Area-51 m15x Worlds Fastest 15.4″ Laptop

Area-51 m15x Worlds Fastest 15.4 Laptop

Alienware says the Area-51 m15x Worlds Fastest 15.4″ Laptop. I sure wish I could get my hands on one for a month or so, pretty sure my boy and I could put it through its paces.

Alienware has always set the standard for computers and their graphics capabilities and with the Area-51 m15x, with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX with 512MB of dedicated graphics memory, the tradition continues. Alienware is the first and only manufacturer to bring this advanced GPU to market in a 15.4-inch notebook. Combine that with the Powerful Core 2 Extreme Processor and Alienware is definitely the leader in high-performance gaming computers and gaming laptops. By utilizing Intel Core 2 Extreme processors, the Area-51 m15x achieves benchmarks unsurpassed by any other notebook in its class. HD video and audio editing, 3D animation and high-end PC gaming suddenly don’t seem as resource intensive as before. Increased processor efficiency means you can work away from your power cable worry-free. The Area-51 m15x’s 15.4-inch LCD achieves Extreme High-Definition 1200p so you can view video and Blu-ray Discs at the highest possible resolutions. That’s right. Check it out on their website for yourself.

AlienFX gives your notebook an extra dose of personality. Customize your Area-51 m15x with an array of lighting themes including a variety of colors and effects. Set visual alerts, sync with applications or just make your Alienware stand out from the crowd – more so than usual. Countless configurations across six distinct lighting zones mean your computer will truly be one of a kind.