Weather Layers for Google Earth

Here are some more great layers for Google Earth. Weatherbonk has posted four layers that allow you to see temperatures around the world. First, you need to download Google Earth by clicking this link , it is part of the Google Pack and if full of great free software, download it all, or just Google Earth, it’s up to you. Then, click the links below to download the Google Earth Layers, they will open in the program automatically. Piece of cake!

Fahrenheit (no wind barbs)

Fahrenheit (wind barbs)

Celcius(no wind barbs)

Celcius(wind barbs)

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New Video Support and Review Section –

All right, everyone else is launching their own video component, why not Tips We have added a video section here titled Windows Support Videos, but it is much more than that. Reviews from computer games to console video games, to cell phones, to digital cameras, all kinds of Windows XP help and a bunch of Windows Vista videos, how to setup a wireless router, how to install protection for your iPod, and all kinds of great iPod accessory reviews, software tutorials and much more. If you have any videos that are technology related, please submit them, if you make your own, all the better, as long as they are accurate we will list them, so submit your videos today!

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Powerful Computer Search Tool, Right from Your Desktop

Are you looking for a better search for your desktop? Google Desktop is an excellent search tool for your computers, it comes as part of the Google Pack, you can quickly search your computer for emails, web history, and files, view news, photos and more anywhere on your desktop, you can add Google Gadgets to customize your desktop and Sidebar.

Google Desktop gives you easy access to information on your computer and from the web. It’s a desktop search application that provides full text search over your email, files, music, photos, chats, Gmail, web pages that you’ve viewed, and more. By making your computer searchable, Google Desktop puts your information easily within your reach and frees you from having to manually organize your files, emails and bookmarks. It makes searching your computer as easy as searching the web with Google.

Google Desktop doesn’t just help you search your computer; it also helps you gather new information from the web Sidebar and Google Gadgets, which can be placed anywhere on your desktop to show you new email, weather, stock information, photos, personalized news, RSS/Atom feeds, and more. Sidebar is personalized automatically, without any manual configuration required (though you can certainly make your own customizations if you want to or turn off automatic personalization). Source: Google

Use the powerful Google Search on your desktop, its part of the Google Pack, and you can download just Google Desktop or a bunch of other great software, like Google Earth, Picasa, a Photo Screensaver, the famous Google Toolbar, Adobe Reader, Norton Antivirus, Adaware, Firefox, Google Talk and Video Player, Skype, and more. Download the Google Pack by clicking this link here.

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Windows XP Memory Tips

I have been noticing quite a few searches for windows memory tips and while there are many things you can do to improve performance in Windows XP, one of the best tips I can give to most users who are actually searching for them is to use a program that does it all for you, such as SpeedUpMyPC. Now, I know this will cost you a little money, how much more peacefully will you sleep knowing that you haven’t done anything that is going to hurt Windows, like deleting the wrong key in the registry or changing some setting accidentally while searching for another. There are so many things that can get messed up in the registry, that it is often cheaper to buy a specialized program than to pay some techie to reload windows for you. Here are some of the features of SpeedUpMyPC:

SpeedUpMyPC lets you monitor and control all your PC resources with easy, one click instructions. System settings, internet usage, disk clutter, RAM and CPU are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. You can also selectively disable or remove unnecessary background and auto-start processes to cut valuable seconds off your startup time.

Try out their free performance scan here.

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Microsoft Releases Expression Studio

Microsoft has released Expression Studio, looking to enhance it’s family of prefessional design tools, they announced that Expression Web is shipping, Expression Media was announced; the latest technology previews deliver product and new platform advancements with the first CTP of WPF/E. Also, made available today is the first CTP of Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E). WPF/E is a cross platform browser plug-in for delivering rich media, animation and video content. Expression Media and Expression Design provide support for authoring content for the WPF/E CTP. Wow, that’s a lot of acronym’s.

Microsoft Corp. today announced significant product line enhancements along with pricing and availability of the Microsoft Expression Studio for creative professionals. The quality of user experience is emerging as a core requirement for differentiating products and services while optimizing customers? brand loyalty. Expression Studio, a key component of Microsoft?s strategy for improving the user experience delivered by applications, provides designers with an end-to-end tools platform that boosts collaboration with developers in the delivery of next-generation user experiences for the Web, Windows Vista applications and beyond.

Expression Studio comprises Expression Web for creating standards-based Web sites; Expression Blend (formally Interactive Designer) for designing rich interactive experiences for Windows; Expression Design (formally Graphic Designer) for the design of visual elements for Web and Windows experiences; and a new tool, Expression Media, which provides digital asset management and unifies team workflow across the suite. Expression Web is shipping today, and the full Expression Studio is planned for delivery in the second quarter of 2007.

?The Expression family, together with our Visual Studio development tools and platform technologies, uniquely elevates the craft of design and user experience to the forefront of the software development process,? said S. Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. ?Our goal is to enable designers to collaborate like never before with development teams so together they can raise the bar for user experiences and deliver compelling, rich, immersive, highly usable applications and content across the Web, the Windows desktop, mobile devices and the digital home.? Source: Microsoft

Microsoft also unveiled final product pricing and availability for the complete Expression product family. Expression Web is available for an estimated retail price (ERP) of $299 (U.S.), and qualifying users of FrontPage can upgrade to Expression Web for $99 ERP.
Shipping in the second quarter of 2007, Expression Blend will be available for $499 ERP, Expression Media for $299 ERP, and the full Expression Studio for $599 ERP.
When it ships, Expression Studio will also be available as a $349 ERP upgrade to users who have purchased Expression Web and other qualifying Microsoft products. Full product pricing and availability information is available on the All Expression products for English-speaking markets will include getting-started video training courtesy of Total Training Inc.

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30 Free Software Titles for Windows

This gentleman just reloaded his Dell computer and decided he would share his list of free, open source software he uses on his Windows machine, from Firefox to True Combat: Elite, many of them replacing expensive software titles or suites. It’s a nice list and contains quite a few I haven’t tried yet, but will definitely take a look at them. Especially the game, if it is as Quake or Halo it is bound to be worth checking out for free!

What follows is a list of thirty pieces of software that are the cream of the crop of open source software for Windows. Not only is every piece of it free, almost all of them directly replace expensive software packages. Source: The Simple Dollar

I have tried the Nasa Worldwind, and Firefox of course, I like the sounds of Health Monitor and Filezilla.

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Free Copies of Windows Vista and Office 2007

This sure sounds too good to be true, but it looks like Microsoft is giving everyone a chance to get a free copy of Windows Vista Business(Ultimate) and Office 2007 Professional. All you have to do is register at the website, and participate in three (3) qualifying web casts and/or virtual lab sessions within 30 days to get Windows Vista and the to get a copy of Office 2007.

The Power Together Campaign consists of two (2) offers, the Windows Vista Business Offer and the Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Offer, and is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States (includes District of Columbia) 18 years of age or older. You are not eligible to receive these offers if you or your employer is a participant in the Microsoft Partner Program or the Microsoft Developer Network. To be eligible to receive Windows Vista Business, you must register at and participate in at least three (3) qualifying web casts and/or virtual lab sessions within 30 days of registration. To be eligible to receive Microsoft Office Professional 2007, you must register at and participate in at least three (3) qualifying web casts and/or virtual lab sessions within 30 days of registration. In order to register at, you may be asked to provide personal information including name, telephone, and address. All personal information gathered during registration will be subject to Microsoft?s privacy policy. Limit one gift per person per Offer. These offers are non-transferable. These offers expire on February 28, 2007, or while supplies last, and are not redeemable for cash. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. If you are eligible for and register to receive both gifts, you must complete a W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) form prior to receipt of the second gift. Any gift returned as non-deliverable will not be re-sent. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for shipment of your gift(s). Source:

It says on the website “Windows Vista and Office are great on their own, but with each other, it’s the power of together. Learn how to tap their power.” So, I guess that explains the website name, hopefully the web casts will be something good and useful. Some users have reported they think this is to good to be a Microsoft site and that is probably a phishing site, since it’s not registered to Microsoft, but it looks like it using their name servers, and you do have to login to Microsoft Live. I’m going to login and see what happens.

Added: A post at Channel 9 confirms it, here.

Added: I have officially given up trying for today, I may try later tonight, but I’m getting tired of seing “Sorry, a System Error Occurred”. It says at the bottom of the page, This site hosted for Microsoft by Ascentium, well, I guess they can’t handle being dugg and a bunch of people trying to sign up, I just hope Microsoft rethinks how they do this the next time.

Added: Looks like the posters over at are having trouble too.

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New Tool: Process Monitor from Microsoft

The folks from SysInternals, recently bought out by Microsoft, have released a new tool called Process Monitor that is written from the ground up to be a better alternative to Filemon and Regmon.

Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It combines the features of two legacy Sysinternals utilities, Filemon and Regmon, and adds an extensive list of enhancements including rich and non-destructive filtering, comprehensive event properties such session IDs and user names, reliable process information, full thread stacks with integrated symbol support for each operation, simultaneous logging to a file, and much more. Its uniquely powerful features will make Process Monitor a core utility in your system troubleshooting and malware hunting toolkit.

Process Monitor runs on Windows 2000 SP4 with Update Rollup 1, Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, and Windows Vista as well as x64 versions of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Windows Vista. Source: Microsoft Technet via f-secure

Looks pretty cool, will definitely play with it more on the next system that I have to clean. Here are some of the enhancements over Filemon and Regmon.

  • Monitoring of process and thread startup and exit, including exit status codes
  • Monitoring of image (DLL and kernel-mode device driver) loads
  • More data captured for operation input and output parameters
  • Non-destructive filters allow you to set filters without losing data
  • Capture of thread stacks for each operation make it possible in many cases to identify the root cause of an operation
  • Reliable capture of process details, including image path, command line, user and session ID
  • Configurable and moveable columns for any event property
  • Filters can be set for any data field, including fields not configured as columns
  • Advanced logging architecture scales to tens of millions of captured events and gigabytes of log data
  • Process tree tool shows relationship of all processes referenced in a trace
  • Native log format preserves all data for loading in a different Process Monitor instance
  • Process tooltip for easy viewing of process image information
  • Detail tooltip allows convenient access to formatted data that doesn’t fit in the columns

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Windows Vista and ReadyBoost

One of the new features in Windows Vista that I really want to take a look at is the Windows ReadyBoost, which allows you to use thumb drives, or jump drives, enter your favorite USB drive term here, to speed up Windows Vista. So, if you have a system that doesn’t have as much memory as you like, or as much as Vista wants, you can plug in your USB drive and Vista will use it as virtual memory, that is not quite as fast as system memory, but quite a bit faster than accessing the swap file on the hard drive. This one commenter said he has a 4gig USB drive and is thinking about just leaving it plugged in his computer, since it speeds it up so much.

If there is one thing that can really help applications on Windows Vista run better, it’s memory. When comparing the performance of Windows XP and Windows Vista on a PC with 1 GB of main memory, Windows Vista is generally comparable to Windows XP or faster. However, we also know that in some cases, on PCs with 512 MB of main memory, applications on Windows XP may seem more responsive. Why? Mostly because the features in Windows Vista use a bit more memory to do the things that make it so cool, like indexing your data, keeping the fancier AERO UI running using the desktop window manager (DWM), etc. The less memory in your machine, the more often the OS must randomly access the disk. This slows system performs in cases where your applications just barely fit in memory on Windows XP but not quite in Windows Vista.

While I fully expect the generation of PCs that ship with Windows Vista to include more memory, we also know that many existing PCs have 512 MB. While memory has gotten much less expensive, many (non-geek) people I know are just not comfortable opening up their PC and installing more memory. While there are some great PC shops that will do this for you, a lot of people may not want to bother. Well with Windows ReadyBoost, if you have a flash drive (like a USB thumb drive or an SD card) you can just use this to make your computer run better with Windows Vista. You simply plug in a flash drive and Windows Vista will use Windows ReadyBoost to utilize the flash memory to improve performance.

So, if you just want your PC to run faster with Windows Vista — it’s pretty simple — connect your flash drive through any USB 2.0 socket or PCI interface and when the auto play interface comes up, choose “Speed up my system using ReadyBoost.” You need to have at least 230 MB free on the flash drive and some flash disks are not fast enough to support Windows ReadyBoost, although you’ll be told if that’s the case. Source: Windows Vista Team Blog

What would be cool is if system manufacturers actually included some USB drives with their systems, you can get a 1gig drive for less than $50 nowadays. They noted that if you remove the USB drive, it won’t affect your system, because it is using files on the USB drive that are also on the hard drive, you will just loose the performance gains. The data on the drive is also encrypted, so you don’t have to worry too much about loosing the drive. He also noted that Windows Vista will learn what you do most often and will try to optimize your system for that as well.

Windows Readyboost FAQ is here and some good shots of the install screens are here.

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Windows PowerShell Command Line Shell

It was posted on the Windows PowerShell team blog that Windows PowerShell 1.0 has been released. Looks like a good replacemant, some really useful looking scripts are already available.

Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language helps IT Professionals achieve greater productivity. Using a new admin-focused scripting language, more than 130 standard command line tools, and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell allows IT Professionals to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. Windows PowerShell is easy to adopt, learn, and use, because it works with your existing IT infrastructure and existing script investments, and because it runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server Longhorn. Exchange Server 2007, System Center Operations Manager 2007, System Center Data Protection Manager V2, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager leverage Windows PowerShell to improve efficiency and productivity. Source: Windows PowerShell Download Page

The download page is full of links to valuable stuff, like the Technet script center, with over 250 scripts, including over 100 to help manage Exchange, links to the SDK, newsgroups, getting started guide, quick reference, articles and books, webcasts and more.

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