China Censoring Internet Access from the Olympic Games

I just finished reading about China censoring internet access during the Olympic games, those that discuss Tibetan succession, Taiwanese independence, the violent crackdown in Tiananmen Square and the sites of Amnesty International, Radio Free Asia and several Hong Kong newspapers, are already blocked and I am sure more will be added.

“It has been our policy to provide the media with convenient and sufficient access to the Internet,” said Sun Weide, the chief spokesman for the Beijing Olympics organizing committee. “I believe our policy will not affect reporters’ coverage of the Olympic Games.” Source: China to Limit Web Access During Games

If these reporters are tech savvy, it shouldn’t affect them at all. I have three words for them: VPN or virtual private networking. All they need to do is set it up on a server at their worksite and connect to it when they get online and it’s like they never left. They will browse the web, email, etc, just like they were still sitting on their local lan, unfettered.

Of course, if they are blocking VPN, I’ve seen no mention of it in any of the stories from the NY Times, Reuters, or the Guardian, then the point is moot I guess.