Digital Camcorders

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Below you'll find 10 of the best Digital Camcorders Around. If you've been searching for just the right Camcorder...look below and you'll find one that meets you needs and budget. Stop not capturing all those great moments in your life like; Weddings, Graduations, Family Trips...
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MegaPixel Camcorder
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Thanks to the GR-DX307U's 1.33 Megapixel CCD imager you'll enjoy 540 lines of high resolution video. Three Dimensional Noise Reduction (3D NR) eliminates picture noise up to 30 percent in low light situations. A 3-inch LCD screen helps keep your subject in clear view.
The Best Of The Best
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Canon ELURA 60
Take advantage of the Elura 60's 14x optical zoom to get in close to the action and take advantage of great features like Motion JPEG capture onto SD memory card, auto exposure bracketing, and 1.33 (total) Megapixel high resolution photos.
Up Close and Personal
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Samsung SCD107
A large 3.5" LCD viewscreen helps you keep an eye on what you're shooting with the SC-D107. It has a powerful 20x optical zoom lens and Digital Image Stabilization for steady shots, and you can even capture still photos, either on tape or on a memory card.
Picture Perfect
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Canon ZR90
The ZR90 not only gives you the power of a 22x optical/440x digital zoom, it also delivers terrific features like an SD card slot, Super Night Mode, and an S-Video terminal. It even comes with a wide conversion attachment for wide-angle shots.
Capture Beautiful Images
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Canon ELURA 50
Wherever your travels take you, this camcorder is the one item that will never be left at home. Its extreme portability means it travels wherever you do, so you'll never miss an opportunity. Provides multiple connection possibilities.
Record Life To A DVD
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Sony DCR-DVD201
Experience the ultimate in videotaping convenience with the DCR-DVD201. Now you can record directly onto 3-inch DVD-R and DVD-RW at resolutions comparable to MiniDV. Best of all, the DVD media can easily be viewed on most current DVD players and PCs.
Split Personality
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The GR-D93US's 1.33 megapixel CCD provides superb image quality for both moving and still images, including HG still images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. It features a 10x optical/700x digital zoom, and a 2.5" Crystal-View LCD that eliminates glare.
DVD Palmcorder
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Panasonic VDRM50
Capture outstanding moving and still images with the VDR-M50 DVD Palmcorder. It records to 8cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, has a powerful 18x optical/500x digital zoom, an SD Memory Card slot, built-in digital still camera, and a USB port.
HDTV Consumer Camcorder
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The world's first high-definition consumer digital camcorder is here! That's right, now's your chance to own the highest resolution consumer camcorder available. You can choose which types of picture systems to record and watch your masterpieces.
Professional Quality
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Sony DCR-VX2100
The DCRVX2100 offers the brightest video results of all Sony MiniDV models. With its new Advanced HAD progressive scan CCD technology, illumination is improved dramatically, delivering superior low-light performance without the use of infrared technology.