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After reading a post on my friend Wayne’s site, about The Unofficial Second Life Linden Dollars Guide, I was checking out the Killer Guides site and figured many of this sites readers would enjoy or could use some of these gaming strategy guides. Make sure you check out the packages of guides for some big savings.

Age of Conan Guide This Age of Conan strategy guide is jam-packed with unique cutting-edge hints and killer know-hows for players of any level, from the basics and mechanics of the game to advanced high level gameplay strategies.

Age of Conan Guides Category After countless hours of research and play-testing, the team at Killer Guides has compiled their experience into a portfolio of Age of Conan strategy guides.

City of Heroes Guides Category The City of Heroes Guide is an advanced reference that focuses on proven builds, detailed leveling walk-throughs and rewarding ways to gather influence.

Dark Age of Camelot Guides Category With the Dark Age of Camelot Complete Guide Package you can get all the guides in this category, including all future Dark Age of Camelot guide releases and updates for a single one-time payment.

EVE Online Guides Category Looking for the latest insiders for Eve Online? Don’t want to miss out on newly discovered strategies or expansion content? The Eve Online Complete Guide makes sure you don’t. It not only includes all current Eve Guides on Killer Guides, but also all future Eve Online guide releases, updates and add-ons.

EVE Online Mining Macro This EVE Online Mining Macro and step by step guide shows you EXACTLY what to do to get a reliable and working mining macro running on YOUR computer. Have you ever got a macro that promises to do anything and everything for you only to load it up and find out that it does not work?

EVE Online Strategy Guide Feeling lost in space? Worry not, as the best thing to have come along since the warp engine has just arrived. The EVE Online Guide contains a wealth of information about the EVE universe, from the most basic to the most advanced, compiled by an expert with more than four years of experience flying amongst the stars; Chances are if its not in this guide its not worth knowing.

Everquest 2 Guides Category Understanding and explaining online games is the life of our partners and employees and our EQ2 guides show it. Their exclusive know-how went into our class, expansion and trade skill guides for Everquest 2. Contains 13 guides.

Everquest Guides Category With the EverQuest Complete Guide Package you can get all the guides in this category, including all future EverQuest guide releases and updates for a single one-time payment. It currently includes 19 EverQuest strategy guides that offer a wealth of information for all parts of EQ. The over 1822 pages of EverQuest hints and strategies are a must have for every serious player.

Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Guide The Chains of Promathia expansion for Final Fantasy XI offers several missions of never-before-known in-game story-depth unfolding new tales about the history of Vana’diel. There are several new exciting areas for leveling and farming.

Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide From the ideal job to unlock the Dark Knight to defeating Maat, the Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide takes you from the early levels up to level 75. The best leveling locations, Dark Knight specific money making strategies, an equipment guideline and an analysis of possible sub-jobs are all included in the FFXI Dark Knight Guide.

Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide The “Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide” explains the easiest and most efficient ways of making Gil in FFXI. From hunting and mining to bonecrafting and Chocobo digging, it describes different strategies in detail, showing you not only the most rewarding methods but several alternatives for each level.

Final Fantasy XI Guide The Final Fantasy XI Guide contains all critical information you need to level up your character regardless of job differences. It describes every detail from how to set up your experience point party to the most efficient camp site, level by level. It does not only take you as far as level 75, it also goes on to merit point party setups and places to gain a maximum of experience poinst per hour.

Final Fantasy XI Guides Category Out of new ideas for better Gil farming locations? Still seeking the perfect leveling strategy? Need some advice for a new profession? Then you are the player we had in mind when we created our Final Fantasy XI guides.

Final Fantasy XI Ninja Guide The Ninja in Final Fantasy XI combines the best of combat and combat-based magic to form a truly enjoyable class to play and an unbeatable warrior as long as you have the necessary knowledge and strategy at hand to use your abilities to their full advantage. The FFXI Ninja Guide will show you the basics of becoming a Ninja and take you deep into the secrets of the forbidden magical arts of Ninjitsu.

Final Fantasy XI Paladin Guide From the right standard job to unlock the Paladin class up to defeating Maat, the Final Fantasy XI Paladin Guide takes you from level 1 to level 75. Rewarding leveling locations, Paladin specific Gil making methods, a weapon and armor guideline and an analysis of possible sub-jobs are all part of the FFXI Paladin Guide.

Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide Playing a Red Mage efficiently in Final Fantasy XI is a science for itself. While the basic concepts are easy to understand, there is a multitude of tactics and little hints that make the difference between a casual player and a pro-gamer.

Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess Are you wondering why you are making slow progress in the Wings of the Goddess expansion? Do you like the idea of a thorough expansion walk-through that tells you exactly how to complete all the quests, unlock new jobs, and earn massive rewards twice as fast? With the FFXI Wings of the Goddess Guide, you will be kept updated with latest techniques and insider tips that you do not want to miss out on.

Guild Wars Guides Category This guide set includes every Guild Wars Guide currently available at Killer Guides, as well as any future releases and updates.

Hellgate London Guide Looking for the fastest ways to level up your character? Want to increase your chances of finding great equipment? In search of the ultimate build for your character? Then the Hellgate: London Guide might be just what you were looking for. Gamers, authors and play-testers at Killers Guide provide you with detailed answers to your questions.

Lineage 2 Guide How to prepare for and win battles… Lineage 2 is a game where the right strategies and equipment decisions will get you twice as far with the same amount of resources. The Lineage 2 Guide explains the different options you have in regards to tattoos, armor, weapons and SAs in L2 and which combinations to choose to double your efficiency over your old setup.

Lineage 2 Guides Category We currently offer 2 Lineage 2 guides for beginner and veteran players alike.

Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide Are you being out-leveled by your friends and foes? Wondering if it is the skill or gear that you are missing? Looking for the most effective way to solo and earn gold? If you’re looking for answers to one of these questions, look no further. The Lord of the Rings Online Champion guide is one of the most comprehensive and efficient guides for the Lord of the Rings Online Champion class.

Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide Always running low on gold? Never seem to have enough gold to afford critted gear in the Auction Hall? Not earning enough gold to finance your equipment can be frustrating, especially if you are short on time or patience. Don’t let this problem hold you back. The Lord of the Rings Online Gold guide is your first step into making an abundant pool of gold.

Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide Leveling takes up too much time? You’re wasting countless hours trying to earn gold while others walk away as rich Guardians? Have you ever dreamt of some killer prestige gear? The Lord of the Rings Online Guardian guide has the answers you are seeking.

Lord of the Rings Online Guide Leveling takes forever? Running low on gold? Uncertain which vocation is the right choice for your character? Need that extra stat boost? Wasting hours on grinding and the wrong quests? The Lord of the Rings Online guide can help.

Lord of the Rings Online Guides Are you constantly low on gold? Not sure which vocation is the right choice for you? Leveling takes ages? Then the Lord of the Rings Online guides on Killer Guides are your answer. Expect us to provide you with cutting-edge know-how, acquired through endless hours of testing and experimenting by our pro-gamer staff.

Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide How do you get your hunter to level 50 as fast as possible? What’s the right way to solo a hunter? What skill should you get? How can you make enough gold to finance your dream equipment? The Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide tackles these questions with professional insights and killer how-to’s from our game experts.

Matrix Online Information Guide If you are looking for new and efficient ways of making $information in The Matrix Online, you have come to the right place. From your very first days of your new existence in MxO to the high end levels, this guide dishes out veteran approved insiders.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Guide Feeling lost in the middle of the Caribbean sea? Ranking becomes repetitive and boring? Are you facing tough decisions when selecting your skills? Can’t make enough profit with your productions? These are the common problems that all players face. Don’t let them turn you down from playing Pirates of the Burning Sea.
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Todays Tech 5/21/2007

Some of the interesting technology stories making the rounds today.

Google News: The End of News Indexing As We Know It? Has Google started paying newspaper sites to include their stories? Surely not, but it is making the rounds, Google denies it here, Google Denies New UK News Search Deal saying, “It is categorically no,” said spokesperson Jessica Powell. “We don’t pay to index news content.” Talk about being a big mistake if they did….

Google Coop Embeds Gadgets in Search Results If you have been playing with a Google Coop search engine, I have here, Technology Search Engine, Google is embedding some widgets on certain types of searches.

Ubuntu 7.04 Offering?Technical Details Here is an overview of what to expect from the Dell Ubuntu computer offerings that are coming up.

BenQ Sells Digital Camera Division BenQ Corp. has agreed to sell its digital camera division as part of a broad restructuring aimed at returning to financial health after a disastrous attempt to compete in the global handset business.

Who Will Buy Facebook? Duncan Riley wonders who will buy Facebook and thinks that Google is the logical choice. Meanwhile, Facebook Opens Its Pages
As a Way to Fuel Growth
They are allowing other companies to provide services in the Facebook network and will be able to link to friends and networks. Previously some companies have had pages within Facebook, but they didn’t interact with the Web site’s user networks. This move is significant because it could turn Facebook into a central hub for Web users, akin to an Internet portal like Yahoo Inc. Rather than using Facebook only to keep in touch with friends and going elsewhere for other content, users could now gain access to that content inside Facebook. That could keep people on Facebook for longer periods of time, which would also appeal to advertisers. Makes sense.

Panasonic gooses megapixels, zoom Panasonic announced a new Lumix camera Monday that squeezes a wide-angle lens, a 12.2-megapixel sensor and a novel way of extending zoom lens range into a compact camera.

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Kevin Rose Loses Control of Digg

In case you missed it, and most people who read tech news probably haven’t, the digg user base has revolted and taken control of digg. No, I don’t mean they stormed their offices and seized control of the servers or anything, but they may as well have. What happened? Someone posted the encryption key of the now hacked HD DVD to digg and it made it to the front page, then, the owners of AACS sent digg a cease and desist, and they caved and pulled the story. Someone noticed and resubmitted the story, which was also taken down, now mirrored here with comments and everything, and the rest is history. digg was down for about ten minutes because of all the activity on the site, people submitting the story over and over, posting comments and one story receiving a digg per second. Then, Kevin posted on the blog and said, okay, you all have spoken, well let the posts stand and fight it out.

But now, after seeing hundreds of stories and reading thousands of comments, you?ve made it clear. You?d rather see Digg go down fighting than bow down to a bigger company. We hear you, and effective immediately we won?t delete stories or comments containing the code and will deal with whatever the consequences might be.

If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying. Source: Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0

Not only has he posted the key himself, in this blog entry, he has pretty much posted it everywhere, as many will do just as I did when they link to the story, they will link to this title and, in effect, post it to their sites as well. If you look at the most popular stories of the past 24 hours, it is dominated by the posts, Popular Stories.

So, what does this man for digg and it’s users? It is hard to tell what will happen, will the users feel better about the site, because it gave in to the mob, will the users retain some of their disdain and eventually move on, will the founders ever be able to regain control, and what will happen if they piss the users off again? Only time will tell, but this is definitely a moment in social networking history, one that changed digg forever. And what about the MPAA and AACS, will they send another letter, go straight to a lawsuit or give in to the mob too? Danny Sullivan posted an article to explain DMCA, and, as he mentioned, digg never posted a link to a formal letter or anything, so we don’t know for sure what they received or how. This story is everywhere, with some of the notable quotes from other sites below.

To say what happened today on Digg was a “user revolt” is an understatement. The Digg team deleted a story that linked to the decryption key for HD DVDs after receiving a take down demand and all hell broke loose. More stories appeared and were deleted, and users posting the stories were suspended.

Until today, it seems, even Digg didn’t fully understand the power of its community to determine what is ?news.? I think the community made their point crystal clear.

Vive La Revolution. Source: Digg Surrenders to Mob

Couple posts from Mashable: This one talks about fund raising for the digg lawsuit that is sure to come, Fundraising for the Digg Lawsuit but didn’t really mention it in the post.

Digg is imploding today. Literally. The site’s million plus users have turned on Digg’s management, covering the entire site with an HD-DVD encryption key that the moderators were fighting to remove. You can’t even submit a story right now, and frequent 404 errors mean that Digg is actually Digging itself, with too many votes and submissions to handle. Source: NO MERCY – DIGG OUT OF CONTROL

From Freedom to Tinker,

My guess is that AACS LA miscalculated, thinking that a few demand letters would succeed in suppressing the key. As the key spread, it seemed natural to continue sending letters ? to do otherwise would be an admission of defeat. Now the key is spread so widely that there’s no point in sending any more letters.

The next question is whether AACS LA will try to sue somebody who defied a demand letter. There?s no real strategic point to such a suit, but even big organizations act out of spite sometimes. Source: AACS Plays Whack-a-Mole with Extracted Key

The Register says,

This episode provides ample illustration of its reliance on, and vulnerability to, a particular community of internet users, who have no truck with DRM and corporate behavior generally. One-time rival Reddit has seen its star dim rapidly since it “sold out” to Cond? Nast, which publishes Wired.

It remains to be seen whether AACS has the stones to follow up on its threat, and take on the Digg mob. Source: Digg buried by users in piracy face-down

From the Wired Gaget Lab,

Kevin Rose gets some stick from users at times, but he has to juggle the legal aspects of running a high profile site with the wishes of a very loyal and outspoken user base. Unlike Google, who caved immediately by passing on the takedown to Blogger users, Kevin is standing true to his hacker background on this one.

This reminds me of the controversy over Phil Zimmerman’s PGP code several years back. The code was considered a “munition’ by the US government and banned from export. It ended up on a t shirt (pictured). Source: Kevin Rose: “If We Lose, then what the Hell, at Least we Died Trying.”

Andy Beal from Marketing Pilgrim says,

Talk about a tough call. If Digg insisted on removing the code, its users would have likely continued their revolt and eventually may have abandoned Digg for another service – leaving Digg in ruins. If Digg acquiesced to its users, and let them keep the code on the site, it not only faced potential legal action, but the illusion that it controlled Digg would be shattered and the little people would realize they owned Digg.

Indeed, what does this say about Digg?s future? Will it be able to raise more funding, find new advertisers, or get acquired, now that it has been exposed as, not a company run by some smart entrepreneurs, but a living, breathing social network that is run by its members. Source: Kevin Rose Hands Over Digg Control

I myself received a letter a month or so ago, and eventually decided to pull the code and link from my site, but left the original story up, HD, Blueray Processing Key Found, as I don’t have the resources of digg or some of these other sites, so it makes me feel good to link to it and help fight the [tag]DRM[/tag] bullshit we have to put up with. Give up [tag]RIAA[/tag] and [tag]MPAA[/tag], you will never win.

Added: Okay, one more from Mashable, because it’s funny.

Found via the Mashable comments, a remix of the widely-derided Business Week cover featuring Digg’s Kevin Rose. The irony here is that Rose is known to be a BitTorrent user and likely opposed to DRM: the community is just a reflection of his beliefs. Surce: How This Kid Lost $60 Million in 18 Hours (Or Not)

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Todays Top Tags, Bookmarks and News

Here are a bunch of the top tags, top bookmarks, top news stories currently being talked about in this big conversation known as the Internet. These will update automatically, thus the most popular posts and articles will always be listed.

Top Bookmarks from

Current Most Popular Stories on Digg:

Techmeme Current Top Blog Posts:

Top Stories on Reddit:

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What Does Cisco Need Social Networking for?

Cisco Systems has made a couple weird acquisitions lately, they had purchased FiveAcross, a social networking provider, and now they are buying a “failed” social network,, who was once being considered for purchase by NBC. Everyone’s reaction seems to be, WTF, what were they thinking. Now, I am not sure what they are planning on doing with it, but as big and as powerful as Cisco is and has been, why couldn’t they pull something off with it? Sure, they don’t have the type of crowd you would expect to be able to pull into a social network, but, they could create some private ones specifically for businesses, or education systems or even free ones for everyone to use, I don’t think it would matter who is pushing it as long as it is good, usable and appeals to the people they are trying to attract to it.

Pete Cashmore from Mashable says,

The NYTimes calls the match up of a networking company and a dead community site a ?curious pairing?, which is understating it a little. We thought it slightly odd when Cisco bought up a white label social networking provider. But with a bit of explanation it made sense. Cisco wanted to provide the technology to its corporate clients – and more Internet traffic means more traffic over Cisco?s routers, as VentureBeat eloquently explained. Source: WTF is Cisco Doing?

Om Malik from Gigaom says,

News flash for Cisco: This social software thing ? it is too marginal, doesn?t make money and can?t make you cool. Stick to what you know best – plumbing hardware ?sell tons of it, make money, and learn to live with the fact that you are rich and old school.

Don?t make me bring up pesky issues like: that in last ten months the only optical contract you have announced was an agreement with National Lambda Rail, and we can?t take that seriously, because as NLR annual report notes: the equipment was ?provided under very favorable pricing by NLR?s founding member, Cisco Systems.? Source: Cisco?s wrong bet on Social Networks

Marc Anderseen, one of the original browsers, Mosaic Netscape, says, ?The idea that Cisco is going to be a force in social networking is about as plausible as Ning being a force in optical switches,? but what does he know about optical switches, when Cisco purchases something, it usually includes their employees, and makes them part of their hive. I say, lets see what they do and what happens before we say they are crazy.

Wait, I could prove myself somewhat right before I finish writing this, Techcrunch is reporting on this also, and maybe with a little more insider information.

But now the New York Times is reporting that the assets of the eight person company have been acquired by Cisco. This follows their acquisition of Five Across, a social networking infrastructure service, two weeks ago. The hope is to use the two company?s technology to help Cisco?s corporate clients build their own social networks, so it isn?t clear whether or not the Tribe service itself will live on.

The demand is clearly there, as seen by Reuters? announcement today that they?re looking to build their own Myspace clone, for financial types. Everyone, it seems, wants their very own social network these days. Source: Tribe Gets Acquired, For Real This Time

I love it when I am semi right. ;)

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Myspace Pumping Up Security

In an article from Techweb on titled MySpace Beefs Up Security; More To Come, CSO Says, it talks about how they are using technology Sentinel Tech Holding to build a database and search technology to allow employees to monitor and remove profiles of registered sex offenders. They will use name, age, height, and eye color weed them out and cut them from the pack. Does anyone else think, what registered sex offender is going to use their real description, age, etc, on their Myspace account, won’t they be trying to trick young people into thinking they are talking to another young person?

Chief security officer Hemanshu Nigam, who joined MySpace last spring from Microsoft, hopes the database can be used by the rest of the social networking industry. “We saw this really gaping hole here,” Nigam said last week in an interview.

The concept, however, is unproven. It’s not clear how well technology for matching physical characteristics of sex offenders with photos works. And the database won’t include unlisted child predators. “Most of the people who are molesting children online are not registered sex offenders,” says online child safety advocate Parry Aftab of

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal applauds the effort but says any safety program without some form of age verification for new members would be ineffective. MySpace uses algorithms to analyze profiles and determine if members are lying about their age, and it deletes 30,000 underage profiles a week. The company continues to assess other age verification technologies, Nigam said. Source: Yahoo

This reminds of the Attorney General from Virginia who is pushing for creation of an email and instant messenger name database of registered sex offenders. Umm, does anyone who works with these guys ever tell them how this stuff works? Sure, they will submit their email addresses and user name, but do you think they will actually be using them when they are targeting kids? No, hello, is anyone out there in federal government thinking about anything? Ridiculous, if the government really wants to make a difference in the lives of children, then they need to create education programs to teach them what to look for, and programs to teach parents how to monitor and make sure their kids don’t get taken advantage of or worse.

This is another one of those feel good programs where they can point and say hey we are doing something, even though it may not be very good at what it is supposed to be doing. If anyone from the government wants some real ideas on protecting children online, feel free to leave me a voice mail at 304-521-2582.

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Free Voicemail for Myspace, Free Local Phone Number

I just found the coolest thing yet for your Myspace account, now you can Add voicemail to your MySpace page, and it’s free! You get your own phone number for your voicemail, so you can give the number out on forms you have to fill out, or surveys, etc, so telemarketers will end up calling your free voicemail and they won’t be bothering you on your home or cell phone.

This free voicemail can be used to setup an outgoing message that invites users to leave a voicemail for them, and you can add it to your Myspace or Friendster page. Here, test it out by calling 304-521-2582 and leave me a message. I will post the funniest ones, so leave your name or website address if you want credit for it. Then try it for free, what have you got to lose?

If you are a Second Life fan, then get free voicemail and phone number for your avatar, get free voicemail for your website, it should work with any of them, free voicemail for your blog, for your mom, for your kids, etc, etc. There are many ways you could use this to your advantage, heck, give it out as your business number and you only have to talk to clients when you call them back. Try it now for free.

  • PrivatePhone can store up to 10,000 voicemails.
  • PrivatePhone allows users to post a voicemail message via HTML to any users web page or web profile page.
  • PrivatePhone allows users to post a “Glitter telephone” number on their web page, via HTML, as a way of showing people how to contact you.

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Report Says We Have Too Many Passwords

Can you say duh huh.

A report from the International Telecommunications Union says as we use the Internet for more and more, we are stripping ourselves of our personal privacy, because we end up using the same passwords over and over in an attempt to make it easier to remember them.

The number of passwords and logins web users need makes it inevitable they will re-use phrases, warned the International Telecommunications Union.

Re-using these identifiers puts people at serious risk of falling victim to identity theft, said the ITU report.

It called on regulators and businesses to find better ways for people to identify themselves to websites. Source: BBC

I agree completely, I have so many user ids? and passwords it’s ridiculous. Everyone should have their own personal algorithm to help them choose and remember their passwords. Something like two characters for the site name, your password and then two characters for one of your kids name and two for their birthday, etc, etc. Come up with a combo that will lead you to the same password every time. Another thing users need to worry about is the fact that many sites now allow you to be logged in whenever you visit them through the use of cookies, which means if you loose your computer, the person who finds it could log right in.

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Grey Goo Slimes Second Life

Second Life is back in the news again, and no, it’s not good either. A worm, dubbed grey goo has attacked the virtual world leaving spinning gold rings around the world, and once users started interacting with them, the servers started slowing down.

Virtual world Second Life had to close its doors for a short time on Sunday after a worm attack called grey goo.

The self-replicating worm planted spinning gold rings around the virtual world, which is inhabited by more than a million users. Source: BBC

Second Life became popular, and then the advertising guys started going nuts for it, seeing it as a way to add to their bottom line from within the virtual world, Dell has actually made announcements from there, as well as others. Second Life is said to have a population of about 1.5 million and is growing by 38% every month, but the article notes that the game starts slowing down and becomes unusable when only 15,000 users are logged on, which is only about 1 one hundredth of one percent. Wow. So, 15,000 people are responsible for the big amounts of money being spent everyday, or do they take turns logging in?

One user quoted in the article said she was quitting and would no longer be paying for the service, as she said she hasn’t been able to use it for almost a month. She said maybe you can fool new people, but you can’t fool the people who have been here any length of time.

Users were also unhappy about the copybot, that was recently being used to copy stuff from the game without paying for it, but Linden Labs said they would be releasing tools in the first quarter of 2007 to help users protect their virtual assets. If more problems erupt, it could be too late by then.

If you are interested in Second Life, then you should check out Second Life Videos for some great movies in and about Second Life.

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MySpace Sued by UMG for Copyright Infringement

Universal Music Group has filed a lawsuit against for allowing rampant unauthorized copying, as opposed to just unauthorized copying, and distribution of the songs and video of their artists. They are seeking damages of $150,000 per violation and MySpace must not allow any more copying or distribution of its copyrighted material. $150,000 per violation sounds pretty high, I mean, you can buy the songs on iTunes for 99 cents each and movies starting at $9.99, and so I wonder how they came up with $150,000?

Popular social-networking Web site MySpace was slapped with its first copyright-infringement lawsuit yesterday, by Universal Music Group, alleging that the site enables “rampant” unauthorized copying and distribution of its artists’ songs and videos.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, said “[n]o intellectual property is safe in the MySpace world of infringement — not plaintiffs’ videos, not plaintiffs’ songs, not even songs from the unreleased album ‘Kingdom Come’ by superstar artist Jay-Z,” scheduled to go on sale next week.

MySpace denied wrongdoing and said it would fight the lawsuit. Source: Washington Post

Universal and MySpace already have some content-sharing deals in place, but Universal says that MySpace does not take the material down fast enough, while MySpace says they are in compliance with the law.

“We have been keeping [Universal] closely apprised of our industry-leading efforts to protect creators’ rights, and it’s unfortunate they decided to file this unnecessary and merit less litigation,” a spokeswoman for MySpace said in an e-mailed statement. “We provide users with tools to share their own work — we do not induce, encourage, or condone copyright violation in any way.”

On the 17th of November, MySpace announced that they are releasing a new tool that will allow content providers like Universal to mark any video or music they allege is theirs, and MySpace will remove it, promptly, they say., the world?s leading lifestyle portal, announced today plans to launch a new tool for copyright holders that makes it even easier and faster to remove content they allege is unauthorized. The tool is being tested with FOX and MLB Advanced Media and will be expanded to include other verified copyright holders.

The new tool will allow copyright holders to digitally flag any user-posted video containing content that they own and allege is unauthorized. MySpace will promptly remove all videos flagged by a copyright holder. In addition, MySpace has implemented a proprietary system to block videos that are removed at the request of a copyright owner from being re-uploaded to the site by other users. Source: Business Wire

And as Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 noted, most user generated content is really user-appropriated content, like TV shows, movies, etc. There are some good things users are actually creating, and then there are some things they are creating that really suck, all kinds of tech content being created, how to’s, tips, instructions, if you can talk about it and show someone on your monitor how to do it, it’s being created. Many, many Second Life videos being created, check out Second Life Videos for some great examples. I’m working on creating a windows tech support video site, and have been trying to gather up funny clips and videos here at, check em out and post your favorites or even your own.

So, where are we headed? I have no idea, but I would say they can’t hold sites like MySpace entirely responsible, if you compare it to web hosting and how they can’t really be held responsible for what their users do, as long as they take it down when notified, which MySpace, Youtube and Google have been doing already.

In the article posted by the BBC, Universal claims that MySpace encourages the posting of the content, the owners of MySpace have benefited greatly from it and they would like what is due to them and their artists.

In a statement it added: “Our music and videos play a key role in building the communities that have created hundreds of millions of dollars of value for the owners of MySpace.

“Our goal is not to inhibit the creation of these communities, but to ensure that our rights and those of our artists are recognised.” Source: BBC

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