Learn Windows XP

Learn Windows XP, Outlook XP, Exel XP, Access XP and Word XP

Having a hard time learning Windows XP? Need help with Office XP, Word XP, or Excel XP? Then you need XP Learning Suite, Learning Windows has never been easier with the Learning Windows Tutorial Pack. Whether you are a beginner or novice, you will master your PC with this 6 CD Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP tutorial. From the time you install the tutorial you will begin learning Windows. Each CD comes with many different lessons that let you go at your own pace. With the controls similar to your VCR you can pause, forward, and even rewind lessons as you go. Get all of the skills you need to operate Windows XP and the Office XP suite, for practically nothing! NEVER has it been easier to learn an operating system, get the XP Learning Suite today, and increase your productivity greatly!

Learn Windows XP will show you how to get the most out of Microsoft Windows XP. With an on-screen host leading you through step-by-step, you will learn how to streamline the way you work with information in Windows XP, and improve your productivity.

Learn Access XP teaches you how to gain an understanding of how a database works, create databases and table, work with tables, use data forms, query data, create relationships between tables, build reports and web pages and customize reports.

Learn Word XP teaches you how how to get started and use Word menus and toolbars, create a document, type and edit text with automatic spell checking, improve text with fonts and formatting, organize data in tables, format documents, create customized paragraph styles and use web features.

Learn Powerpoint XP will teach you how to easily create polished slide shows that can be played in a range of situations, from your computer to the Worldwide Web!

Learn Microsoft Excel XP explains how to navigate in a worksheet, enter data, use autofill to extend data services, learn to use formulas, customize menus and toolbars, enhance worksheets with colors, fonts and borders, manage data, communicate data and much more.

Learn Outlook XP teaches you everything from setting up accounts to emailing with attachments. Also explains how to use the calendar, setting up your schedule, and the many other features that comes with Outlook XP.
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