Live Mesh Updates

I have been playing with the Live Mesh Tech Preview for a week or so now, all I have really used it for is to play with uploading files, which, last time I tried you still did one at a time, and the remote desktop connections. The remote desktop is the killer part of it as it is free and requires only the Live Mesh software, at least, as far as I have noticed. I have only tried it on a couple desktops, one behind a corporate firewall and one behind my wireless router and they both have worked great. Today the Live Mesh blog announced that it has been updated and that it will be available to more people.

Version numbers
Live Mesh software: 0.9.3103.9
Live Desktop: 0.9.3103.9


  • Raised the limit on the total number of customers we’ll allow to access the Live Mesh Tech Preview.
  • Expanded availability: you can sign up directly, with no waiting list, if your country/region is the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • Removed the limit on the number of Live Mesh invitations you have. Invite friends and family members to the Live Mesh Tech Preview.
  • For our customers in countries/regions other than those above, we’ve greatly simplified the waiting list process. You no longer need to sign up through Microsoft Connect. You can sign in with you Windows Live ID on, click Sign Up, and you’ll automatically be notified once Live Mesh is available in your country/region.
  • Improved the performance of peer-to-peer synchronization.
  • General performance improvements.

Source: Live Mesh: Next Update Announced

So, I now have unlimited invites, if anyone wants to try it, email me at webmaster at this site and I will send you an invite, you will need a Windows Live ID to signup though.