Robert McLaws Says Chris is Picky with his UI

Robert McLaws takes the writer of the Associated Press story Six months on, Vista users still griping Some working around flaws or sticking with Windows XP, I mentioned it here, because she only got one side for her story. He said Chris Pirillo has made his career complaining about Windows, it comes to him naturally.

This may be news to Jessica Mintz of the Associated Press, but not every Vista user has been griping. While it’s easy to look to Chris Pirillo’s 52-minute rant on Vista, people forget that Chris has made his professional career out of griping about Windows. He’s been complaining about Vista since the first time I showed it to him in 2004. So going to Chris for an opinion of *any* version of Windows is likely to produce a 52-minute rant on fonts, spacing, pixel alignment, and his feelings on usability. I consider Chris a friend, but the guy’s about as nit-picky about UI as they come… I’m actually surprised he hasn’t just switched to the Mac yet.

I’ve been using Windows Vista for just as long as Chris has (if not longer), and while my beta testing problems were well documented, I haven’t had too many issues since RTM. I’m running with UAC on, and I don’t run into UAC prompts all that often. I’ve rarely had driver issues (except for the first few weeks when Acer didn’t update their US support site), and all three machines in my house are running it. Overall, I love Windows Vista, and I can’t stand touching Windows XP. Heck, my mom and kid sister use it every day too, and they’ve hardly ever called me about tech-support issues. Source: Windows Vista: Six Months In, Your Mileage May Vary

He also said, “But unless the AP is going to have Zogby do a customer satisfaction survey (or unless they do some, uh, investigative reporting, and get both sides of the story), I think the best way to explain the public’s experiences with Vista is “Your Mileage May Vary”.” While he admits he’s had some driver issues, he is very happy with it, as is most of his family.

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New Windows Vista Multimedia and Productivity Icons

What do you think of the new Multimedia and Productivity icons?

They are okay, I like more detail and realism, but the colors kind of suck.

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IBM Sees the Light, Updates Mainframe Software

I’ve worked on an IBM AS/400/iSeries for a few years now, well, I’m sure some of my colleagues opinions vary on what constitutes work, but, as anyone who has worked on one, the leap from computers to mainframes is huge, and IBM has finally decided to move to a graphical interface in an effort to simplify the running of a mainframe computer.

That means mainframes will finally get more of the graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop controls that are standard on personal computers and servers today. The absence of such features is thought to hinder the recruitment of new mainframe engineers, who are in dire need. Because of the long history of the platform, many mainframe experts are nearing retirement.

The programming effort, along with IBM’s continuing work to encourage mainframe training in university computer science programs, is designed to accelerate the growth of the mainframe, said Jim Stallings, general manager of IBM’s mainframe line.

“It’s not so much about protecting, it’s about going after new customers and markets,” he said. Source: Yahoo

Sounds good to me, a lot of those commands are more difficult than linux commands to remember, especially if you don’t run them very often. I find myself re-learning how to do stuff all the time, but I guess most of that is my fault, because, I could, you know, write it down. And they are right, every IBM guy I know who works on these things are getting old, no offense guys, and if they don’t get some more new blood coming in, they could cease to exist. ;)

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How to Change the Windows Vista Fonts

It’s really a peace of cake. Dowload this registry patch, and BAM instant consistent fonts. And don’t forget to thank Chris Pirillo.

I’m not happy that Microsoft has added yet another shell font to the mix with Windows Vista: Segoe UI. On its own, Segoe UI is an awesome font – but when it’s slapped up against Tahoma, MS Sans Serif, Microsoft Sans Serif, and/or Arial – it’s no longer a clean user experience. In fact, Vista is downright messy when it comes to shell fonts – with some aliased faces reaching back to the days of Windows 3.11! Source: Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo says he did it because people have complained he’s a whiner, so he said he would complain and fix it at the same time. He had a couple friends test it, Robert McLaws and Brandon LeBlanc, and says he will have other Microsofties check it out as well.

He has some before and after pictures here, check em out and read his blog entry while you are there.

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