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Insane Level Difficulty Guides for GOW

For all you gamers who are going back through Gears of War and playing on the insane difficulty level, here are a bunch of video guides and how to’s, and some glitches, if you NEED the help that is, for the insane level. Here is the Insane Difficulty Guides Playlist, the complete list from search, so you can see them all, and you can watch them in wide screen here.

I thought of my boy Davey when I saw this video, so I thought I would post it here, he’ll know why. ;)

Oh ya, and this one to.

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Gears of War Auto Update

Later today, Microsoft will be pushing out a Gears of War update, they are adding the Annex, enhancing game play and fixing some other minor play issues. This will be a rolling release, so everyone will not see it at the same time. More from Major Nelson’s site.

In Annex, gamers seize victory by keeping control over key map locations, or objectives, long enough to collect a winning number of points. Every map contains two to five identified objectives available for capture, with one objective active at a time. Objectives are based on map weapon-spawn locations and have a potential value of 60 points toward either team’s score. Teams collect those points by maintaining ownership of an objective until all 60 points have been distributed. Every second that a team controls an objective, the team gets one point. When an objective falls to zero points, the next objective is selected at random.

And while defending their objectives against the onslaught of Xbox LIVE opponents, gamers may notice the following minor adjustments to “Gears of War”:

VGA Cable Support: Monitor resolution widths greater than or equal to 1280 now render as letterbox. In particular VGA users running at 1280×1024 will now see the game in full 720p (1280×720) resolution in letterboxed form.
Adjusted Assassination Multiplayer Gametype: Leader no longer has to unlock weapons and now has to be executed to die.
Adjusted Boomshot: Splash damage to be more effective rendering targets down-but-not-out
Adjusted Hammer of Dawn: Aiming will be more forgiving of moving targets
Adjusted Roadie Run: Reduced frequency of accidentally grabbing cover while running
Kill Message Ticker: Ticker can now be seen while down-but-not-out and spectating
General: Addressed a number of possible exploits in multiplayer Source: Gears of War Auto Update

This is one of many updates that have happened on Xbox Live, such as the addition of two new maps in January.

Here are some Gears of War Tips, Gears of War Videos and some Gears of War Glitches we have posted, and here is our most popular Gears of War Video, the Ending.

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Gears of War Movie Slated for Summer 2009

Gears of War
For all of your Gears of War nuts, Newline studios has won the feature rights for the Gears of War movie and will be produced by Temple Hill. Gears of War has won awards in 2006 as Game of the Year from Game Developers Choice Awards and the Interactive Achievement Awards, has sold over 3 million copies, making it the fourth best selling game overall, and is the number one game on Xbox Live. It certainly is fun to play online, there are SO many ways to take people out, and SO many ways to tell them how much they suck afterwards, making it very popular with the younger generation.

Story, which is only modestly developed in the game, concerns a world reeling from an invasion by aliens known as the Locust. A small group of elite soldiers, including main character Marcus Fennix, who is rescued from prison at the beginning of the game, fight to retake the planet Sera for its surviving humans.

Epic developed an extensive back story in hopes of utilizing it for a film as well as potential novels.

“I’m not a gamer, but what blew me away about ‘Gears’ was how it captures the mythology of a war mission and how high the stakes are,” Godfrey told Daily Variety. Source: New Line nabs ‘Gears of War’

Several other popular games are in the pipeline to be made into movies as well, like “World of Warcraft” at Legendary, “Metal Gear Solid” at Sony and “Hitman,” on which Fox is starting production March 29. Even though past movies featuring gaming titles have not fared well, who here suffered through Doom, they feel Gears is stacked in their favor, and promise not to hurt the story or game at all.

Here are some Gears of War Tips, Gears of War Videos and some Gears of War Glitches we have posted, and here is our most popular Gears of War Video, the Ending.

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Windows – Live Combines Xbox and PC Gaming

Microsoft is getting ready to unleash Xbox Live for us PC Gamers, dubbed Windows – LIVE, they have only mentioned Halo 2, Shadowrun, and UNO, but the Xbox Live accounts, gamerscores and gamertags will all transfer over from existing users. There will be a free Silver account, that will allow multiplayer gaming, but not matchmaking or cross platform multiplayer, you will need a Gold account for that, and that will set you back $49.99 for a year.

While the editors of Games for Windows’ official magazine may not be ready to drink the Vista-flavored Kool-Aid just yet, Microsoft is ready to give Vista early adopters a handful of reasons to pick up the latest OS upgrade … err, at least they’re ready to announce a date when you may want to plan on doing the picking up: May 8th. Yup, in eight weeks, Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live service (doesn’t roll of the tongue as easily as Xbox Live, eh?) and its inaugural title, Halo 2, will be available for Vista users.

Don’t care much for Halo 2? In “June” Shadowrun — the first Live Anywhere title enabling cross-platform multiplayer — hits the Xbox 360 and Vista with full Live integration. The final title they’re eager to talk about is UNO, which will be released on Vista “later in 2007.” We’re not sure why a seemingly simple title like UNO isn’t making the launch of the service (or even getting a date) but Microsoft assures us there will be more news around this decision later and that it will be apparent why we’re not getting a release date now. They also said cross-platform licensing decisions for titles like UNO have not been worked out yet; we’re betting this is going to get tricky. Source: Games for Windows Live and Halo 2 hit Vista May 8th

From the Microsoft site,

Microsoft Corp. today announced the extension of the Xbox LIVE games and entertainment network to the Windows platform, bringing together the most popular online console game service with the most popular games platform in the world. Debuting on May 8, 2007, with the launch of the Windows Vista version of the Xbox blockbuster Halo 2, Games for Windows LIVE will connect Windows gamers to over six million gamers already in the Xbox LIVE community. Then, launching in June, Shadowrun? will for the first time connect Windows gamers with Xbox 360 players in cross-platform matches using a single service. UNO, releasing later in 2007, will also support cross-platform play between Windows and Xbox 360.

The launch of Games for Windows ? LIVE marks a major expansion of the Xbox LIVE service across multiple platforms, uniting gamers with a single identity, a single gamertag, a single friends list and a single list of achievements attainable on the Xbox 360 and a Windows-based PC. Games for Windows ? LIVE gamers will be able to easily find and play supported titles online with their friends across a Windows computer or an Xbox 360. As a unified service with Xbox LIVE, Games for Windows ? LIVE will be available in every country and region supported today by Xbox LIVE. Source: Microsoft Unites Xbox and PC Gamers With Debut of Games for Windows ? LIVE

Here are the membership level features:
Silver Membership Features
? Single gamertag
? Common gamer profile
? Common gamerscore
? Single player achievements
? Private chat via text and voice
? Common friends list and online presence
? PC only multiplayer including browsing a list of active PC games

Gold Membership Features
? All Silver membership features
? Multiplayer matchmaking with friends
? TrueSkill matchmaking
? Multiplayer achievements
? Cross-platform game play

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Commodore Gaming Machines Are Back?

Commodore Gaming MachinesWho would’ve thunk it? Commodore is looking to get back into the computer business by creating a line of gaming machines, looking to compete with the likes of Alienware or Hyperion and others who make custom gaming rigs. They will debut the line in Germany on March 15, 2007 at Cebit, and attendees will get the first shot at trying them out. They also promise some surprises.

“25 years ago, Commodore launched the best selling personal computer of the late 20th Century, the C64, and defined the early computer games experience for millions of people worldwide,” said Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming. “We are privileged and excited to bring the Commodore brand back to the gaming community and mark a new chapter in its history with this exceptional machine. We’re sure that it will deliver what gamers need and want.” Source: Commodore returns with new gaming PCs

I don’t know how good they will be, or how well received they will be, but it certainly is interesting, I myself never owned a Commodore 64, I had a few Atari computers instead, but, I will certainly check one out the first chance that I get. If someone at Commodore wants to send me an evaluation unit, I will certainly try it out.

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All Your PSP’s Belong to Sony

Big companies like big profits, big profits means happy shareholders, board members, executives, etc, so naturally, big companies hate hackers. Three hackers have found a way to unlock your Sony PSP, so you can modify it yourself, copy your games onto a larger and faster memory stick, etc. It also allows you to play pirated games and movies that are not sold on Sony PSP disks. So, I can see one reason they don’t like it, but, like that old saying, “Shoot first, ask questions later”, they assume everyone is bad and will be copying and trading their games illegally. Guilty until you prove your innocent, should be their saying.

But last month three hacker teams – Noobz, Team C+D, and a group led by PSP hacker Dark Alex, coordinating their efforts over the internet, found a flaw in the most recently released version of the firmware – version 3.03.

Using this flaw they devised a way to unlock all PSPs, regardless of their age or the firmware running on it.

Within days of the release of the Noobz team’s downgrader and Dark Alex’s Open Edition firmware, Sony updated its firmware, fixing the flaw which makes unlocking possible.

Anyone buying a new PSP with this firmware installed will be therefore be unable to unlock their console – at least until Noobz, Team C+D and Dark Alex and his crew find another exploit and the whole cat-and-mouse game played by Sony and the hacker teams repeats itself. Source: Three hacker teams unlock the PSP

So, all you existing PSP owners, you can do this and mod away on your PSP, Dark Alex has a site here where you can get the custom PSP firmware, called Dark Alex’s Open Edition, and other various stuff.

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Gears of War Tips and Cheats

IGN posted a bunch of Gears of War tips and cheats earlier this month, lots of good info there. Most of them my boy probably already knew, but it will definitely help me out.

Hint: Quick Reload
When reloading your weapon, watch the upper-right corner of the screen for a meter that counts down. Press the reload button a second time when the meter’s moving bar matches up with the stationary bar. This will give you a super fast reload and put you back in the fight quicker than normal. However, if you mis-time the second button press your reload will take longer than normal.

Hint: Finding Cog Tags
There are thirty hidden Cog Tags scattered throughout the game. They’re small and sometimes hard to find, but there’s a mark you can look out for that’ll make finding the Cog Tags easier. Look for large, red Gear logos pasted on the walls–if you find a room with this large Gear logo, examine the room and you’re sure to find a Cog Tag somewhere.

Hint – Cluster Kill Achievement
To get the achievement killing three enemies at once ten times, go to the stage Act 3 – Evolution and locate the area of the Imulsion plant where the guy gets killed when he falls through the rotten wood floor.

Take along at least one grenade and simply follow the dead guy down a hole (or any hole, if you step in the wrong spot). Run around the cellar until you think you have enough enemies following (meaning at least three running after you), tag one with a grenade melee attack.

If you die, that’s perfect, since you restart right at the checkpoint of that room and do it again. Achievement progress is independent of game progress. If not, reload the checkpoint and do it again. Source: Gears of War Cheats

IGN is a great site, if you’ve never been there, be sure to check it out, they have a complete Gears of War section. And check out all of our Gears of War posts.

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Will Vista Run Your Current Games?

Those guys at ExtremeTech continue to pump out some really good stuff lately, today?s link, is an article where they tested if Windows Vista would run his current crop of games. All he did was he installed Windows Vista, installed all the latest updates and drivers, and he changed the resolution and the background image, no special tweaking was applied, and luckily, video card vendors have been updating their Vista drivers recently, so this will be better than it would have been a few weeks ago.

Windows has been the best OS for gamers for years, and Vista takes that to the next level. That’s all well and good for games made with Vista in mind, but what about your existing game library? Last May, when Vista was at the Beta 2 milestone, I wrote a feature in which I installed around 15 games on the unfinished OS, describing how well each one worked. Now that Vista is “done” (inasmuch as any OS is ever actually finished), it’s time to do it again. This time, I’m going to use the final Vista release, a DX10 video card (not that it really matters with no DX10 games), and all the drivers available upon Vista’s launch. I’ll also take a look at a lot more games, around 25.

I have been living with Vista as my full-time OS on my home computer since around October, as well. I’ll share some of my experiences, as a gamer, with using Vista as my everyday OS leading up to release, with a little perspective on where things stand today. First, let’s find out if Vista got game, by installing a bunch of popular titles. Source: Will Vista Run Your Games: The Final Word

Looks like Vista has improved since the last time he did such a test, on the beta 2 version of Vista, and as more drivers are updated, the experience should get even better. The previous review he called Vista a B- gaming platform, now it has increased to an A-, he said gamers may see a little performance hit when comparing to Windows XP, and some of the game controllers may have trouble, but both issues will be solved by drivers for Windows Vista.

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Gears of War Glitches and Tips

I just finished posting a bunch of Gears of War videos, from some of the original demos and commericals, video demos of glitches, some reviews, tutorials, Gears of War Tips, and just good old fashioned ass kicking from all kinds of different users. If you have any of your own, be sure to upload them and share them with everyone else.

Someone even posted the ending. If you haven’t beat it yet, do you want to see it?

Check out all of our Gears of War posts.

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Gears of War Tips

If you’ve been good this year and asked Santa Claus for it, you may find Gears of War under the Christmas tree this Christmas, and if you are like most people, you are just going to jump in online and try to kick some butt. But, you may have a rough time as some gamers have been playing it for a few months. I know my 13 year old boy Davey will be one of them, good thing he doesn’t read my stuff online, and Gamerscoreblog is here to help with some Gears of War Tips.

I wanted to give a few tips to the newbs/newbies/n00bs that I’ve picked up through my matches online. Hopefully these tips will help you guys get over some of the initial learning curve.

Teamwork is key: Stick together, and use voice-chat to update teammates as to which weapons you have, and where you see enemies. Don’t be a hero and run off by yourself or you will quickly get killed, and your teammates will be mad at you.

Initial dash: Most matches start off with a mad-dash to the weapons. During this time, plant your strategy (who’s getting which weapon, what routes will you attack, etc) If you don’t know the maps, tell your teammates that, and follow someone else until you learn them. Source: Getting Gears of War Soon? Newbies Listen Up!

That’s just a coupe of the tips listed, click here for the rest. A couple more comments included, stay away from the shrubbery and watch out for that train. I can’t wait to try it out, which reminds me, I still need to get another controller.

Be sure to check out all of the Video Game Reviews we have added to our video section. Lots of great reviews from Gamespot. Here is one for Gears of War.
Read more…

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