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PC remote control of Windows XP and Windows 2000 is a hot topic nowadays, as is remote control of linux or Mac OS, wether you are strictly a home user who just needs to grab a file from your home pc, or your a corporate user who needs access to the lan, like he was sitting on the lan, many people are interested in it, and it's a really handy tool, I couldn't work my current job without it, simply because I need to be in more than one spot throughout the day, but need the same level of access, so pc remote control is very important. This is why you need GotoMyPC, the best pc remote control tool availible, access your work pc from anywhere that has an internet connection, download the free pc remote control software today and give it a shot, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. The latest version is twice as fast!

Work on your office PC from home for greater work convenience and flexibility, tap into your office email from a hotel or airport, access and transfer files from your PC or network to wherever you happen to be, anywhere in the world, ...automatically and easily, without compromising office firewalls, with no configuration, in a completely secure manner!
Enterprise solutions are also availible. Secure pc remote access of windows for your company, roll out a web-based secure remote access solution for 80% less than the cost of a VPN. Click here for a free demo of their pc remote control software.

PC Magazine calls GoToMyPC "RevolutionaryGoToMyPC 5.0 eliminates configuration worries when connecting to PCs behind firewalls and routers. With a strong feature set and good host security, GotoMyPC offers a compelling Windows remote access solution.
A tiny applet resides on the host, and only a browser with Java support is required to connect to the Internet. With GoToMyPC, you can invite users via an e-mail with a link to sign onto your PC; no software other than a browser is required. If you use a Windows PC to connect to a host, the GoToMyPC viewer plug-in is used. On other platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, or Solaris, the universal Java viewer takes over.
Unlike Windows XP's Remote Assistance, which requires host users to acknowledge an invitation and permit full access, both GotoMyPC and pcAnywhere can connect to an unattended host. On-the-fly screen blanking and keyboard locking let you thwart intruders."
C-Net says "Telecommuters, travelers, and anyone who faces the unhappy reality of leaving a work PC behind regularly should check out GotoMyPC. This Web service lets you access and control a Windows PC from any Java-enabled Web browser anywhere, anytime. It's the best way to access files, get e-mail, and run programs on a remote computer when you're not in front of that keyboard.

Version 5 has just been released and here is the list of brand new features:
  • Transfer files and folders from one PC to another by simply dragging and dropping between screens. File transfer speed has also been improved. The easiest way to transfer your files. Save time and move files faster.
  • Connect to your PC in seconds and enjoy even faster in-session performance. Now up to 2 times faster than before! Be more productive — faster. Quicker connections and better performance mean you get more done in less time.
  • View your desktop in true 24-bit color.
  • Adjust the speed and screen appearance to get the performance that best suits your needs. Use the slider control to adjust the balance of speed and appearance. Turn up speed or color quality depending on the task at hand.
  • Use GoToMyPC with multiple monitors connected to a single PC. Work on multiple monitors whether they’re connected to your host PC or to the computer at your remote-access location.
PC Remote control just doesn't get any easier than this. To set up your account, head to the GotoMyPC Web site, register using your e-mail address, create an account password (GoToMyPC requires passwords with at least eight characters and numbers mixed in), then download and install a file on the host PC, (the computer you'll want to access from afar). Next, make up an access code that allows you to control your host PC when you're at another computer with a Net connection and a Java-ready browser. The whole setup process takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. Try that with pcAnywhere.

You can blank the screen and lock the keyboard and mouse of the host as soon as a remote connects to it, ensuring that anyone around the host PC can't see what you're doing or when you're controlling it from afar. Securely access your PC from your Pocket PC, Microsoft Windows Mobile or Microsoft Windows CE wireless device. You can invite a second person to temporarily view or share control of your PC. Great for tech support, demos or "conference" viewing of info. Save time by meeting on-the-fly on your PC. Print documents to any printer wherever you happen to be. A hard copy of that forgotten file is only a connection away — print your document even if you don’t have the application. Cut, copy and paste text between computers. Simplifies transfer of content between desktops. There's no question: GoToMyPC is the slickest way we've seen to run one computer from another when you need the anywhere access that control from a browser provides. This Web service is the best way for home users, sole proprietors, and small-business users to be in two places at once."

The New York Times says "GoToMyPC's other huge advantage is simplicity: it takes about three minutes to install on the home-base PC (and as noted, there's nothing to install on the invading computer). There's nothing to configure and, like it or not, almost no preference settings to change. Packaged remote control programs, on the other hand, take much longer to set up and administer. GoToMyPC's sweet simplicity also puts to shame another remote control software approach, such as pcanywhere.

Expertcity says that in corporations, GoToMyPC is especially attractive because it doesn't require the network gurus to spend time reconfiguring the company's firewall (hackerproofing) software, as they must to accommodate pcAnywhere- type programs or V.N.C. GoToMyPC works right off the bat, with corporate security setups still in place."
You can't get more glowing reviews than that, I couldn't live without it, give it a try today, visit GoToMyPC for your free pc remote control trial download.

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