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After reading a post on my friend Wayne’s site, about The Unofficial Second Life Linden Dollars Guide, I was checking out the Killer Guides site and figured many of this sites readers would enjoy or could use some of these gaming strategy guides. Make sure you check out the packages of guides for some big savings.

Age of Conan Guide This Age of Conan strategy guide is jam-packed with unique cutting-edge hints and killer know-hows for players of any level, from the basics and mechanics of the game to advanced high level gameplay strategies.

Age of Conan Guides Category After countless hours of research and play-testing, the team at Killer Guides has compiled their experience into a portfolio of Age of Conan strategy guides.

City of Heroes Guides Category The City of Heroes Guide is an advanced reference that focuses on proven builds, detailed leveling walk-throughs and rewarding ways to gather influence.

Dark Age of Camelot Guides Category With the Dark Age of Camelot Complete Guide Package you can get all the guides in this category, including all future Dark Age of Camelot guide releases and updates for a single one-time payment.

EVE Online Guides Category Looking for the latest insiders for Eve Online? Don’t want to miss out on newly discovered strategies or expansion content? The Eve Online Complete Guide makes sure you don’t. It not only includes all current Eve Guides on Killer Guides, but also all future Eve Online guide releases, updates and add-ons.

EVE Online Mining Macro This EVE Online Mining Macro and step by step guide shows you EXACTLY what to do to get a reliable and working mining macro running on YOUR computer. Have you ever got a macro that promises to do anything and everything for you only to load it up and find out that it does not work?

EVE Online Strategy Guide Feeling lost in space? Worry not, as the best thing to have come along since the warp engine has just arrived. The EVE Online Guide contains a wealth of information about the EVE universe, from the most basic to the most advanced, compiled by an expert with more than four years of experience flying amongst the stars; Chances are if its not in this guide its not worth knowing.

Everquest 2 Guides Category Understanding and explaining online games is the life of our partners and employees and our EQ2 guides show it. Their exclusive know-how went into our class, expansion and trade skill guides for Everquest 2. Contains 13 guides.

Everquest Guides Category With the EverQuest Complete Guide Package you can get all the guides in this category, including all future EverQuest guide releases and updates for a single one-time payment. It currently includes 19 EverQuest strategy guides that offer a wealth of information for all parts of EQ. The over 1822 pages of EverQuest hints and strategies are a must have for every serious player.

Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Guide The Chains of Promathia expansion for Final Fantasy XI offers several missions of never-before-known in-game story-depth unfolding new tales about the history of Vana’diel. There are several new exciting areas for leveling and farming.

Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide From the ideal job to unlock the Dark Knight to defeating Maat, the Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide takes you from the early levels up to level 75. The best leveling locations, Dark Knight specific money making strategies, an equipment guideline and an analysis of possible sub-jobs are all included in the FFXI Dark Knight Guide.

Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide The “Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide” explains the easiest and most efficient ways of making Gil in FFXI. From hunting and mining to bonecrafting and Chocobo digging, it describes different strategies in detail, showing you not only the most rewarding methods but several alternatives for each level.

Final Fantasy XI Guide The Final Fantasy XI Guide contains all critical information you need to level up your character regardless of job differences. It describes every detail from how to set up your experience point party to the most efficient camp site, level by level. It does not only take you as far as level 75, it also goes on to merit point party setups and places to gain a maximum of experience poinst per hour.

Final Fantasy XI Guides Category Out of new ideas for better Gil farming locations? Still seeking the perfect leveling strategy? Need some advice for a new profession? Then you are the player we had in mind when we created our Final Fantasy XI guides.

Final Fantasy XI Ninja Guide The Ninja in Final Fantasy XI combines the best of combat and combat-based magic to form a truly enjoyable class to play and an unbeatable warrior as long as you have the necessary knowledge and strategy at hand to use your abilities to their full advantage. The FFXI Ninja Guide will show you the basics of becoming a Ninja and take you deep into the secrets of the forbidden magical arts of Ninjitsu.

Final Fantasy XI Paladin Guide From the right standard job to unlock the Paladin class up to defeating Maat, the Final Fantasy XI Paladin Guide takes you from level 1 to level 75. Rewarding leveling locations, Paladin specific Gil making methods, a weapon and armor guideline and an analysis of possible sub-jobs are all part of the FFXI Paladin Guide.

Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide Playing a Red Mage efficiently in Final Fantasy XI is a science for itself. While the basic concepts are easy to understand, there is a multitude of tactics and little hints that make the difference between a casual player and a pro-gamer.

Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess Are you wondering why you are making slow progress in the Wings of the Goddess expansion? Do you like the idea of a thorough expansion walk-through that tells you exactly how to complete all the quests, unlock new jobs, and earn massive rewards twice as fast? With the FFXI Wings of the Goddess Guide, you will be kept updated with latest techniques and insider tips that you do not want to miss out on.

Guild Wars Guides Category This guide set includes every Guild Wars Guide currently available at Killer Guides, as well as any future releases and updates.

Hellgate London Guide Looking for the fastest ways to level up your character? Want to increase your chances of finding great equipment? In search of the ultimate build for your character? Then the Hellgate: London Guide might be just what you were looking for. Gamers, authors and play-testers at Killers Guide provide you with detailed answers to your questions.

Lineage 2 Guide How to prepare for and win battles… Lineage 2 is a game where the right strategies and equipment decisions will get you twice as far with the same amount of resources. The Lineage 2 Guide explains the different options you have in regards to tattoos, armor, weapons and SAs in L2 and which combinations to choose to double your efficiency over your old setup.

Lineage 2 Guides Category We currently offer 2 Lineage 2 guides for beginner and veteran players alike.

Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide Are you being out-leveled by your friends and foes? Wondering if it is the skill or gear that you are missing? Looking for the most effective way to solo and earn gold? If you’re looking for answers to one of these questions, look no further. The Lord of the Rings Online Champion guide is one of the most comprehensive and efficient guides for the Lord of the Rings Online Champion class.

Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide Always running low on gold? Never seem to have enough gold to afford critted gear in the Auction Hall? Not earning enough gold to finance your equipment can be frustrating, especially if you are short on time or patience. Don’t let this problem hold you back. The Lord of the Rings Online Gold guide is your first step into making an abundant pool of gold.

Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide Leveling takes up too much time? You’re wasting countless hours trying to earn gold while others walk away as rich Guardians? Have you ever dreamt of some killer prestige gear? The Lord of the Rings Online Guardian guide has the answers you are seeking.

Lord of the Rings Online Guide Leveling takes forever? Running low on gold? Uncertain which vocation is the right choice for your character? Need that extra stat boost? Wasting hours on grinding and the wrong quests? The Lord of the Rings Online guide can help.

Lord of the Rings Online Guides Are you constantly low on gold? Not sure which vocation is the right choice for you? Leveling takes ages? Then the Lord of the Rings Online guides on Killer Guides are your answer. Expect us to provide you with cutting-edge know-how, acquired through endless hours of testing and experimenting by our pro-gamer staff.

Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide How do you get your hunter to level 50 as fast as possible? What’s the right way to solo a hunter? What skill should you get? How can you make enough gold to finance your dream equipment? The Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide tackles these questions with professional insights and killer how-to’s from our game experts.

Matrix Online Information Guide If you are looking for new and efficient ways of making $information in The Matrix Online, you have come to the right place. From your very first days of your new existence in MxO to the high end levels, this guide dishes out veteran approved insiders.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Guide Feeling lost in the middle of the Caribbean sea? Ranking becomes repetitive and boring? Are you facing tough decisions when selecting your skills? Can’t make enough profit with your productions? These are the common problems that all players face. Don’t let them turn you down from playing Pirates of the Burning Sea.
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Runescape Guides Category The Complete Runescape Guide Package includes all of our current guides, updates and future releases for Runescape (RS2) and Runescape Classic (RSC).

Second Life Linden Dollars Guide Top earners in Second Life make more US Dollars with their SL ventures than most players in the real world. Why aren’t you part of it yet? Still need in search of a great business concept? Haven’t found the right scripts yet? Got no idea what really pays off? The Second Life Linden Dollars Guide only gets started by solving those problems.

Star Wars Galaxies Credits Guide Making credits in Star Wars Galaxies can be child’s play if you know the right methods and locations. The Star Wars Galaxies Credits Guide provides you with different combat and non-combat strategies with several of them yielding an average of more than 500,000 credits per hour with the top earner raking in up to 1,000,000 credits per hour.

Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed Guide The Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed Guide was written to accompany you from your first novice days in space up to the most challenging battles for skilled SWG combat veterans. Quest walk-throughs, credit making methods and piloting tricks help you to gain an advantage over the competition.

SWG – Star Wars Galaxies Guides Category The Star Wars Galaxies Complete Guide Package includes every Star Wars Galaxies Guide currently available at Killer Guides, as well as all future guides.

Tabula Rasa Guide Leveling can be a tedious process. Making the right skill point choices is anything else but easy. Great equipment can be hard to come by. This Tabula Rasa guide was written to solve those problems. It covers every detail of the game, including in-depth facts and stats, cutting edge tips and tricks, exclusively created by our killer game experts.

Vanguard Gold Guide Never find a great harvesting location before it’s already camped by half the server? Unable to afford the equipment that would make leveling so much easier? Looking for new, creative ways of making gold? Then the Vanguard Gold Guide can help you out. From traditional farming to sophisticated crafting and trading strategies, the guide explains the fundamental concepts used by the Vanguard pros.

WoW – WoW Guides Category Out of gold? Looking for a good way to reach level 70? Dreading duels against specific classes? The World of Warcraft team at Killer Guides can help you. Our 14 hand-picked writers have put together a selection of 18 World of Warcraft guides that seek their equal. From the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Guide to our World of Warcraft Warrior Guide, more content is constantly added to ensure that the information we provide to our readers is keeping up with new patches, expansions and additions.
WoW Alliance Guide Leveling takes forever? Grinding day in day out and still nowhere near the level cap? Couldn’t catch up with your friends who left you behind for endgame raids and more interesting content? Free yourself from grinding in remote locations and get the better of your friends as the World of Warcraft Alliance Guide shortens down your leveling time from weeks to days.

WoW Burning Crusade Guide Are you looking for the ultimate leveling break-down to reach level 70 faster than anyone else? Do you want to make a fortune with hidden gold farming spots in Outland? Do you like the idea of a thorough expansion walk-through that tells you exactly which quests to complete in which order and how? Then the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Guide might be what you are looking for.

WoW Druid Guide Have you recently been off-tanking on raids? Do you have more gold than you can possibly spend on twinks given the limited number of character slots? Do you win your duels in feral form while wearing caster gear? Then you probably belong to the people who already know most of the hints and strategies found in the World of Warcraft Druid Guide.

WoW Engineering and Mining Guide Engineering is one of the most exciting professions in World of Warcraft. Keep losing against certain classes in PvP? Imbalance is a part of the past with your new-found trinkets. Engineering in WoW is not only a fun- and PvP-profession, but can yield a decent profit as well.

WoW Gold Guide Farming gold seems to take forever. Professions either require tremendous amounts of gold to get started, endless hours in front of the auction house or hardly yield a profit at all. Poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick is more fun than having to do the same instance over and over again.

WoW Guide Package The World of Warcraft Complete Guide Package includes every World of Warcraft Guide currently available at Killer Guides, as well as all future releases and updates. Save over $450!

WoW Guild Management Guide Managing a guild in WoW successfully takes significant skill and know-how, especially if it’s meant to be more than a group of friends using their own chat channel. If you are out to raid high end content, you require an efficient organisation. Fun guilds on the other side have to come up with new ideas and events to keep their members happy.

WoW Hunter Guide What should your Hunter do right now to reach level 70 as fast as possible? Is there an ideal way of pulling? Which weapons should you use at your current level and what enchants should you put on them?

WoW Mage Guide Do you run from end-level equipped Warlocks? Do you have any doubts that your grinding talent build is really the best one to level your char? Do you envy the mages in flawlessly executed AoE farming and PvPing videos? Maybe you should take a look the World of Warcraft Mage Guide.

WoW Paladin Guide What’s the perfect weapon for your Paladin? Where can you powerlevel from 1 to 70 in 10 days? How does a Paladin defeat every single class regardless of their build in a duel? The World of Warcraft Paladin Guide was written to answer those questions.

WoW Priest Guide Your rogue and mage friends seem to out-level you with ease. Your guild’s talent build requirements make solo-farming a nightmare. You spend whole evenings trying to get the gold together for your new mount. And your latest duels left you wondering where shadow priests get their reputation from. How much it would help if you only had the help of a player who’s been through all of that and found a solution for those problems?

WoW Profession Guide Leveling a profession is too expensive? Spending too much time walking back and forth? Can’t seem to make the killer profits others do? Something must be wrong. The World of Warcraft profession system is meant to be enjoyable and profitable. With the World of Warcraft Profession Guide, you will be able to take advantage of professions and their true potential.

WoW PvP Guide Lost your fourth duel in a row? Simply can’t find a counter-measure against the talent build of that hunter? Looking for new ways to win battlegrounds in record time? Then the World of Warcraft PvP Guide was written for you. It aims to give you a whole new understanding of player versus player combat in WoW.

WoW Raiding Guide Is your raiding guild falling behind and constantly getting wiped? Having problems getting the strategy right for your next raid target? Are you having troubles selecting, assigning and explaining roles to raid members? If luck plays a big part in your last boss kill then you might need to rethink your approach.

WoW Rogue Guide Would your rogue perform better with swords or daggers? Is that Hunter getting you only because you got the wrong talent build? Does it take so long to get your final mount because you do the wrong quests or farm gold in the wrong places? Imagine you wouldn’t have to worry anymore but simply knew the answer. You wouldn’t need to spend tireless hours on frustrating trial and error attempts.

WoW Shaman Guide What’s the best talent build for leveling? How do you win duels without wearing any epic items? Where can you get better healing gear? There is an endless list of questions shamans face on their way to level 70 and beyond.

WoW Warlock Guide Leveling seems to take ages? Trips to the auction house end in frustration because you’re always short on gold? Third talent respec in a week because nothing seems to work out? For Warlocks, these problems do not need to be part of the game.

WoW Warrior Guide Do you know the feeling of your finger hovering over the execute button, knowing that only two seconds separate that coward rogue from a trip to the graveyard? Do you know the excitement when you equip an epic armor piece that has better stats than everything else you ever wore in that slot combined?

World of Warcraft strategy guides