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Windows 7 Themes for Windows XP

If you want the look and feel of Windows 7 without the hassle of playing with the beta that is currently out, although, from the feedback I have read, it’s not really a hassle, but an improvement so far, there are a bunch of Windows 7 themes for Windows XP you can try out now. You can also add some of the features to your XP machine, such as Aero shake, Aero snap, you can change your dialog boxes and much more. Links await you below.

Windows 7 M1 VS

Windows 7 M1 Original Theme

Windows 7 M1 Reloaded

Windows 7 Inspirat

Windows 7 M1 Theme for Windows XP

Windows 7 System Properties for Windows XP

Now this site, Tweaking with Vishal, has some really good tutorials on how to make themes and the other customizations work in Windows, I have linked to some of the more interesting tutorials below.

Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack This one shows you how to do the Windows Theme or Visual Style, the Icons, the Boot Screen, the Login or Welcome Screen, Taskbar, Wallpapers, Progress Dialog Box, Shutdown / Log off Dialog Box, the About Windows Box, System Properties Dialog Box and add extras like “Aero Shake”, “Aero Snap”, “Aero Peek”, “Calculator” and “WordPad”.

[AIO] Ultimate Tutorial to Customize Desktop Context Menu in Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7 This one shows you how to add your desired application shortcuts in Desktop context menu e.g. Windows Media Player, Firefox, Winamp, Opera, Chrome, etc, you can add new useful options like Change Wallpaper, Change Theme, Change Cursor, Task Manager, Folder Options, Device Manager, Run, Search, Aero On/Off, etc in Desktop context menu, you can add any website link in Desktop context menu, you can remove unwanted options like your Graphics card settings from Desktop context menu.

Transform Windows Vista in Windows 7 without Customization pack

Transform Windows XP in Windows Vista without Customization pack

Many, many great tutorials and how to’s are listed, definitely a site worth checking out.

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Windows 7 Videos And News

We have uploaded a bunch of Windows 7 videos, reviews, features, programs, themes and more, click here to browse the whole list, or check some of the latest below.

Here are some of the latest news stories about Windows 7.

Here are some of the latest blog posts about Windows 7.

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Latest Windows News

Windows 7 hits Milestone 3 from Mary Jo Foley – I have seen the future — specifically Windows 7 Milestone 3 (Build 6780).

Peru to try out Windows on XO laptops from Ina Fried – Microsoft and the One Laptop Per Child project announced Monday that Peru will be the first country to try out XO laptops running Microsoft Windows as part of a nine-month pilot program.

Report: HP trying for ‘end-run’ around Windows from Erica Ogg – Is the biggest PC vendor in the world looking to give customers an option besides Windows?

iTunes 8: If Windows Vista displays a blue screen error message when connecting iPhone or iPod from – After installing iTunes 8 for Windows, some users may see a blue screen error message when connecting iPhone or iPod to a Windows Vista computer. In some cases, the computer may immediately restart when connecting iPhone or iPod to the computer.

Rumor: Windows 7 to Arrive Early, First Beta Due October 27 from Scott Gilbertson – Windows 7, the much-anticipated successor to Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS, may arrive ahead of schedule.

Microsoft and Cray Team up to Bring High Performance Computing Mainstream from Tina Couch – For the first time in the two companies history, Microsoft and Cray have teamed up to offer a powerful mix of what each company does best – - the Cray CX1! What is the CX1, you ask?

Windows Gets Even Better on the Mac with VMware Fusion 2: 100+ New Features, Free Upgrade for Existing Users from Team Fusion – We’re proud to announce that VMware Fusion 2 is now available.

Is Microsoft aiming for an early Windows 7 launch? from Ed Bott – Andy Patrizio at has raised some eyebrows with his report that an “internal calendar” at Microsoft has June 3, 2009 as the planned release date for Windows 7.

Hypothetical thoughts on what Windows 7 Milestone 3 might have from aeroexperience – Alright, so I talked about Windows 7’s pillars not so long ago.

VMware wants to trump Windows and Linux servers with its Virtual Datacenter OS from Jason Hiner – VMware’s new CEO Paul Maritz used his first VMworld keynote on Tuesday to introduce the company’s Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS) to an audience of IT professionals and technology industry insiders at the VMworld 2008 conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. And if you want to keep your personal or business address private you can use a virtual office service like one in a big UK city like Bristol and list that on your web site and other business listings like cards so this keeps your address private which is just great.

Microsoft and Cray to unveil $25,000 Windows-based supercomputer from Mary Jo Foley – Microsoft and Cray are set to unveil on September 16 the Cray CX1, a compact supercomputer running Windows HPC Server 2008.

Ahead of PDC, Microsoft Begins Internal Test of Windows 7 from Paul Thurrott – While Microsoft is busy trying to overcome consumer opinions of its current operating system, Windows Vista, the software giant is also undergoing an internal effort to beta test the next version, called Windows 7.

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Todays Windows News

What Will Windows 7 Look Like? Microsoft hasn’t said what features will be in Windows 7, but analysts have some ideas of their own.

Friday Rant – Things I hate about Windows Vista First, some background. When I?ve been sitting in front of a Vista machine during the six months since its release I?ve usually been in one of two modes. The first mode is where I?m exploring Vista and getting to know the features of the operating system, where things are and how they work. The second mode is where I?m actually doing my day-to-day work or play.

Microsoft: less vulnerabilities in Vista AND XP than Mac OX Tiger Microsoft?s chief operating officer Kevin Turner implicitly claimed yesterday that Vista and XP are safer than Apple?s Mac OS Tiger. As expressed during a conference call with analysts, Turner noted that ?there have been just 12 serious vulnerabilities reported with Vista over the first 180 days versus 25 for Windows XP over the same period. This number is also lower than for Apple and other operating systems. We have also seen 21 percent fewer support calls for Vista versus XP over the same period,? he said.

SolutionBase: Application compatibility testing for Windows Vista Deployment One of the most critical tasks in preparing a deployment of Windows Vista is to test the compatibility of your applications. Many applications that run perfectly under Windows XP simply do not run on Windows Vista. Since you don’t want to spend time and money to deploy Vista if none of your users are able to run their applications afterward, it is absolutely imperative to test each application ahead of time.

Gartner: Windows XP A Shaky Bridge To Windows 7 Gartner warns that businesses that decide to stick with Windows XP — Vista’s predecessor — until Windows 7 is available may be pushing their luck. “If the release date slips, enterprises will find it difficult to fully eliminate Windows XP before ISV and Microsoft support [for Windows XP] ends,” Gartner analysts write in the note.

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