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What Really Slows Windows Down?

Apparently, Nortons slows it way down, which most of us already know, but since I use Mcafee, I had no idea it was this bad. Oli from ThePCSpy did some real world testing to see what really does slow down your computer the most.

The aim of this article is to find out what types of application slow down a computer the most. I’m going to be measuring the speed as the time it takes to shutdown, restart and get back to desktop (with auto-login) and start an application in the computer’s start-up settings.

The results of the security software were quite shocking. I’ve always known that being most involved with the system, antivirus and firewall programs are going to make things slower, but I was just completely astounded by the Norton result when compared against the other software on show.

Fonts were as, if not more, amazing. I know people always say not to install too many fonts (which is really hard when you have a DVD full of them), but this is the first proof I’ve seen that shows fonts have a massive effect on the windows load time.

One conclusion that we can take from this is software that makes many, many changes to the system when it installs is going to have a larger effect to windows boot timings. Examples of this were shown by the .NET runtime (both standalone and part of Visual Studio) and the fonts which get scooped up by system services. VMWare Workstation installs a lot of system drivers to emulate hardware properly which also goes a long way to slow down a computer. Furthermore, if that software loads at boot, this is going to have an added knock on effect, shown best by the antivirus programs and the chat clients. Source: ThePCSpy

Some of the results:
Norton Internet Security 2006 added 43.33 seconds a systems delay of 57.78
1000 Fonts added 30.00 seconds a systems delay of 40.00
Kaspersky Internet Security added 10.67 seconds a systems delay of 14.22
Yahoo Instant Messenger 8.0 added 10.67 seconds a systems delay of 14.22
AOL Instant Messenger 1.5 Preview added 10.33 seconds a systems delay of 13.78
McAfee SecurityCentre added 8.67 seconds a systems delay of 11.56
Kazaa 3 (+included crapware) added 8.67 seconds a systems delay of 11.56

This is huge, look at the difference from Nortons to Mcafee, Nortons adds 35 more seconds boot up time. Article is definitely an eye opener.

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