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Best Methods For Repairing DLL Problems On Your PC

Best Methods For Repairing DLL Problems On Your PC

Troubleshooting computer errors, especially application errors are not as difficult as some computer experts would like us to believe. For instance, let’s take the example of DLL errors. Every Windows user who has used computers for some time would be familiar with DLL errors, as they are the most common type of errors that occur on a Windows computer. However, what many Windows users fail to realize is that troubleshooting DLL errors is fairly easy and can be done on your own.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is a DLL file
  • Best methods for repairing DLL problems

DLL File – Definition

DLL is an acronym for Dynamic Link Library. Each DLL file on a Windows PC – and there are thousands of them – is there for a definite purpose and provides a specific functionality that different applications and the Windows operating system can use. For instance, different applications call upon a particular DLL file to control dialog boxes. DLL files are dynamic because they are loaded into the memory space of the application that calls upon them.

Owing to their presence in huge numbers, it is but natural that every now and then you may come across a DLL error, such as the mfc71.dll error. However, with the help of the steps listed in the next section you can easily resolve even the most obstinate of DLL errors.

Steps to resolve DLL errors

Update the software that is generating the error

If you notice that the error occurs only when you try to run a particular software then chances are there is problem with either the DLL file listed in the error message or other application file(s). Try updating the software and see if that makes the error go away.

If the problem persists after updating the software, uninstall and then reinstall the software.

Run a malware scan

Malware, are perhaps the biggest cause of DLL errors, such as the connapi.dll error. Malicious programs often alter or delete essential DLL files, causing frequent DLL errors on an infected PC. To fix DLL errors occurring due to malware, update your protective software with the latest malware definitions and run a complete scan on your Windows computer.

Furthermore, keep your computer protected from harmful programs by performing the following tasks:

  • Keep your antimalware software up-to-date and schedule regular scans on your computer.
  • Install a robust firewall.
  • Scan e-mail attachments before opening them.
  • Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing new software.

Clean your registry

Registry-related issues are another major cause of recurring DLL problems. To fix and prevent DLL errors occurring due to issues in the registry, keep your registry clean, compact, and healthy. For this purpose, regularly clean the Windows registry using reliable registry maintenance software.

These three troubleshooting steps not only help you fix DLL errors, such as the msvcr71.dll error, but also help you in maintaining your PC’s optimal performance. In the end, remember with the right software and some diligence you can resolve DLL errors and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

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What To Do When You Encounter A Windows PC Error Message

What To Do When You Encounter A Windows PC Error Message

Are you fed up with your computer’s slow speed?

Are error messages, such as file type errors. a common occurrence on your Windows computer?

If you answered Yes, then this article is all you need to get rid of your computer woes forever.

In this article, we will discuss tips that will allow you to troubleshoot common Windows PC errors, such as .pcb file type errors on your own.

Tip#1 Perform a malware scan

Did you know that malware infection is often the root cause of a myriad of computer errors, such as the .daa file type error?

Malware programs, if present on your computer, can create havoc by deleting or altering various files and eating into your computer resources. In case you notice symptoms, such as a sudden increase in errors, or a drop in your computer’s performance, it is likely your computer’s security is breached.

The solution is to run a complete malware check on your Windows computer. To do this, first update your security tool with the latest malware definitions and security updates. Next, isolate your PC by disconnecting it from the Internet and from any network share that it is attached to. Now, restart your computer in Safe Mode and run a thorough malware scan. The simple steps illustrated below take you through how to start Windows in Safe Mode:

  1. Close all the running programs and restart your computer.
  2. As Windows reloads, press and hold the F8 key.
  3. Select the Safe Mode option using the arrow keys in the Advanced Windows Boot Option Menu and press Enter.

To ensure that all threats present on your PC are detected and deleted and quarantined, we recommend that you run the scan twice.

Update your Windows, driver, and software files

The next step is to update your Windows, driver, and software files.

  • Updating Window files – Windows PC’s come with a useful built-in Automatic Update feature that ensures new Windows updates are automatically downloaded and installed on your Windows computer. Ensure that this option is enabled on your computer. In case, you are using a version of Windows prior to Windows ME (Automatic Update feature was first introduced with Windows ME) then you will need to manually download any new updates and security patches available for your version of Windows from the Microsoft website.
  • Updating Software files – Many software too have an Update tool that you can use to update the software files. If the feature is absent in some of your installed software, then for these applications manually download the new updates by visiting the software manufacturer’s website.
  • Updating third-party drivers – When it comes to updating third-party drivers, you have two options – update drivers manually or use a reliable third-party driver update tool.

Use a reliable file extension repair software

A lot of file type errors, such as .aspx file type errors occur due to damaged file openers. The issue can be fixed by deploying a reliable file extension software. Such software fixes the damaged file openers, providing you quick access to files generating errors.

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How to Remotely Access Your Computer(s)

If you have been looking for an easy and cheap way to access your computers remotely, then you need to check out, their client installs easily, it’s very fast and is almost idiot proof, check out the videos below if you don’t believe me.

I have used their software on many occasions, mostly with online training courses that require you to run their software as part of the training, and it has always worked flawlessly. Take the 30 day FREE trial and see how fast and easy it is for yourself.

Access Your PC from Anywhere - Free Trial

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Show and Delete Hidden Devices

Recently when I was trying to get a sound card to work in our Call Manager, I ran across these tips that helped me from a couple other sites that are definitely worth checking out. These will help you clear out everything listed for sound and multimedia, which can sometimes keep devices you added from working, such as a new sound card.

From Techguy.

To get rid of that unwanted driver, device, or service:

  1. Open the Start menu and choose Run
  2. Type in “cmd” (without the quotes) and click ok.
  3. At the cmd prompt, type in “set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1″ (without the quotes) and press enter. (Note: Nothing seems to happen as you are actually setting an environment variable which is going to help to see hidden devices)
  4. On the next cmd prompt line, type in “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes) and press enter to launch the Windows Device Manager Console.
  5. In the Device Manager Console, from the “View” menu, select “Show Hidden Devices”.

Now, as you expand the different drivers and devices in device manager you will see not only the items that Windows currently detects as installed on your pc (these are the usual items displayed), but you will also see drivers, devices, and services which have been loaded in the past but were not uninstalled or are not currently started. You can find your offending device, right-click, and choose “uninstall” to remove it from the system completely.


  1. Boot to safe mode.
  2. Go into the device manager.
  3. Remove all devices in multimedia/sound.
  4. Reboot to normal mode and allow the devices to reinstall.

Microsoft has some built in devices the device manager such as Microsoft Kernel Audio Mixer that may be damaged.

Those devices can only be seen/removed in safe mode under Windows ME. The problem you are having is usually caused be a corrupt MS Kernel driver or Audio Codec.

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MMO Gaming Strategy Guides

After reading a post on my friend Wayne’s site, about The Unofficial Second Life Linden Dollars Guide, I was checking out the Killer Guides site and figured many of this sites readers would enjoy or could use some of these gaming strategy guides. Make sure you check out the packages of guides for some big savings.

Age of Conan Guide This Age of Conan strategy guide is jam-packed with unique cutting-edge hints and killer know-hows for players of any level, from the basics and mechanics of the game to advanced high level gameplay strategies.

Age of Conan Guides Category After countless hours of research and play-testing, the team at Killer Guides has compiled their experience into a portfolio of Age of Conan strategy guides.

City of Heroes Guides Category The City of Heroes Guide is an advanced reference that focuses on proven builds, detailed leveling walk-throughs and rewarding ways to gather influence.

Dark Age of Camelot Guides Category With the Dark Age of Camelot Complete Guide Package you can get all the guides in this category, including all future Dark Age of Camelot guide releases and updates for a single one-time payment.

EVE Online Guides Category Looking for the latest insiders for Eve Online? Don’t want to miss out on newly discovered strategies or expansion content? The Eve Online Complete Guide makes sure you don’t. It not only includes all current Eve Guides on Killer Guides, but also all future Eve Online guide releases, updates and add-ons.

EVE Online Mining Macro This EVE Online Mining Macro and step by step guide shows you EXACTLY what to do to get a reliable and working mining macro running on YOUR computer. Have you ever got a macro that promises to do anything and everything for you only to load it up and find out that it does not work?

EVE Online Strategy Guide Feeling lost in space? Worry not, as the best thing to have come along since the warp engine has just arrived. The EVE Online Guide contains a wealth of information about the EVE universe, from the most basic to the most advanced, compiled by an expert with more than four years of experience flying amongst the stars; Chances are if its not in this guide its not worth knowing.

Everquest 2 Guides Category Understanding and explaining online games is the life of our partners and employees and our EQ2 guides show it. Their exclusive know-how went into our class, expansion and trade skill guides for Everquest 2. Contains 13 guides.

Everquest Guides Category With the EverQuest Complete Guide Package you can get all the guides in this category, including all future EverQuest guide releases and updates for a single one-time payment. It currently includes 19 EverQuest strategy guides that offer a wealth of information for all parts of EQ. The over 1822 pages of EverQuest hints and strategies are a must have for every serious player.

Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Guide The Chains of Promathia expansion for Final Fantasy XI offers several missions of never-before-known in-game story-depth unfolding new tales about the history of Vana’diel. There are several new exciting areas for leveling and farming.

Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide From the ideal job to unlock the Dark Knight to defeating Maat, the Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide takes you from the early levels up to level 75. The best leveling locations, Dark Knight specific money making strategies, an equipment guideline and an analysis of possible sub-jobs are all included in the FFXI Dark Knight Guide.

Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide The “Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide” explains the easiest and most efficient ways of making Gil in FFXI. From hunting and mining to bonecrafting and Chocobo digging, it describes different strategies in detail, showing you not only the most rewarding methods but several alternatives for each level.

Final Fantasy XI Guide The Final Fantasy XI Guide contains all critical information you need to level up your character regardless of job differences. It describes every detail from how to set up your experience point party to the most efficient camp site, level by level. It does not only take you as far as level 75, it also goes on to merit point party setups and places to gain a maximum of experience poinst per hour.

Final Fantasy XI Guides Category Out of new ideas for better Gil farming locations? Still seeking the perfect leveling strategy? Need some advice for a new profession? Then you are the player we had in mind when we created our Final Fantasy XI guides.

Final Fantasy XI Ninja Guide The Ninja in Final Fantasy XI combines the best of combat and combat-based magic to form a truly enjoyable class to play and an unbeatable warrior as long as you have the necessary knowledge and strategy at hand to use your abilities to their full advantage. The FFXI Ninja Guide will show you the basics of becoming a Ninja and take you deep into the secrets of the forbidden magical arts of Ninjitsu.

Final Fantasy XI Paladin Guide From the right standard job to unlock the Paladin class up to defeating Maat, the Final Fantasy XI Paladin Guide takes you from level 1 to level 75. Rewarding leveling locations, Paladin specific Gil making methods, a weapon and armor guideline and an analysis of possible sub-jobs are all part of the FFXI Paladin Guide.

Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide Playing a Red Mage efficiently in Final Fantasy XI is a science for itself. While the basic concepts are easy to understand, there is a multitude of tactics and little hints that make the difference between a casual player and a pro-gamer.

Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess Are you wondering why you are making slow progress in the Wings of the Goddess expansion? Do you like the idea of a thorough expansion walk-through that tells you exactly how to complete all the quests, unlock new jobs, and earn massive rewards twice as fast? With the FFXI Wings of the Goddess Guide, you will be kept updated with latest techniques and insider tips that you do not want to miss out on.

Guild Wars Guides Category This guide set includes every Guild Wars Guide currently available at Killer Guides, as well as any future releases and updates.

Hellgate London Guide Looking for the fastest ways to level up your character? Want to increase your chances of finding great equipment? In search of the ultimate build for your character? Then the Hellgate: London Guide might be just what you were looking for. Gamers, authors and play-testers at Killers Guide provide you with detailed answers to your questions.

Lineage 2 Guide How to prepare for and win battles… Lineage 2 is a game where the right strategies and equipment decisions will get you twice as far with the same amount of resources. The Lineage 2 Guide explains the different options you have in regards to tattoos, armor, weapons and SAs in L2 and which combinations to choose to double your efficiency over your old setup.

Lineage 2 Guides Category We currently offer 2 Lineage 2 guides for beginner and veteran players alike.

Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide Are you being out-leveled by your friends and foes? Wondering if it is the skill or gear that you are missing? Looking for the most effective way to solo and earn gold? If you’re looking for answers to one of these questions, look no further. The Lord of the Rings Online Champion guide is one of the most comprehensive and efficient guides for the Lord of the Rings Online Champion class.

Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide Always running low on gold? Never seem to have enough gold to afford critted gear in the Auction Hall? Not earning enough gold to finance your equipment can be frustrating, especially if you are short on time or patience. Don’t let this problem hold you back. The Lord of the Rings Online Gold guide is your first step into making an abundant pool of gold.

Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide Leveling takes up too much time? You’re wasting countless hours trying to earn gold while others walk away as rich Guardians? Have you ever dreamt of some killer prestige gear? The Lord of the Rings Online Guardian guide has the answers you are seeking.

Lord of the Rings Online Guide Leveling takes forever? Running low on gold? Uncertain which vocation is the right choice for your character? Need that extra stat boost? Wasting hours on grinding and the wrong quests? The Lord of the Rings Online guide can help.

Lord of the Rings Online Guides Are you constantly low on gold? Not sure which vocation is the right choice for you? Leveling takes ages? Then the Lord of the Rings Online guides on Killer Guides are your answer. Expect us to provide you with cutting-edge know-how, acquired through endless hours of testing and experimenting by our pro-gamer staff.

Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide How do you get your hunter to level 50 as fast as possible? What’s the right way to solo a hunter? What skill should you get? How can you make enough gold to finance your dream equipment? The Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide tackles these questions with professional insights and killer how-to’s from our game experts.

Matrix Online Information Guide If you are looking for new and efficient ways of making $information in The Matrix Online, you have come to the right place. From your very first days of your new existence in MxO to the high end levels, this guide dishes out veteran approved insiders.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Guide Feeling lost in the middle of the Caribbean sea? Ranking becomes repetitive and boring? Are you facing tough decisions when selecting your skills? Can’t make enough profit with your productions? These are the common problems that all players face. Don’t let them turn you down from playing Pirates of the Burning Sea.
More after the break. Read more…

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Disable Wireless Adapters When Connected to a LAN

Recently, I have been trying to figure out how to keep the laptops in our office from grabbing an ip address on the wireless connection when they are plugged into the local lan, thus grabbing two ip addresses, not to mention the security implications. Now, one would think this would’ve been something that would have been thought of early on and included in the operating system, or, at the very least, something you could do with group policy on a domain controller. Nope, at least, as far as I have been able to tell. I’m still a little hopeful that I might be able to figure out some registry keys to change, once I find a better registry monitor than the one I have, maybe I will figure it out.

It is very easy on most laptops to turn off the wireless connection, such as hitting the function key and F2 on Dell laptop, but who wants to rely on users pressing a key or key combinations every time they login to our network, so, an it has to automatically happen when you dock your laptop or plug in an Ethernet cable. Below I am outlining what I did to make it happen on several different laptops, the ones we actually use in the office. Good thing wireless networks don’t get too finicky and work with most Telephone Systems International. Click on the image to see the larger size.

Dell laptops
Dell laptops with a Dell wireless adapter in them are very easy to disable when connected to a wired network, on the adapter there is a setting called “Disable Upon Wired Connect”, all you have to do is go into device manager, find the network adapter and double click it and go to the advanced tab. Enable this setting and it will turn off the wireless card when connected to your lan.

Unluckily for us, most of our Dell laptops have an Intel wireless adapter, such as the PRO 2200BG, and they do not have this feature. You need to install the Dell Quickset utility, get it here, enter your model and search for quickset, and then go into the location profiles setting:

Dell quickset

Next you need to go into the General Mobility Settings and select Modify Settings:
Read more…

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Latest White Papers from HP

Here are some great new white papers from HP, featuring topics like SQL Server 2005 and 2008, server sprawl and onsite service. These are all free, grab em and growl.

Backup and Recovery Best Practices for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

To help you choose from among the available configuration options and backup and recovery procedures, HP has conducted extensive laboratory tests to determine best practices, looking at LTO, disk to disk and virtual tape devices.

The Essential Guide to Solving Server Sprawl

The challenge of server sprawl, coupled with the desire to reduce energy costs and the increasing demand for computer resources and rack space, make today an ideal time to consider Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for database consolidation in 64-bit computing environments. This white paper focuses on A clear understanding of the problem of server sprawl, Steps for a successful consolidation, Hardware options, Scalability, and Licensing options.

Optimizing HP Servers with Microsoft SQL Server 2008

When implementing a hardware consolidation project, one major step involves consolidating corporate data, which is mostly managed by multiple database engines. This definitely requires powerful hardware, multiple cpu’s and lots of memory.

8 Ways On-Site Service Can Drive IT Solution Provider Revenue This one is temporarily unavailable and is expected to be listed again soon, so check back.

HP Blade Servers for the Midmarket This one is a video white paper.

This video examines the requirements for servers, storage, and blade systems in the midmarket; describes the features and capabilities of the HP c3000; and outlines some of the challenges and opportunities HP will face as it seeks to extend its innovative HP BladeSystem c-Class product line to serve the needs of the midmarket.

Virtualization Everywhere Here is a good one on virtualization from Citrix.

Adoption of virtualization is concentrated among large enterprises, while mid-sized companies have hesitated because of concerns about cost, complexity, and vendor lock-in. In this paper we discuss how Citrix XenServer, based on the open source Xen hypervisor, provides comprehensive, economical server virtualization designed for easy implementation in any IT environment.

Here is the complete list of free computer magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts.

Here are some of our most popular HP coupons and computer deals.

Upto 15% off all Refurbished Notebooks + Free shipping!

Save up to $178 instantly on the HP Pavilion Elite m9300Z Customizable Desktop!

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Save up to $229 instantly on the HP Pavilion Slimline s3500t Customizable Desktop!

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World of Warcraft Video Tutorials and Walk Throughs

Just added a bunch of World or Warcraft, or WOW for short, video tutorials and walk throughs.

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Insane Level Difficulty Guides for GOW

For all you gamers who are going back through Gears of War and playing on the insane difficulty level, here are a bunch of video guides and how to’s, and some glitches, if you NEED the help that is, for the insane level. Here is the Insane Difficulty Guides Playlist, the complete list from search, so you can see them all, and you can watch them in wide screen here.

I thought of my boy Davey when I saw this video, so I thought I would post it here, he’ll know why. ;)

Oh ya, and this one to.

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How to Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista

Here is a nice little video that shows you how easy it is to upgrade, or downgrade depending on your point of view, from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

We also have listed a bunch of Windows XP Videos and a bunch of Windows Vista Videos, and be sure to check out the most viewed videos of the week.

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