Google Search Results Poisoned Again

Yesterday I mentioned that some Google search results contained many malicious sites trying to, among other things, install Spy-shredder, a rogue antispyware program. Google removed many of those sites, but according to the Sunbelt Blog, the same group and a new group are now re-poisoning the search results again with fresh .cn domain sites. The new group appears to be trying to get traffic to make money with, using affiliate programs, etc.

Google has removed the sites responsible for the recent massive Google poisoning attack.

However, we’re seeing indications that another attack may be on the way. We have seen another spate of websites freshly registered, using the similar .cn domains. There seem to be two different groups here. Source: HEADS UP: More Google poisoning on the way?

My advice is still good from yesterday, watch for the gibberish domain names, if it doesn’t make sense when you look at it, don’t click on it. They noted that they are not serving any exploits, but this could change very quickly at any time.