Windows Vista and XP News

Here are some updates on the latest Windows XP service pack, Windows Vista updates to improve speed and reliability and a free copy of Windows Vista, if you dare.

From: Mary Jo Foley Microsoft starts rolling out public XP SP3 test build Microsoft has begun making a near-final Release Candidate (RC) test build of Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 3 available to anyone interested in trying out the new build — the same way that it is doing with Vista SP1.

Microsoft has begun posting XP SP3 RC documentation to its Microsoft Download site, which is open to the general public. And the XP SP3 RC bits are available from various file-download sites on the Web.

From: Akihabara News Toshiba T31, the first notebook with Both XP and Vista! Thank you Toshiba, yes THANK YOU !! I have to admit that on this one, you really made my day! While most of computers nowadays are shipped with Vista and its drawbacks, you can, after some very hard work and crying, get from manufacturers the possibility to downgrade to a proper and more efficient OS like XP.

From: Microsoft An update that improves the performance, responsiveness, and reliability of Windows Vista is available This article contains an update that resolves issues that may affect some Windows Vista-based computers. These issues have been reported by customers who use the Error Reporting service or Microsoft Customer Support Services.

From: Betanews Office 2007 SP1 goes live, Windows XP SP3 RC1 follows along As anticipated and without much fanfare, Microsoft this morning made active links for downloads of Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 1, as well as the complete Office 2007 Service Pack 1.

From: Windows Vista Blog Improving reliability and performance: Update preview release available today Surely it’s no news to you that we use Windows Update to continually deliver ongoing improvements to our customers so that Windows is always up-to-date. Plus, doing so eliminates the need to wait for larger releases like service packs. Some updates are released to the community for general feedback prior to delivery via Windows Update, as is the case today.

From: Notebook Review Microsoft Offers Free Copy of Windows Vista Ultimate if you Surrender Privacy Need a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate? Are you incredibly trusting of big corporations? Well I have the deal for you, with a new program through Microsoft called the Windows Feedback Program. For the small price of privacy and perhaps some dignity, you can let Microsoft watch your every move for 3 months, in return for some software of your choice.

But, it’s too late to get the free software as Microsoft says they are already out…

From: Computer World Microsoft yanks free Vista, Office offer Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday withdrew an offer of free copies of Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 in exchange for consumers agreeing to install monitoring software, saying it had exhausted the supply of software.