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The other day I quoted a Wii review from Foxnews where I said I didn’t think I would like the Wiimote and having to interact that way constantly in the games. I love gaming, but I’ve become so used to the controller and smacking the buttons to simulate movement, etc, I don’t think I could get used to actually having to do the movement and have any fun. Well, Eirk Sofge from slate.com kinda agrees, but not for the same reasons, he says the Wiimote is to generic, meaning they had to set it up so everyone could use it and play, but in doing so, may have “dumbed” it down too much.

I’ll admit it?I was in love with the Nintendo Wii long before we’d ever met. And then, a few seconds after I touched those strange, new motion-sensing controllers, months of giddy anticipation vanished. I’ve played and won 14-hour-long Halo tournaments. I was a bird-slaughtering Duck Hunt master back when Times Square still had arcades. But the Wii, which is being marketed as the ideal system for newbie?s, made me feel like an incompetent novice. I don’t blame myself. The ugly truth is that the Wii’s already-legendary motion-detection system doesn’t work very well.

The new Nintendo’s flaws make me question who the Wii’s audience will be. Kids don’t want embarrassingly easy games. Casual gamers of any age will bail out the first time their crosshairs go AWOL. And hardcore gamers like me aren’t going to bother with a magic wand that makes us less efficient at killing aliens. For a console that wants to start a revolution, making users doubt their reflexes is a serious design flaw. By playing fast and loose with motion detection, the Wii swings wildly between deal-breaking frustration and hollow victories. Ultimately, it never achieves the level of difficulty that every console should aspire to: a good, fair challenge. Source: slate.com

But that’s just his opinion, and mine you can’t count on yet, because I haven’t even seen one, let alone tried it, I’m just assuming what I will think about it. I guess I’ll have to wonder through the mall and check one out, maybe get a quick idea, I don’t want people to think I’m slamming it yet, but I just don’t think I will like it. But, I’ve been wrong before.

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Nintendo Wii Review

The folks over at Foxnews got hold of a Nintendo Wii and have posted a review of the console called The Wii: One Small Step for Nintendo, One Giant Leap for Gaming, they liked it mostly because of all the jumping around they had to do while playing it, and how they were playing like they were kids again.

When the Wii review model was set up in the FOXNews.com newsroom, a crowd quickly developed as editors and reporters took turns swinging at imaginary baseballs, driving two-dimensional golf balls and lobbing unseen tennis serves.

The high point came during the boxing game, when two video editors wore themselves out, arms swinging as they landed blows on each other’s on-screen counterparts, displayed side by side on the tiny 14-inch TV.

It’s a good thing Nintendo put a wrist strap on the Wiimote, and asks you to use it. With the strenuous physical activity some of the games require, the user could easily end up hurling it into a wall ? or develop an aching shoulder. Source: FoxNews

Well, I don’t know about you folks, but I don’t think I would like that for very long. We had the original Nintendo and the Olympics game, I forget what it was called, and while we had a blast for a few weeks, it quickly grew old and pushed to the back of the cabinet. I wouldn’t mind playing it for a week or two, but that’s about it. I’m much more happy smacking buttons and squeezing triggers to punch, run or jump, than I am actually making the real motions.

They mention that the PS3 and the Xbox360 both have more horsepower, are better handing other kinds of media and the graphics are cartoony. This sounds like the recent fluff pieces that the other games have gotten on their launches, and the ones which came out recently for the Zune. If I’m ever around one, I’ll be sure to say how I felt playing it.

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