CCTV Security Cameras & PC Security Systems

We recently purchased some surveillance cameras where I work, a set of four network cameras, and I wish I would’ve found these wireless cameras that I found on the 123 CCTV website first. We could’ve purchased the same number of wireless, color cameras for half the price of the ones we bought, or we could’ve bought a set of four, dome, color and infrared cameras for a little over half of the price.

They also have a large selection of hidden cameras, like the wireless cigarette cam

wireless cigarette cam

or the clock hidden camera

clock hidden camera

or even one hidden in a working VCR!

VCR hidden camera

This company manufactures some of their own stuff and they resell surveillance cameras from other manufacturers like Sony. They sell PC security systems, interior cameras, exterior cameras, Digital Video (DVR) Systems, and they even have some dummy cameras in case you want the look, but don’t want to spend the money on surveillance equipment.

Specializing in security cameras, systems & surveillance equipment of various types. Has served the Pentagon to the home owner delivering numerous protection systems for varied needs. Hi-tech surveillance equipment to more reasonably priced equipment is sold to both the retail market, as well as to over a thousand Dealers of ours around the world.

Definitely a website to bookmark and check out if you are in the market for security cameras and surveillance equipment. If I can talk them into it, I will try to get one and do a hands on review.

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