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No, I don’t mean go to Google and search for presentations, Google has announced they are working on a presentations program for their online suite, Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The bought Tonic Systems for their presentation creation and document conversion technologies, they expect to release it this summer.

First of all, we want to welcome the team from Tonic Systems to Google. Tonic, which we’ve just acquired, is based in San Francisco and Melbourne, Australia. They have some great technology for presentation creation and document conversion, and it will be a great addition as we add presentation sharing and collaboration capabilities to Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

We’ve already freed those of you working in teams from the burdens of version control and email attachment overload when going back and forth on word processing and spreadsheets. It just made sense to add presentations to the mix; after all, when you create slides, you’re almost always going to share them. Now students, writers, teachers, organizers, and, well, just about everyone who uses a computer can look forward to having real-time, web-based collaboration across even more common business document formats. Source: We’re expecting

Techcrunch says they expect it to become part of a big offering of free software for small businesses.

There?s no need for further speculation: Today at the Web 2.0 Expo Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed (here also) that Google will soon launch a PowerPoint clone, completing their basic office suite (they already have Word and Excel covered). Expect these services to be combines with Gmail, Google Calendar, GTalk and other services under a single brand for small businesses. Source: Google?s Office Suite Complete: Google ?PowerPoint? Confirmed

Richard MacManus of Read/WriteWeb had one of the first posts on it from the Web 2.0 Expo, about the Eric Schmidt interview which contained the announcement.

Schmidt starts off by announcing a presentation feature for Docs & Spreadsheets. John Battelle points out that this completes the Office suite, so he asks is it now a competitor to MS? Schmidt says no, because it doesn’t have the same or all of MS Office’s functionality. He says Google D&S is a collaborative, web 2.0 framework – very different to MS Office according to Schmidt. He talks about the transition to a web-based computing framework, which their product is a good example of (for R/WW readers, aka the Web Office!). John persists – nevertheless it is a competitor to MS, he says (to crowd applause). Schmidt persists with his line of not answering that question, saying that D&S will enable people to use productivity products on the web, which he says they will use for different reasons – such as sharing and collaborative features. Schmidt calls this a web 2.0 shift in thinking for productivity. Source: Web 2.0 Expo: Eric Schmidt Interview

Eventually, Google will be like one big convenience store, where you can get a free generic version of anything you want, just make sure you click on the occasional ad while you are there…..

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Gmail and Google Docs Become More Integrated

Those folks who use Google Docs and Spreadsheets, you will be interested in this, the people who work on Google Docs have integrated it with Gmail. What was a very convoluted process before, if now a one click deal. Right beside the download link for attachments in your emails will be a link that says Open as a Google document. It’s a lot easier than it was, check it out.

We know many Google Docs & Spreadsheets fans are also Gmail users. We’ve heard from scores of you since we launched Docs & Spreadsheets, and the most common request is for more integration between the two products. It comes as no surprise — everyone gets heaps of docs in their email. Until recently, if you received a document attached to an email message and wanted to import it into D&S, it was a convoluted process — download the attachment to your desktop, then upload it to D&S. No more. Now the Gmail team has launched a one-click import feature that you’ll really appreciate.

Whenever those of you who use Gmail receive a spreadsheet or a document in an email, you will see a new link next to the “Download” link that says “Open as a Google document.” Click on that and the attachment will automatically be imported into Docs & Spreadsheets and added to your personal document list where you can make changes, invite collaborators and search for it later. We hope you like it. Source: Docs & Spreadsheets integrates with Gmail

Pretty cool, now if only the folks at Gmail would give us ALL the option to pull in our other email address to Gmail, I would be happy.

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Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Google is merging its spreadsheet program with the Writely program it purchased, and is calling them Google Docs & Spreadsheets, and will open the program up to anyone, as it had been in beta previously. This is a step in the direction they have talking about, an online version of Microsoft Office which will allow anyone to work on their documents from anywhere. You can reach Google Docs & Spreadsheets by going to Michael Arrington of Techcrunch says,

The new site shows all of a user’s writely and spreadsheet documents in a single list, but integration goes no further for now. The interfaces and features of the two products have also been mostly mirrored to provide a consistent user experience. For example, chat previously available only on the spreadsheet product, is now available when working on a writely document as well.

Google is straightforward in its goal to excel in collaboration and sharing of documents, while agreeing that desktop office applications will continue to offer superior editing features for the foreseeable future. Still, the ability to import and collaborate on a document, and then publish it to the web or take it back to the desktop, is a powerful feature not available to Microsoft Office users outside of Office Live or Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server. And use of Google?s online office applications is free. Source: TechCrunch

Although it looks promising, I won’t be keeping any documents there, for security reasons only.

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