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Free Copy of Bejeweled Deluxe, until May 23rd

If you are a bejeweled nut, or play one of the clones, you are in luck, you can get a free copy of Bejeweled Deluxe until May 23, 2007. This game normally would cost you $14.95, but it is free for moms for a limited time only. To get your free copy:

Visit the Popcap website and click on the Buy now button.
Fill out the required information like name and email and use FREE4MOMS in the coupon code field.
Click on ?Click here to Redeem? before you continue.
The ?Item total? should show a price of $0.00.
Click continue until you get to the download link.

Piece of cake, but hurry, only about a week left to get it.

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New Gears of War Maps

Here are some videos showing the new Gears of War Maps, there are even some new glitches to go with them, how to get out of the Subway, the Process, etc.

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Leaked Halo 3 Beta Videos

Just uploaded a bunch of Halo 3 videos to the gaming videos section, the one below is one of the best, the footage takes place in a map called Last Resort which is a newly reworked version of the Halo 2 favorite, Zanzibar. I’ve also posted links to a bunch more Halo 3 videos below.

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Gears of War COG Tag Strategy Videos

Major Nelson has posted some blog posts about some strategy guides they have for sell on Xbox Live, this one, BradyGames Gears of War COG Tag Locations strategy videos (5) is for Gears of War Cog Tag locations. Lots of comments on that post, mostly how there are already guides available for free, online and in video form, as a matter of fact, I posted one the other day, Gears of War COG Tag Video Guide. And I have also listed some websites that list the locations, so save your points for a game you can play or something, plus, I have reposted the cog tag guide below.

This webpage, Gears of War Guide (Xbox 360), Gears of War Walkthrough lists the numbers of cog tags by level and by section, example:

ACT 1 12 cog tags
14 Years After E-Day 3 cog tags
Trial By Fire 2 cog tags
Fish in a Barrel 1 cog tags
Fork in the Road 0 cog tags
Knock Knock 1 cog tags
Hammer 2 cog tags
Wrath 0 cog tags
China Shop 3 cog tags
They have listed specific locations on their Walkthrough portion of this guide

This webpage, COG Tag List, and it doesn’t have any advertisements on it, just straight information.

Prison area
COG Tag 1 – Right after you make your choice of paths (I chose
training) there is a tag straight ahead under the Gear logo. Can’t miss it.

COG Tag 2 – In the room where the locusts cut through the door. If you
are looking directly at the door they cut through, you can find it back and to
the left. It’s under the stairway across the room you came down.

COG Tag 3 – As you exit the above mentioned door into the courtyard,
there is a stairway to the left. Run up the stairs and turn left right at the
top. The COG tag is in the near side corner (if enemies are North, it would be
in the SW corner of the patio area.

Lots of great and free information on the internet, should always search before you buy any strategy guides for any game.

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World of Warcraft Video Tutorials and Walk Throughs

Just added a bunch of World or Warcraft, or WOW for short, video tutorials and walk throughs.

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PC Games on the Rebound and GRAW and GRAW2

It’s not all about consoles anymore. PC Games are making a comeback, personally, I’ve always liked the PC games better, for the most part, games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Gears of War are definitely better on the consoles, like the Xbox 360, but games like Age of Empires, Civilization, etc are much better on the PC. A nice write-up in the Nytimes, PC Games, Once Down, Show Signs of Rebound, that talks about one of the most popular PC games of all time, World of Warcraft, and how it is helping bring a surge in PC Games sales again.

Not so long ago, PC titles were the mainstay of video gaming, but they have slumped in recent years, overshadowed by a new generation of game consoles. Now they are showing signs of a comeback.

Most prominent has been the strength of one of the most popular video games ever for PCs, World of Warcraft, a role-playing online adventure game that now has more than eight million subscribers.

But retail sales of other titles are on the rebound as well. PC manufacturers and chipmakers are promoting the game-playing prowess of ever more powerful computers. And Microsoft has inaugurated a program aimed at making PC gaming more attractive, incorporating console-like features and easier online play.

Another thing that is helping is better online play, like with WOW, and Microsoft is integrating PC gaming into Xbox Live, calling it Games for Windows – Live. Under Windows Vista, Vista evaluates the computer and gives it a system score that they can use to look at video games in the store to see if it will run well on their computer or not, to help ease the frustration of being a brand new game only to realize it will not run well or at all or their computer. They are also allowing games to use their controllers that come with their consoles, using a simple $20 adapter, so you can use your Xbox 360 controllers to play a PC game, something I have been wanting to try out. So, the barrier to playing PC games has really fallen, helping spur PC game sales.

I just added over 100 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Videos, as well as a bunch of the original Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, or GRAW2 and GRAW as they are sometimes referred to. Some are listed below. More after the jump.

Read more…

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“Pioneer” Lawyer Blames Video Games for Virginia Tech Shootings

“Pioneer” Jack Thompson blames video games for the recent shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, he says Seung-Hui Cho had to be a video gamer. Why? Apparently he hates video games and he’s not going to take it anymore. Even though no video game consoles or video games were confiscated, and even though his roommate had never seen him play a video game, Thompson says it’s a no brainer.

When Jack Thompson gets worked up, he refers to gamers as “knuckleheads.” He calls video games “mental masturbation.”

When he’s talking about himself and his crusade against violent games, he calls himself an “educator.” He likes to use the word “pioneer.”

“This is not rocket science. When a kid who has never killed anyone in his life goes on a rampage and looks like the Terminator, he’s a video gamer,” he told

“He might have killed somebody but he wouldn’t have killed 32 if he hadn’t rehearsed it and trained himself like a warrior on virtual reality. It can’t be done. It just doesn’t happen.” Source: Were video games to blame for massacre? Pundits rushed to judge industry, gamers in the wake of shooting

Man, I wonder what it’s like to know so much about people he’s never met. This guy is so sure he’s right it’s pathetic, giving morons like this air time just makes him more of an “expert” about this stuff, so this will be the last most from me. Chris Mathews does try to get him to say whether he knows for sure about what he did, and says he is projecting stuff from five years ago, and he makes it sound like everything he talks about is absolutely true. Watch the video at the bottom of this page and make your own decisions. Here is a good quote from the article.

“We are normal people,” Johnson says. “We just play games.”

Added: says it is a media Jacklash, that media outlets are pushing back against Jack Thompson’s claims about the shooter being a gamer.

But the wheels started coming off Thompson?s agenda-driven bus on Wednesday afternoon. That?s when Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC?s Hardball program basically shut Thompson down, telling him on national T.V. that his video game claims were nothing more than theory, and not well-supported theory at that. Source: Jacklash?? Mainstream Media Skeptical of Thompson Game Violence Claims

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Gears of War COG Tag Video Guide

Nice video, Gears of War COG Tag Video Guide, that will help you find all of the tags, quite a few people had to use this guide to go back through it as they were missing one here or there.

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GTA IV Trailer

Love it or hate it, grand Theft Auto is one of those games that will spark a reaction from people, they have released the trailer for the long awaited version 4, and it looks more realistic than ever.

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Halo 3 Beta Date Announced

They have finally announced the release date for the much anticipated Halo 3 beta program. The beta will debut on Xbox Live on May 16th at 5AM, and if you haven’t gotten in on the beta yet, there is still a chance. Buy yourself, yes, I said buy, a specially marked copy of Crackdown or by the rule of three, meaning you played three hours of Halo 2 online, I believe.

We know you’re crazy for Halo 3 news, and here it is. The multiplayer Halo 3 beta will debut on Xbox Live, May 16th at 5AM. (Can I call in sick 5 weeks in advance?) How do you get on that beta? Either through the “Rule of Three” promotion or buying a copy of Crackdown for Xbox 360.

This is your chance to get to try new levels, weapons, vehicles, and try out some new game types. Maps shipping with the beta include Snowbound, Hugh Ground, and Valhalla – all new to Halo 3. Try your hand at the new Mongoose ATV, and gun-up with the new and improved Assault Rifle, Brute Spiker, Spike Grenades, and the killer Spartan Laser. Source: Halo 3 beta data announced – are you in?

Sounds really good, kotaku has some more info.

The Beta itself consists of three maps – Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound – graphically improved since our first MP screenshots – and all three will be playable in Matchmaking only (that is after all, what we’re Beta testing here). All three maps are suitable for a wide variety of gameplay types, and you will have the chance to try all manner of game types, familiar and new.

There will also be new guns, vehicles and gameplay features to try – including the mysterious “X-Button” functionality.

There are a number of new features you’ll get to test out – including a new grenade type, a completely different class of weapon and some of the enhanced online functionality we plan to bring to the game – but it should be noted, a lot of secret features are hidden in this Beta.

You will see frame rate skips, unfinished animation and graphical features that will change come Fall. All the footage is clearly marked Alpha. You’re looking at the features here folks, not the final quality bar – which we’ve set pretty high. Your next taste of that will be in May. Source: Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta Dated

Here is a video I downloaded from showing you some of the features. They have a higher quality video on their site and an HD version on Xbox Live you can watch on your console.

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