam, according to PCWorlds product comparison. Only product backed by toll-free phone support, it integrates easily into Outlook 2000 and 2002, offering supoerior protection with minmal bother. You can run iHateSpam on all Windows Operating System flavors except Win95. iHateSpam works with Outlook 2000/2002 and Outlook Express version 5 or higher. (no other email clients like Eudora or AOL).
  • Filters those irritating junk emails out of your inbox into a quarantine folder!
  • No configuration or setup needed, install it once and it stops spam!
  • Works with Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Does not lose emails you really need to see
  • Get control back over that flood of annoying and time-wasting email.
  • Buy from a reliable company. Sunbelt Software is on the 2001 Inc. 500 Magazine list of America's fastest-growing privately held companies. We get you best-of-breed tools with mainframe quality support.
  • This really is a great product with tens of thousands of users. Get your copy now, we promise you will like it or your money back.
  • Version for Microsoft Exchange Email Server: Coming Soon.
We're all sick of it! Pornography, endless special offers, "earn thousands weekly", Viagra and all the other junk email. Your time is valuable, so having your email inbox flooded with junk messages is not only annoying but also costly, stop spam today.
Now, you can put a stop to it with iHateSpam the fast, easy way to dramatically reduce spam in your inbox. iHateSpam installs directly into your email program, running quietly in the background -- scanning and filtering that time wasting, irritating junk email.
From PCWrold
iHateSpam--available for a free 30-day trial--has many useful features, including a way to block messages that are in foreign character sets, a fully customizable iHateSpam toolbar, easily configurable spam folders, and a powerful way to create customized filtering rules. iHateSpam for Outlook worked flawlessly in checking my Hotmail account. I simply added the account, and I was off and running. The Outlook version caught an impressive 96 percent."
Incredibly easy to use. Unlike other products that require you to manually enter technical or password info from your email system during setup and then make you run a separate program to intercept spam, iHateSpam runs inside of your email program. There are no extra steps required-it's truly simple to use!
You know you want it stop spam with the ultimate spam killer, ihatespam Only $19.95