Spyware Removal

Spyware Removal - Spyware detector and removal

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Top Rated Anti-Spyware program X-Cleaner.

Big brother is everywhere, everywhere you go you are being watched, even on the internet, programs classified as spyware could be tracking your movement on the internet even as you read this. Nothing is free, especially on the internet, all those screen savers, mp3 downloaders, clock programs and other free programs you install have to make money somehow. So they pay other popular programs like Kazaa, Morpheus and others to install their spyware and adware with their programs. These programs can watch what you do on the internet, gathering information to decide which popups to show you, or they can earn money off from you when you buy something online.
This is wear system detective comes in, it's a spyware removal program and a lot more, it will find and remove these programs from your system, returning you to a cleaner, less crash prone system.
If you think your spouse is spying on you, watching what you are doing online, this spyware removal too will find the program for you and you can remove it and watch for other programs they may try to use to watch you. Doesn't matter what kind of spyware it is, System Detective will find it and remove it.
System Detective Special Features:
  • Detects all known spy software that monitors or logs your activity and purges them from your computer, spyware removal at it's finest.
  • Permanently erases digital foot prints left behind when you surf.
  • Clear tracks from instant messaging; AOL, MSN, ICQ and othe chat programs.
  • Stop password theft.
  • Detects Netscape, AOL & Internet Explorer cache, cookies and history cleared.
  • Stops browser window auto-complete.
  • Works with all virus and firewall software.
  • Works on home computers and networked enterprise office environments.
SCAN Your System Now!
"This is great. Just 30 minutes after downloading System Detective I had found out that my employer was Spying on me. I have been telling all my friends about System Detective, excellent spyware removal tool."
- Edward Bates, Buffalo, NY.
"We are using System Detective to stop online advertisers and cookies left on our computer from junk email. Thank you System Detective for the best spyware removal tool."
- Kathie Blade, Orlando, FL
System Detective Facts:
  • Surfing the Internet leaves tell-tale traces on your computer of your online activities, this spyware removal tool clear them off
  • Your browser records a log of all of the websites you have ever visited and stores them in a cache
  • The auto-complete function of your browser can reveal your surfing history to anyone with access to your PC
  • Pictures, content, and other files accessed online are recorded in your system cache
  • Sensitive images and data placed in the recycle bin can be retrieved by anyone with access to your PC
  • More than 100 million computers are monitored
  • Snoopware programs allow anyone, even a novice, to secretly record all of your online activities, if you think your spouse is watching you, you need this spyware removal program
  • Password-grabbing utilities expose your PC to outsiders and provide access to your personal data
BONUS Special Features:
  • FileShredder - Permanently erases senstive files beyond U.S. Military standards, rendering them unrecoverable by utilities such as Norton Utilities and Recovrex!
  • Surfing History Eliminator - Programmatically erases surfing history in your browser's navigation bar (IE, Netscape, AOL)!
  • Web Washer - Permanently erases digital tracks left in your PC's history, cache, and temp files!
  • Cookie Crusher - Click and your cookies vanish. Stop online advertisers from targeting you and protect your privacy!