Google Enabled TV?

Just read a post on Techcrunch that says Google is entering into a deal that will allow users to access Google “content” on their flat screen TV’s.

Japanese manufacturer Matsushita (Panasonic) has signed a deal with Google that will see the company launch flat panel television sets that allow users to access YouTube and other Google services such as Picasa Web Albums. Source: Google Enabled Televisions Coming Soon

Ya, this sounds like a fantastic idea, Youtube “quality” videos and spam on my TV in exchange for them getting to see whatever I watch on TV, as well as the annoying please update your software, or even worse, we just updated your software messages. Then, when Google does finally loose all my info to some hacker, he can see all my buying habits, surfing habits, web surfing habits and all the email I’ve sent using Gmail. Sounds great.

Time to rethink careers here, if every TV ends up with something like this on it, there will bound to be a need to keep older TV’s running…..

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Killer Electronics Savings

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Expect Year End Bargains on Flat Panel TVs

An article from PCWorld says if you are looking to purchase a flat panel tv, wait until the end of the year, when competition from manufacturers will be at the highest

“Competition is very intense, especially in the American market. We believe that we’ll be seeing lower prices especially on 40-inch or 30-inch sets much earlier than we had expected,” said Nobuyuki Oneda, Sony chief financial officer, on Thursday at a Tokyo news conference.

The falling prices are stoking demand among consumers for the sets, which offer big space savings in the home over conventional CRT (cathode ray tube) models and often come with added benefits such as high-definition tuners. Source: PC World

And if everybody waits until the end of the year, prices may drop even more! Okay, I know, wishful thinking, but you never know…

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Worlds Largest Rear Projection TV

JVC has developed the worlds largets rear projection TV, a 110″ incher! No pricing information has been set as this is a prototype.

The screen measures 243.5 x 137 cm. The display device employed in this system is JVC’s proprietary reflective liquid crystal panel “D-ILA” that features the so-called “full HD” (1920 x 1080) resolution. The specifications of the optical system and the light source used are similar to those of 50- and 60-inch commercial products. The power consumption is 220 W.

Click here for the article and a picture of the big screen.

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