Technology News for December 3, 2007

In Japan Half The Top Selling Books Are Written On Mobile Phones With all the talk about Amazon’s Kindle, there’s a bigger revolution taking place and those who studied classic literature will be horrified. In Japan, half of the top ten selling works of fiction in the first six months of 2007 were composed on mobile phones.

Does ActiBlizsion Make Sense? Can A Merged Activision And Blizzard Really Work? The big news in the tech world this weekend, of course, is the slightly complicated merger between video game firms Blizzard and Activision to form the not-particularly-creatively-named Activision Blizzard. You can read the link above to figure out the complicated parts, including Vivendi’s role, as well as the various amounts of cash going into the deal from both sides.

The Most Anti-Tech Organizations in America Their names keep coming up over and over again in courtrooms and corridors of power across the country–those groups whose interests always seem to run counter to those of technology companies and consumers. They come in many forms: associations, think tanks, money-raising organizations, PACs, and even other tech-oriented industries like telecommunications.

.Gov Site Reinfested Due to Hosting Provider Sloppiness The Marin County Transportation Authority sites that appeared to be serving up pornography and malware yet again Nov. 29-30 were in fact a sloppy residue from the same Web site hosting company that the California government agency thought it heard the last of once it ceased using the provider in September.

Oops! Yahoo dumps Britney You’ve got to give Yahoo credit for trying drag the collective mentality out of the celebrity gossip gutter.

Every year, the company releases a top 10 list for Web searches. Last year, Britney Spears was the No. 1 most popular search term.

Shorter URLs help phishers hook more victims Internet Security Services, IBM’s online-security division, claims to have noticed a significant drop in the number of characters used by fraudsters in their phishing URLs.

Acer poised to overtake Dell in notebook market Sales of notebooks are rising worldwide, but Taiwan’s Acer, in particular, is continuing its skyrocketing growth.

Market research firm DisplaySearch released its quarterly report on the notebook market Monday, and found that the market grew 24 percent during the three months of the third quarter, and 42 percent in the last year.

Mozilla scoffs at vulnerability study rating IE superior to Firefox Jeffrey Jones, a researcher and the Security Strategy Director at Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group, recently posted a report (PDF format) that was featured in the CSO online magazine. The report compared the security track records of both Internet Explorer and Firefox, including both older (IE 6 and Firefox 1.0) and newer (IE 7, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0) versions. Jones came to the conclusion that, contrary to popular belief, Internet Explorer has experienced fewer security vulnerabilities than Firefox over the same periods of time.