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Spyware Remover

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Spyware Remover - X-Cleaner is a great spyware remover and blocker

X-Cleaner Cleans Your System, Stops Adware from activating AND is an Adware, Keylogger, and Spyware Remover.
Use Coupon Code: TPS-4NS3-DR for 25% OFF! A final price of only $22.45!
Is your computer getting slower? Are you constantly receiving popups, even though you have a popup blocker installed? Do you install some of the "free" programs found on the internet, like those free file sharing programs, free screensavers, or time synchronizing software? You may have spyware, adware or malware on your computer or laptop, some websites have even been able to force spyware onto computers upon visiting the site, because of vulnerabilities of Internet Explorer. Everyone needs a good spyware remover, and X-Cleaner is one of the best. This spyware remover is easy to use, very cheap, it cleans your tracks, and they have email support! Name one of the free programs that will answer your questions in email and walk you thru the most troubling of infestations, this spyware remover has worldclass service, you will remove all spyware, you will be happy.

Right now, if you Use Coupon Code: TPS-4NS3-DR you can take 25% off, so it's only $22.45!
X-Cleaner's most important functions are:
Scanning and Spyware Removal: Our powerful scanning engine goes to work for you targeting a wide base of adware and spyware. You choose want you want to remove or want to keep. X-Cleaner can even root out stealthy keyloggers that try to evade detection using advanced stealth tactics. It can even break the spyware passcodes to find out who is spying on you!
Clean your system: Use it on your work pc to remove traces of your online activities, find and remove pornographic content on your computer. Permanately erase files with a military file shredder!
Stop Password Theft: Know if users are snooping on your keystrokes.
Adware Prevention: Stop adware from activating at all! Detect and remove spyware that logs your private activity.

Name another spyware remover that does all that with fantastic email support? None.
Features Easy Online Updates, Member's Center Active-X Scanning! and Bonus: Online Spyware Remover!
Encrypt files, email or entire hard-disks, Hide sensitive files inside pictures, Monitor what programs are doing on your PC, Cleanup your registry, Bypass "Parental control" programs, Xblock Network Lookup Query Tool, Opt-out Profiling Pages, E-mail Obfuscator to stop spamming before it happens, Active-X Spy Scanning from anywhere (BETA), Stop web sites from tracking your IP, Test the tools that "law-enforcement officials" use, Read "inside" reports from governmental agencies, and Lots more and we continually add to the member's section. When you buy this spyware remover, you get the kitchen sink as well.
Here is a screenshot to display how easy it is to use spyware remover.
The Pro Version has a large anti-spyware database - it can detect and alert you to a wide base of spy and adware programs and in some cases crack the password the spy used to install the program! Click here to buy it for only $22.45, Use Coupon Code: TPS-4NS3-DR for 25% OFF, available from this site only!

Spyware Resources

Anti-Spyware Security at Home - Download software, sign up for a security newsletter and learn the symptoms of spyware infection.
Anti-Spyware White Paper - Get background on the criteria and methods that Microsoft uses to identify spyware and protect customers against it.
Q&A: Taking Action Against Spyware - Read an interview with Ari Schwartz of the Center for Democracy and Technology.
Center for Democracy and Technology - News and analysis from a leading public policy organization working to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age.

Bring Spyware Out of the Shadows

Thanks to Congress, law-enforcement agencies may soon have stronger tools to help curb spyware.
Spyware is deceptive software that sneaks into computers, usually via the Internet. It can disrupt the operation of PCs and furtively collect personal information about their users. It has become pervasive and increasingly troublesome as the world has become more connected.
The U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved two different anti-spyware bills. As the Senate takes up the issue, Microsoft and many other technology companies have joined in supporting targeted legislation that would establish a strong, national standard for anti-spyware enforcement.
Microsoft favors legislation because we believe that consumers should be able to make informed decisions about the software they install on their PCs. To help ensure this, we hope Congress will include in its final bill a provision that would prevent spyware traffickers from using frivolous lawsuits to attack companies that are supplying consumers with anti-spyware tools.
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