DVD X Copy Software with Ripper

DVD X Copy with Ripper - Copy dvd movies with dvd x copy software

Looking for a way to protect your dvd movies? Use DVD X Copy to copy your dvd movies easily! Now you can BACKUP, COPY and RESTORE your own DVD Movies! DVD X COPY uses an easy one-click technology, you can COPY and BURN your own DVD Movies using any DVD Burner including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R or DVD+RW. There’s no need to invest hundreds of dollars in replacing lost or damaged DVD discs!
DVD X COPY lets you make backup copies of all your DVD movies using a standard DVD+R or DVD-R burner! Best of all, your copies will play on your home DVD player just like regular DVDs! (Most Newer DVD Players support DVDR or DVD RW). The movies you create can be played anywhere—in the living room on your home theater system, or in your portable DVD player or PC with DVD drive.
Copy your 9 gig DVD movie onto ONE 4.7 gig disk with USER CONTROLLED COMPRESSION of THE INDIVIDUAL TRACKS of audio, video, special features and trailers. DVD X COPY PLATINUM includes DVD X COPY XPRESS integrated into the software program. When you buy PLATINUM, on this website, you will receive DVD X RESCUE in the download.
Now you can take your favorite movies with you on the plane, in the car, or wherever you go. If they get lost, stolen, or scratched, you’ve still got the original safe at home. Now you can make copies of your own home movies to send to friends and family. Every backup copy you make with DVD X COPY is EXACTLY like the original. Nothing is compressed or left off the disc. Talk about handy software to have around, DVD X Copy is definately worth the price, now a low $149.99!.
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We are sorry the boxed Platinum is gone. We have no more in stock and we can not obtain any more boxed Platinum. 321 Studios is not producing nor distributing any form of Platinum v3.2.1 with the RIPPER incorporated into the software as of 27 Feb 04. They will still activate and fully support the software, they just can not distribute it.