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Google Talk How To Videos

I just posted a bunch of new how to’s in the video section, including several on how to do things using Google Talk. You can Connect with your friends via IM or free voice calls and send and receive files and voice messages easily and quickly. Google Talk is part of the Google Pack, you can get it by clicking this link, , it is completely free and includes loads of great free software, anti-virus, Google Earth, Picasa, Ad-Aware, Google Screensaver and more. You can download just Google Talk, or all of it, or just a few, totally up to you. So, check out the Google Talk Videos, I’ve posted one below on voicemail.

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Gears of War Glitches and Tips

I just finished posting a bunch of Gears of War videos, from some of the original demos and commericals, video demos of glitches, some reviews, tutorials, Gears of War Tips, and just good old fashioned ass kicking from all kinds of different users. If you have any of your own, be sure to upload them and share them with everyone else.

Someone even posted the ending. If you haven’t beat it yet, do you want to see it?

Check out all of our Gears of War posts.

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How to Fish for Phishing Sites

F-Secure had a nice little post on finding phishing sites, sites that masquerade as other sites in hopes of getting you to “login”, allowing them to collect your login info, they usually then send you to the real site, where you have to login again, for the first time.

Phishing sites are easy to locate once the bad boys start spamming out thousands of mails linking to their site. But how can such sites be found before that?

Here’s an example.

You can subscribe to alert services that will let you know when a new domain with certain keywords has been registered. Domaintools is one such service. Source: How to locate new phishing sites

They include some screen shots, and other things to look for. They also noted in another post, how lots of sites are actually flash sites, to make it harder for anti-phishing tools to detect them.

We’ve now seen several phishing web sites that are using flash-based content instead of normal HTML. Probably the main to reason to do this is to try to avoid phishing toolbars that analyze page content.

Two recent examples, both targeting PayPal: and Source: Flash Phishing

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Windows XP Support Videos

Here is a collection of Windows XP Videos, including installation, device configuration and installation, user interface help and more.

Windows XP Videos.

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Gears of War Tips

If you’ve been good this year and asked Santa Claus for it, you may find Gears of War under the Christmas tree this Christmas, and if you are like most people, you are just going to jump in online and try to kick some butt. But, you may have a rough time as some gamers have been playing it for a few months. I know my 13 year old boy Davey will be one of them, good thing he doesn’t read my stuff online, and Gamerscoreblog is here to help with some Gears of War Tips.

I wanted to give a few tips to the newbs/newbies/n00bs that I’ve picked up through my matches online. Hopefully these tips will help you guys get over some of the initial learning curve.

Teamwork is key: Stick together, and use voice-chat to update teammates as to which weapons you have, and where you see enemies. Don’t be a hero and run off by yourself or you will quickly get killed, and your teammates will be mad at you.

Initial dash: Most matches start off with a mad-dash to the weapons. During this time, plant your strategy (who’s getting which weapon, what routes will you attack, etc) If you don’t know the maps, tell your teammates that, and follow someone else until you learn them. Source: Getting Gears of War Soon? Newbies Listen Up!

That’s just a coupe of the tips listed, click here for the rest. A couple more comments included, stay away from the shrubbery and watch out for that train. I can’t wait to try it out, which reminds me, I still need to get another controller.

Be sure to check out all of the Video Game Reviews we have added to our video section. Lots of great reviews from Gamespot. Here is one for Gears of War.
Read more…

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Windows XP for Newbies

This post is for everyone who on lands on this site and are not really sure what they are looking for, other than help with their computer, a computer that is most likely running Windows XP. The newbieclub are publishers of some of the best eBooks on the internet when it comes to learning about computers, from Windows XP, to website design, from Windows 98 to MS Word, Keyboarding and Registry help for newbies. The best one so far is the Windows XP for Newbies course, it contains 200 + pages containing a massive library of 400 screen captures (pictures from a PC) and 56 in-depth ‘Newbie-Speak’ Tutorials all designed specifically for PC beginners.

This unique course has transformed the lives of thousands of PC users. People of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Frustrated PC Newbies from all walks of life regardless of educational ability or technical expertise. Its laid back Newbie-Friendly system of translating mystifying Techie-Jargon into Newbie-Speak, has made it one of the most talked about and block busting Windows training courses on the Net.

Are you struggling to get to grips with that metal beast on your desk? Have you tried other books and courses and given up in frustration? Have you almost convinced yourself that computers are just for ‘intelligent’ nerds? And are you constantly muttering to yourself “Is it ME”?

Then you MUST get your hands on this best selling, life transforming course!

Because it will help you achieve whatever you want from your PC, whether it’s just the simplest of tasks, or the joys of starting your own Internet business. Yes, you really can do it … once you know the basics. It’s rather like learning to drive a car … Once you understand the essential controls you can drive any vehicle you choose, and go anywhere you want! Source: Windows XP for Newbies

Click here and see for yourself.

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W32.Kmeth Removal Tool

Seeing quite a few searches on the site for a W32.Kmeth removal tool. X-Cleaner will remove the Kmeth worm. It is one of the best spyware removal tools on the internet, it is updated constantly, and, if for some reason it won’t clean your computer, they will walk you threw removing it manually. The guys who make this software are also the guys who find lots of these malicious programs, so they know exactly what they do and how to remove them. Use Coupon Code: TPS-4NS3-DR and save $7.49 off the normal price of $29.95, for a final price of only $22.46!

Virus-like program that spreads automatically to other computers by sending itself out by email or by any other means. A program that propagates itself by attacking other machines and copying itself to the affected machine.

This worm downloads and installs itself through javascript code exploiting IE. It will install 2 files to the infected PCs Temp directory and run them. It can then distribute itself through Yahoo’s Instant Messenging program whether the user knows it or not. It manipulates the status message in Yahoo’s IM which leads to an infection link. Source:

Remember to Use Coupon Code: TPS-4NS3-DR and get it for only $22.46!

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Windows Vista Step-by-Step Guides for IT Professionals

Found some great step by step guides on Windows Vista from Microsoft,

These step-by-step guides will assist IT Professionals in deploying or migrating to Windows Vista. These guides will also provide step-by-step information on how to control device installation using Device Management and Installation (DMI) and manage ADMX files. There are also step-by-step guides to help you protect data using BitLocker Drive Encryption, to administer the TPM Security Hardware in a computer using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Services, and to help deploy better-managed desktops and mitigate the impact of malware using User Account Control (UAC).

Click here to go to the page containing these download guides:

Deploying Vista Step by Step Guide.doc

Managing Group Policy ADMX Files Step by Step Guide.doc

Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide.doc

Performance Monitoring and Tuning Step by Step Guide.doc

Print Management Step by Step Guide.doc

Step by Step Guide to Controlling Device Installation and Usage with Group Policy.doc

Step by Step Guide to Device Driver Signing and Staging.doc

Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Multiple Local Group Policy.doc

User Account Control Step by Step Guide.doc

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Step-by-Step Guide (September 2006).doc

Windows Vista Beta 2 Migration Step by Step Guide.doc

Windows Vista Beta 2 Trusted Platform Module Services Step by Step Guide (May 2006).doc

Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Step by Step Guide.doc

Windows Vista Speech Recognition Step by Step.doc

Windows Vista Windows Meeting Space Step by Step Guide.doc

Here are the top downloads by the same people who downloaded these guides.

  1. Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) User’s Guide for Windows Vista
  2. Release Notes for the RC1 Version of Windows Vista
  3. User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
  4. Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2 for Windows XP (KB917013)
  5. Network Diagnostic Tool (KB914440)

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From the Compaq FAQ: Where’s the Any Key?

This is the real FAQ from Compaq. Ahh, users, thank God for em.

The term “any key” does not refer to a particular key on the keyboard. It simply means to strike any one of the keys on your keyboard or handheld screen.

From Compaq via digg.

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How to Backup the Music on Your iPod

Apple has added some new and very welcome features in iTunes version 7, one at least they didn’t allow before. Previously they would not let you sync your iPod with more than one computer, sure I know it was possible, my 12 year old did it with several of his friends, but it wasn’t supported. Now, you can reverse sync and they are pushing it as a feature. Say you have a home pc and your iPod already synced, now you can take it to your work pc and sync it up with your iPod, but it only works with music and videos purchased from iTunes.

Here is the new big feature:
You can now backup the music from your iPod straight to CD or DVD.

iTunes 7 has really breathed some new life into that venerable jukebox software. One of the most useful new features is ‘Back Up to Disc,’ which is located under the ‘File’ menu of iTunes. This feature allows you to back up all your tracks to either CD or DVD.

Sounds great, right? But is it easy? Yes, yes it is. Read on for a detailed step by step tutorial.

Once you click the ‘Back up to disk..’ option you get this window:

Visit The Unofficial Apple Weblog for the complete set of instructions.

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