Yahoo! Creating Digg Competitor

According to a post on Valleywag, Yahoo! is working on it’s own digg competitor, Yahoo! Buzz. One would think the folks at Yahoo! would be smart enough to not even try this, especially after the way all the other digg competition has fared. Yahoo! does have the most visited site in the world, so, it’s possible they could blow this thing up and have a social that can actually compete with digg, but I doubt it.

The pace of product launches from Yahoo is breathless — and with a whiff of desperation. On February 26, Yahoo plans to beta launch Yahoo Buzz as a competitor to Digg, and a tipster supplied Valleywag with screenshots. Buzz, built under the direction of VP Tapan Bhat, will begin with a limited number of publishers — about 100 — and will rank stories based on popular search results and user voting. Source: Valleywag

Valleywag does go on to say that Buzz will be open to the entire Yahoo! Publisher network, meaning, according to Valleywag, if you use their ads on your sites, they will allow your sites in Buzz. If this was leaked at a different time, maybe this wouldn’t smell a little of desperation, and now, a few members of Yahoo’s board are taking it upon themselves to try to make sure Yang and his cohorts aren’t just turning down Microsoft because they hate Microsoft. Hell, there’s money to be made here. ;)

While Yahoo! chief Jerry Yang desperately seeks an alternative to Microsoft’s $44.6 billion hostile takeover, an independent group of Yahoo’s board members are taking the lead in shaping the company’s future. Source: BOARD BUCKS YANG