Windows XP SP3 RC2 Released Into the Wild

Microsoft has released release candidate 2 of Windows XP service pack 3 into the wild, making it available on Windows update, after you download a small registry patch that will tell your system it is okay to grab it.

Microsoft released SP3 to testers last week, but the general public can now download the service pack via Windows Update. Users have to first download a small registry file from Microsoft which gives them special access to Windows Update to download SP3.

“The script sets a registry key on your system. The registry key is required for Windows Update to recognize your machine as a valid target for Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC2,” states Microsoft. “It is recommended that you apply the resulting update package to an activated, genuine copy of Windows XP, in a test environment.”

Users are also asked to remove any previous beta or release candidate versions of SP3 before proceeding with the latest update. Source: Microsoft Makes Windows XP SP3 RC2 Publicly Available

The final release should be available the first half of this year, SP3 will include Black hole router detection, Network Access Protection, Credentials security service provider and the Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module.