AutoPilot for windows XP

Put Your WinXP System On STEROIDS!
Running many applications at the same time? Is your video getting jerky? Bothered by annoying skips of your fave tunes? Is your video or audio editing bogging XP down? Is your new WinXP machine just simply getting slower?
AutoPilot is a Breakthrough Automatic Windows XP Performance Tuner! It was originally developed to tune multi processor supercomputers, but is now available for Windows XP. You should really test it out. For instance, we have seen a busy machine's performance go up by 40 percent. (AutoPilot does not run on Win95/98 or WinME so do not try to install and run it on these platforms).
There are only three categories of software-based performance enhancement tools:
  1. Disk-related utilities like defraggers (XP has one built-in).
  2. Memory-related caching/RAM disks (XP has a cache)
  3. Automated System Tuning
AutoPilot is the first automated tuner for XP. And it is a great solution for busy systems! Tuners are basically 'expert systems' that can make intelligent and instant decisions to improve performance.
  • Increased performance and scalability
  • Can solve jerky video and annoying skipping of music
  • More throughput at a fraction of the cost of any other performance upgrade
  • Effortless. 'Install and forget'
  • No modification of hardware configuration is required
  • Not a phony "memory optimizer"
  • Adapts to workload changes on the fly
  • Plug and Play
  • No modifications required
  • SuperComputer pedigree
  • Adds intelligence to your PC
  • A Real-time Tuner, keeping your system at peak performance
AutoPilot is being developed by people that come from a supercomputer background and are trained to squeeze the last cycle out of systems. AutoPilot is an excellent example of a highly sophisticated and advanced neural network that is able to look at the hardware, XP and the applications running. Then AutoPilot improves performance in real-time. We also have found that users tell us their systems run more stable.
Windows XP was originally designed to run on different hardware platforms. So it cannot look into the Intel chips. In other words, XP and the Intel Chips do not know of the existence of the other. This means that Microsoft and Intel cannot optimize their respective platforms for each other.
It took a third party like AutoPilot to get these two together. AutoPilot looks directly into the Pentium chip and into XP, and matches these two up better than any of them can individually. The results can be pretty good. Here is what Microsoft said about it:
"Continuing improvements in performance and reliability are key areas of interest for customers. Autopilot delivers a solution that strives to improve horsepower and throughput by alleviating bottlenecks." said Bob O'Brien lead product manager, BackOffice, Microsoft Corp.
From Sunbelt, Sunbelt Software is the World's #1 Windows NT/2K/XP Tools Provider!
Here is an example of just one happy user:
"I downloaded the XP version for a home trial. I put AutoPilot to a real-world test. I did notice a substantial performance increase and stability with a high-end 3D landscape generation program that pushes huge amounts of calculations and information through the CPU channels. With Autopilot running, I checked the task manager to find that the usage had dropped from 90-100% to a mere 80% overall with a few peaks up to 95%. I could do other work at the same time! Without Autopilot running I never could have done that because my machine was maxed out. With AutoPilot it isn't anymore. I can truly say that I have been sold on your product. Thank you, John Citron
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